7 Stone Super Godfest is Here and you Should Probably Roll


The highly anticipated Lucky 7’s Super Godfest (SGF) has finally arrived in North America! This will most likely be the the best event for the rest of 2018 aside from the return of Dragonbound & Dragon Caller REM (DBDC, coming soon). As such, this imposes a small conundrum for players: spend Magic Stones here or in the revamped DBDC event.

While there is no perfect/universal answer that is applicable to every player, a reasonable word of advice would be roll SGF if one already has a good chunk of DBDC cards (most notably the 5-stars) and roll in DBDC if missing the valuable 5-stars.

Of course, your individual goals, Monster Box, and needs will vary so take that piece of advice with a grain of salt.

Regardless, this is a fantastic place to spend your hard-earned Magic Stones and the following article will explain why this event is better than a regular Godfest despite the 7-stone cost per roll.

Official announcement can be found HERE.


Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Rolling video

SGF vs vanilla Godfests

The past several months have given us a general idea of what to expect from regular Godfests: disappointing rates with only approximately 10-11% chance of rolling a 6 or 7-star Godfest Exclusive (GFE) due to the fact that only 17 are featured at a time.

This can be quite frustrating as the PAD meta has been heavily shifted towards rare Collab cards which are often best acquired via the Monster Exchange System (trading in 4-5 GFE for a Collab card of your choice). As such, Godfests have become an avenue for acquiring Collab cards at a lower average Magic Stone cost as they tend to have 2-3% roll rates.

Looking at our current Super Godfest, the chance to roll any 6 or 7-star GFE is a 19.6% which is still higher taking into account the inflated Magic Stone cost (11% x 1.4 = 15.4%).

Furthermore, there are numerous additional benefits tied to each roll so even if one fails to acquire something of true value, there is some consolation prize.

Consolation prize

The Lucky 7’s Super Godfest will still feature regular Pantheon cards (check full in game roster for the official roster), but everything will come out evolved in their 7* form and will prioritize the Awoken form if possible. Furthermore, all cards will also come with +77 to each stat or a total of 231 Pluses along with being level 77.

For the most part, this will be amazing for newer players who are unable to easily acquire the Evolution materials, EXP fodder, or Pluses and this can quickly propel their game play forward.

Lucky 7’s is worse compared to previous SGF

The previous Super Godfest that occurred last July featured both a higher GFE chance, but also included several rare and powerful GH-exclusive Collab cards while also costing one less Magic Stone.

Granted this event did not have the additional benefits like the Lucky 7’s event, but those Evolution materials, EXP fodder, and Pluses can be acquired over time at the cost of Stamina.

This is somewhat of a sucker punch as a Super Godfest is a wonderful event as does eclipse a vanilla Godfest because it gives the highest chance at rolling a GFE.

To roll or not to roll?

As always, the answer to this question comes down to personal preference, goals, and Monster Box. With that being said, this will probably be the strongest event for the remainder of 2018 aside from the Dragonbound & Dragon Caller (DBDC).

For the most part, the DBDC is the highest value Collab/non-GF REM as it features incredibly powerful 5-star cards as the bottom rarity and is well worth pursuing along with having amazing cards at the top. Sadly, this is a 10-stone machine and after one acquires most of the 5-stars, the value in continuing to roll declines.

With that in mind, one should probably stop rolling the DBDC once the 5-stars have been acquired as rolling something new in a different event will almost always have more merit compared to the 9th Shazel.

Thus, if one is saturated with DBDC cards, the Super Godfest would be worth pursuing as GFE do not go out of style as they will either gain new and powerful evolutions or become trade fodder for the Monster Exchange.

Lucky 7’s is worse compared to previous SGF

While this is true, we do not own a time machine to go back and roll the previous event and there is no way to determine when we will get another SGF as JP has not had one recently and they are 2-3 months ahead of us.

Thus, it comes down to an opportunity cost: rolling today to acquire valuable cards to use now or hold off and hope a new and better event comes out. In theory, there will always be something stronger 6 months down the road, but if you are always in a state of waiting, you may not be clearing current content and potentially losing interest.

Generally speaking, the best way to keep abreast with Powercreep is to wait for a high value event and then go all out to acquire as many powerful cards as possible in hopes of riding them until the next major thing arrives.

For myself, I would prefer to spend the Magic Stones now as there is nothing confirmed in the near future and the Halloween event (starting next week) does not feature anything game breaking overall. This event is still better compared to a regular Godfest and would be the best chance to restock up on GFE for future Trading Post scenarios. Last week, I used my previous SGF haul to acquire a Beach Barbara & Julie  so this event will hopefully refill my supply of 6* GFE.

GFE tier list

The following is my own personal rating of each featured Godfest Exclusive and should be taken with a grain of salt. I am one individual with my own personal bias and interpretation of a card and should be used as a starting point or a way to provide some idea on how valuable a card is in either a Leader, Sub, or Inherit role.

Always remember that a card on any tier list will only truly shine if one has a complimentary Monster Box to support them.

Cards are appear in no particular order within each tier.

Regardless of card’s ranking, you should almost always keep the first copy of anything you roll

Godfest Tier List –  October 19, 2018
  3268 3236    3370  
 3233 2991 


The Lucky 7’s Super Godfest is an exciting event and will only compete with DBDC (barring an amazing Christmas REM reveal) for the strongest event for the remainder of 2018. While it is less amazing compared to the previous Super Godfest, the Lucky 7’s is still better compared to a regular Godfest and is worth rolling assuming one is already saturated with DBDC cards.

We do not know when the next Super Godfest will return and eternally saving Magic Stones does no good and it is often times better to go spend and enjoy the perks of the cards now.

Let me know what you think about this event in the comments below along with how well you rolled.

Happy Puzzling!

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77 thoughts on “7 Stone Super Godfest is Here and you Should Probably Roll”

  1. Free roll was Aten…after this I gotAPandora (was my main leader in the good old days^^), Bonia (so many ppl got her today :-D), Ameno (2x Yog or Ameno? Both!) And Reeche. Niw I have everything. I am done with this game…nope. still did not beated A3.


      1. Do you have any tips for reeche team? I play with Blujin, RagDra, Fua Aten, 2x7c Sakuya (do not have this green dragon for Odindra).


  2. Rolled a pack (plus some saved stones), got Reeche and dupe Cotton and Gronia, plus some decent (but dupe) pantheon cards. My alt managed to get Kami and Grem in 3 rolls though, and my son got Reech and Ameno in 3 pulls, so as always it’s a gamble.


    1. That’s unfortunate for your main, but in total, it sounds like you still came out ahead in terms of GFE =)

      Which evo do you think you will make your newest Cotton?


      1. The two evos I don’t have are red and green, but I looked at my box and realized that neither of those are super exciting. Green is mostly about green/dark these days, and Vraka fits the bill. And Kyo is my go-to red fua sub if I even run red stuff. So I may leave her as her base form for pairing with Ney for “nudist beach” type teams.


  3. rolled 12 times and i got 2 gornias( have 4 of them now lol) madoo and d metatron. i also acquired several other wanted pantheons and only had 3 dupes this gfest. was very good overall for me and i hope to roll more.


  4. rolled 9. one GFE Blue Odin, but i did get first Anubis, First Ra, and Tackiyoba? But another Hades, Sakuya, Ceres, Minerva, and Pandora is kinda annoying.


  5. I saved up hella stones for this and DBDC but decided to roll here for the chance at 6* GFE. I used up 77 out of my 89 stones. Because lucky 7…am I right? LOL crazy though because I got regular pantheon stuff until my 70th and 77th stones. My last two pulls got me reeche and Zela (70th and 77th stones spent) LOOL I wish I got lower value 6* exclusives for trading at the DBDC event but reeche and zela are top tier so I shouldn’t be too picky. Do you guys think zela is a great lead? I find her multiplier to be quite lacking. I’m currently using her on my reeche team with Odin weapon assist.


  6. Pulled 90ish stones worth….all dupes did get another Reeche though….Contemplating pulling the last 30 stones I have….Def all stocked up for the exchange!


  7. What friends should I use for saline? I just got her out of my 2nd pull but I still have friends that use leaders like mini dqxq.


  8. First godfest since coming back to the game. Ameno, Michael, Ceres, Oichi, and Kamimusubi. All new, but dont really have the subs to take advantage of Ameno or Kami.


  9. Got cotton and Red Odin from 4 rolls on main. Still have 150 stones but contemplating saving for DBDC since I don’t have very many DBDC monsters


      1. I have kiri and No.6 god killer, 2 rathios, and 1 kulia. I still have 109 stones left and so far I’ve had 4/12 rolls were highlights.


  10. Have Madoo & the other Neys & Cotton’s left to roll. Got 2 Atens, Grimore, 2 Blonias, Bodin, & Rodin to use as trade if the other 7*s that I rolled arent’t tradeable. Just focusing on trading for Halloween Cotton.


      1. I think 84, but rolled some more to hit another Cotton to devolve & evolve to all white with having 10 trade fodder for monster exchange tomorrow.


  11. Does anyone know where I can find which cards to skill up on the skill up dungeon? I was hoping to know which teams to bring into which levels for skill ups.


  12. I know I am jumping the gun here, to talk about Halloween.

    But just really excited about Myne! As a free monster, that everyone can get, she is nearly perfect for Kuroyuri team. And those HP boosters, invaluable!
    (Of course, cuteness…. her costume… overflow cuteness!!)

    Can’t wait to see your thoughts on her!


  13. 4th Isis
    2nd Blodin
    1st Belial
    3rd Tachibana

    If Mantastic has a good haul then I’ll continue.
    (After watching) Better save my stones then…


  14. Another Fantastic article to help us. Many thanks master Mantastic.
    I spare 130+ stones for this (thanks to you again), but I know I shouldn’t roll. Why? Cause I always get trash (hello me 3 last belial roll!)
    Anyway I am about to roll but I know I am about to regret that.
    See ya in a couple hours to complain about my trash rolls 🙂


        1. Ok so I spent 133 stones so 20 rolls with free roll
          No reechie no madoo no ney no cotton no saline no zela no Dmeta no Kaede no aten…. only dupes (yamato x2, nohime x2, ganesha x3 😦
          I will quote Sting: “I should have known this right from the start”…


  15. I think 84, but rolled some more to hit another Cotton to devolve & evolve to all white with having 10 trade fodder for monster exchange tomorrow.


  16. Hey there, I went with everything in this GF, I played 151 Stones so far and didn’t get anything special, but I completed my (fancy but probably no so useful 😏) Kaede System, along with some missing cards in my box (like Amaterasu, Bastet, Takeru & Indra ).
    I got very few dupes, still very useful things.

    So, nothing amazing but I’m happy with the result because we’re all kinda little collectors too, and Indra & Amaterasu are super classic units (still not having Pandora after 800 days btw).

    Also… I got Saline
    Why she’s S tie? 😐


  17. After saving and spending ~200 stones, the only GFE I got was DKali and Gronia….

    I mean, Gronia is nice, but it’s frustrating. I’ve been pining for a Reeche ever since she was announced. At this point, I’m willing to take any new GFE really…

    Instead, PAD continues to give me stuff like three Tsukuyomi… I’ll even take useful dupes, but apparently PAD will continue to deny me anything I actually want. It won’t even give me any blue monsters, and all my teams are blue ._.


  18. I rolled a couple Zetas when using my stones this godfest. I see that it’s very high on the tier list but i’m having a bit of trouble figuring out why it’s so good. Is it just a good 7 combo sub or is the leader skill better than I’m giving it credit? Also even if it has great awakenings, it seems like the leaders that would want her as a sub are minimal at best. What am I missing?


        1. High damage, FUA, powerful active all make her desirable on combo-based teams with a heavy preference for Wood. It is hard to use her effectively on many teams but she is still a potent card overall


          1. Would using her as a leader be viable? My optimal team would be Zela/Zela/RArtemis/GCotton/Odindra. Would this be superior to BJ/I&I/RIsis/Blujin/Skuld? Also, what are some examples of combo based leaders Zela would fit well on? Thanks for the advice!


            1. BJ is still a superior leader assuming perfect subs and you do have I&I and Blujin but Skuld and Isis are not as ideal. Do you have Mel or other double 7c fire/water cards or a cotton?


              1. No I don’t really have any other of the optimal subs, I do have a cotton, but doesn’t her active make it impossible to activate BJ leader skill? What combo teams are Zela included in? I’m not aware of any green heavy combo leaders.


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