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[Video/Brief Overview] Halloween Rare Egg Machine


The Halloween event comes as a small surprise as we will be receiving it alongside JP at the appropriate time. This is wonderful as we are able to jump on the hype train as it departs the station along with potentially having a stronger card 2-3 months before we normally would.

With that being said, the Halloween REM follows the trend of most 5-stone Collab and Seasonals: lackluster for almost all of the rolls except for 1-2 at the very top. This heavily promotes the usage of the Monster Exchange system in order to acquire the top prizes instead of vainly wasting Magic Stones to roll terrible low rarity cards.

Due to my own hectic schedule this weekend along with personal/health issues, I am not able to produce a full fledged review but my thoughts are summarized in the following video and written recap.

Video commentary

Video summary

The general gist of the video is that the new Cotton is an amazing card as she features triple 7 Combo 45 plus double TPA TPA (along with FUA )which makes her have 18x personal damage. Furthermore, her Leader Skill grants her 144x ATK / 68.36% damage reduction when hitting 7 or more Combos along with Light and Dark combos. Continue reading [Video/Brief Overview] Halloween Rare Egg Machine