[JP] Coin Dungeons / Challenge Mode Disappearing Plus Egyptian 2 + Cthuga Evolutions


On my YT YouTube channel, I often release First Impression Videos that summarize my initial thoughts on new content being released in JP and plan to make a stronger effort on my part to bring this information out on a regular basis.

The main key point of this video is that the Coin Dungeon and Challenge Mode will be disappearing in October for JP (so 3-4 months time for NA). This means any uncleared level will be a lost Magic Stone. This is done to make room for new content but that content has yet to be determined.

TLDR clear your Coin Dungeons and Challenge Modes.



Dragonbound & Dragon Caller should be coming back to North America in 2-3 months time so one may wish to start saving Magic Stones for this exciting event.

Let me know what you think about the new evolutions along with how many Coin Dungeons and Challenge Modes you still have to do.

Happy Puzzling!

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10 thoughts on “[JP] Coin Dungeons / Challenge Mode Disappearing Plus Egyptian 2 + Cthuga Evolutions”

  1. Could someone tell me more about that little gold skill button that show s up on cards during gameplay. How to activate…etc…thks


    1. I believe you are talking about the skill up chance for a card when playing in solo mode.

      Eg. If you have a Fujin on your team and encounter a Green PreDRA, Fujin will have that icon as that is her skill up. Finishing the dungeon gives you a chance at gaining a skill up but the rates are not that amazing


  2. Well, I have all cleared but I’ll probably nostalgically remember the coin dungeons in the future 😐

    Now, about save stones for Dragonbound, I actually saving for Uruka in any event where she pops up :D, I even considering (for the first time) sell some 6* GFE dupes if I have a chance to trade for her somewhere in the future.

    Isn’t Funny like each player chase something different in this game? I’m pretty sure that some guy somewhere probably have Uruka dupe(s) and are praying for Ideal 🙂


      1. For A3 Farming.
        Right now I play Yuki/Reeche (I like the Yuki RCV), and Fujin is a terrible assistance for Yuki because ends as waste in most runs.


          1. Yeah, I know what you mean.
            I don’t have Reeche though 😦
            So, I have paired Reeche’s friend with my Yuki.
            I have Fujin in Yuki, and besides the Reeche helper, I bringing Lugh as assistance, but I don’t recall any situation where I had to use all 3 (fujin like actives).

            But still, Uruka would be perfect as an assistant to Yuki, covering all the necessary colors and with a guarantee for a supposed bizarre scenario 😛

            Anyway… Perhaps is time to make some tests with only 2 actives 🙂

            Btw: Keep bringing more news from JP, helps a lot to prepare ourselves for the changes.

            Thanks again & See ya \° u °/


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