NA Stream Recap: Huge 6 Year Event, 100 Magic Stones and Advice on Where to Spend them!


The NA GungHo team closed their massive official stream on Friday night and gave players plenty of exciting content to look forward to.

First things first, North American players will receive 100 Magic Stones for just logging in during the month of November. Now, it was announced in JP that they would be receiving 200 Magic Stones, but this is to be spaced out over the course of two months and NA clearly stated that there will be more content being announced later on November 12th. Thus, it would be a terribly unwise for them to not give NA players the same love considering how much more informed we are about JP news.

This article will provide some guidance as to where players should spend their Magic Stones, a recap of the stream, along with all the new content coming to North America.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

100 Magic Stones

During the month of November, all players will receive 100 Magic Stones for just logging in and will be the single largest log in bonus to date.

This can be somewhat akin to winning the lottery as many players may have never actually saved up this number of Stones before and may be at a loss as where to spend them all.

With this in mind, I want to stress that one does not have to spend them all at once and these can be held for an ideal event as there is no cap on Magic Stone count.

Where to spend them

Magic Stones are the premium currency in Puzzle and Dragons as they cannot be endlessly farmed and the only way to acquire more is clear new dungeons (runs out over time), wait for a log in bonus, or IAP (in app purchase/spend money). Thus, it is paramount to spend them wisely as they are effectively limited.

Generally speaking, gambling in the Rare Egg Machine (REM) is the primary usage for Magic Stones, but there is merit to expanding Box Space and Friends List.

Box Space (5 space : 1 Magic Stone)

Upon the initial release of Puzzle and Dragons, Monster Box space was defaulted to 20 and it became almost mandatory to spend 1 Magic Stone to expand it by 5. Thankfully, the starting Box space has been boosted to 100 in addition to having Evolution and Awakening material stack along with the Plus Bank. All of these help alleviate Box space issues, but 100 is still not enough for the average player.

As such, it may  be wise to spend some of your Magic Stones on Box Space. This is a guaranteed outcome as you know exactly what you are getting and there is no risk involved unlike the REM.

Having more Box Space will help alleviate some stresses and may result in a more pleasant experience overall. It may not be flashy, but it is valuable.

Friend Space (5 space : 1 Magic Stone)

The Friend List system in PAD still has some flaws, but with a future update, we will be able to bring 6 cards into a dungeon by having 2 act as leaders. This can alleviate the need to find niche friends, but having a diverse and large Friends List is invaluable.

Each time you use or are used by a friend, both of you receive Pal Points which can be used in the various events to acquire Enhance or Evolution materials, Tamadras, or even Plus Eggs. As such, having a larger list can help generate them even faster along with having a greater chance of acquiring a Best Friend for even more Pal Points.

By default, players are given 50 out of a potential 300 Friend List and it will cost 1 Magic Stone to increase it by 5.

Spend some on Box Space or Friends List

Unless you already have a sufficiently large Friends List and Monster Box, it would be wise to spend at least some of your 100 Magic Stones here as they are permanent investments that have guaranteed value as there is no risk/gamble involved.

High value REM event

Looking at the rest of 2018, it is safe to assume North America will have Dragon Bound & Dragon Caller (DBDC) which may be the potential announcement on November 12 as the timing lines up pretty well for our JP delay.

For the most part, the DBDC is the strongest value event in the game despite being a 10-stone machine as virtually every 5-star (lowest rarity) card has tremendous value and makes it worth pursuing assuming one is missing most of the cards.

With this in mind, the DBDC event would be a fantastic place to spend your newly found Magic Stones if most of the 5-star cards are missing.

Super Godfests

For the most part, Super Godfests are the best time to spend your Magic Stones that is not a Collab/Seasonal REM as it has the highest chance of acquiring a Godfest Exclusive (GFE). This is important because the Monster Exchange system enables players to trade in for 6-star GFE for a Collab/Seasonal card of their choice. This ratio only applies to 5-stone events but is generally the easiest way to acquire a valuable card in this day and age.

As such, one can almost view Super Godfests as a opportunity to stock up on GFE as most of the most valuable cards are Collab/Seasonals. While nothing is guaranteed when pulling the REM, Super Godfests tend to have a 20+% chance of rolling a GFE compared to a 10% chance for regular Godfests.


The Christmas REM has never been that amazing as it features relatively lackluster cards at the bottom rarity. This makes it challenging to encourage players to roll heavily in it as most rolls will be disappointing.

With that being said, there is the possibility that Christmas will mirror the current Halloween event in that they may release one amazing card or possibly buff an existing 8-star to a high value status. If this happens, it would be best to utilize the Monster Exchange system to acquire them to avoid rolling in the actual Christmas REM.

Full Metal Alchemist

The Full Metal Alchemist (FMA) Collab has returned to JP with sizable buffs to the existing 6-star cards (more can be found HERE) which makes all of them have value. As such, it may be valuable to potentially roll as there is a 10% chance to acquire any Diamond Egg but the Monster Exchange system may still be the way to go as it will guarantee the card you want. With that being said, Edward  will be the top prize.

Just remember that the decision of whether or not to roll comes down to your own individual needs and goals for your Monster Box / progression.

Stream rewards

The official GungHo NA stream showcases new content along with a special challenge where select individuals play through a new dungeon. This time around, GH employee Yusuke and guest Wesley were able to vanquish Myne Descended to grant the following rewards to all players at a later date:

  • 6 Rainbowpys
  •  6 Super Globes
  • 6 Diamond Fruits
  • 6 King Tamadras
  • 6 Jewels of Creation
  • 1 Free roll in the next GodFest

6 Year Anniversary event – Part 1

The North American server is celebrating their 6th year anniversary and we have a reward-packed event planned for us. Official post can be found HERE. Regardless, here are some highlights:

  • 6 Year Anniversary Tamadra which can be sold for 60k MP and 600k Coins
  • Daily Monster Points – 42,000 in total
  • Daily Evo Gem machine – 7 rolls total
  • Jewels, Evo Gems, and Pys in the Monster Exchange – Seems to be quite pricey overall
  • +30 Descends
  • Normal Dungeons reduced to 6 stamina
    • Clear your Challenge Modes or spam Legendary Earth
  • 4x EXP in Arena 1-4 (up from regular 2x)
  • Coin Dungeons cost 6 Coins each
    • Clear your Challenge Modes or dump stamina in Tamadra Village

Due to the fact that this is Part 1, we should be able to expect something comparable for Part 2.

6th Anniversary Celebration Bonus

While the above event is nice, the real excitement is the Anniversary Bonuses and this is where the 100 Magic Stones will come from. This features some truly interesting rewards and the official post can be found HERE.

6th Year Anniversary EXPerience of a Lifetime

This special dungeon is like the regular EXPerience of a Lifetime, but will instead grant 2 MILLION Rank Experience upon completion. This can be further boosted via Ganesha 3071 or Saline .

Special Pal Egg Machine (PEM) Lineup

There will be 4 special PEM lineups for the duration of November and all players will receive 25,000 Pal Points for each segment. Just remember that these are delivered via mail and can be held onto if one of the events does not feel appealing. The maximum amount of Pal Points that can be stored is 50,000 but those held in the mail are not counted.

  • Extreme Enhance Carnival
    [Duration]: 11/2 (Fri), 12:00 AM (UTC-8) – 11/8 (Thu), 11:59 PM (PST)
    5 types of Snow Globe Dragons (Lv. Max) will be included in the lineup!
    Players who log in during this period will receive 25,000 Pal Points via in-game mail.

  • Extreme Evo Carnival
    [Duration]: 11/9 (Fri), 12:00 AM – 11/15 (Thu), 11:59 PM (PST)
    Large Gems such as Large Fire Gem will be included in the lineup!
    Players who log in during this period will receive 25,000 Pal Points via in-game mail.

  • Extreme + Carnival
    [Duration]: 11/16 (Fri), 12:00 AM – 11/22 (Thu), 11:59 PM (PST)
    Every roll will be a +18 (HP+6, ATK+6, RCV+6) Shynee!
    Players who log in during this period will receive 25,000 Pal Points via in-game mail.

  • Extreme TAMADRA Carnival
    [Duration]: 11/23 (Fri), 12:00 AM – 11/29 (Thu), 11:59 PM (PST)
    King TAMADRA will be included in the lineup!
    Players who log in during this period will receive 25,000 Pal Points via in-game mail.

Just remember that the added cards to each Carnival are not guaranteed to be rolled, only have a chance to have them appear. With this in mind, the Extreme Plus Carnival will provide the least amount of variance as all rolls will come with +18.

Which one to roll in depends on your own individual needs and what you need most to further your own level of progression.

Finally, players can farm Pal Points by using Best Friends, entering 2-stamina Normal Dungeons but it would be more beneficial to clear Legendary Earth for 6 stamina instead as it features great drops overall.

Chance for Reeche!? Descended Egg Machine

Starting October 31st, all players will receive a special pull at a Descended Egg Machine. This machine will feature various evolved Descend Bosses with a microscopic chance at rolling Reeche ! Of course the chances of that happening are slim to nil, but it is still 10 free Descend Bosses which can be easily converted into their respective Evo Gems.

More content

On Monday November 12th, GungHo NA will announce more content.


November is looking like an incredible month for North American players as it features incredible rewards and dungeons to play. Furthermore, there is the promise that even more exciting content will be released mid November.

Let me know what you find most exciting and how you plan on spending your Magic Stones in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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17 thoughts on “NA Stream Recap: Huge 6 Year Event, 100 Magic Stones and Advice on Where to Spend them!”

  1. Player choice godfest is essentially our next super godfest. as it features a similar format to one, with higher GFE pull rates, or the one Japan has now did at least


        1. Thanks all, that’s disappointing. JP definitely got theirs before which is why I was holding out hope 😦 I’ll wait till the last day before making any decisions about selling


            1. 300k if I remember correctly. May have been 200k. Either way that would save me from having to toss a few dupes I have lying around.


  2. For the 100 stones, is that only for people level 50 or higher? I was thinking now might be the best time to start a dupe account, was going to order a new tablet but it probably won’t be here until Nov 3


  3. It’s been quite a while, but when I came back to PAD a couple of days ago I saw some stuff in my inbox including the Descended Egg machine and guess what I got from it (Hint: not Maboo or Zela)


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