[Video] Wadatsumi Top 2% Score


I managed to record my top 2% ranking score by using Sumire Ult Sumire paired with You Yu You Yu. I am not sure if I will be able to achieve a top 1% score this time, but this was one of my first few attempts and do have room for improvement.


I could min-max better, but this is still a solid performance:

Mantastic Wada

Points to improve upon

When using You Yu as either your friend or your own leader, you need to keep in mind his Balance Killer Balance killer awakening and how he will deal 3x damage to the final boss. Furthermore, you are forced to combo on Wadatsumi any way. Thus, you should be trying to hit the damage cap there instead of on floors with the fire bosses. As such, you can then sweep the easier floors with fewer combos/actives and improve your speed. I decided to swap out my plus-less Skuld for my +297 I&I I&I to provide 2x damage and assist in hitting the 40 million required.

Fantastic Score

I decided to use Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon for Fantastic due to a less ideal Sumire / You Yu pairing. Furthermore, Fantastic has an Eschamali Eschamali and Goetia Goetia for the numerous dark orb enhances. 36x ATK is still respectable, but it requires more effort to hit the damage cap and I brought Oku Oku to ensure I could hit 40 million on the second floor as I lack a Haku Haku / Akechi Akechi combo.

Fantastic Wada

That was perhaps a bit too much damage and it did cost me additional time.


5 orb, 1 enhance reigns supreme in this ranking tournament due to the removal of Shiva Dragon Shiva D and the fire absorption. I am uncertain if I could achieve another crown this time around as the lack of consistency for both teams hinders my performance. Sometimes I wish I had bought You Yu just for easy ranking crowns.

Let me know what you are using and how well you are scoring.

Happy Puzzling!

10 thoughts on “[Video] Wadatsumi Top 2% Score”

  1. I love that you are at such ease during your recording. The explanations in tandem with playing are spot on.

    I don’t have access to the sumier team you have, so instead I plan on using this team: +297 skuld/You Yu, +297 Blue Dragonbound,+99 scheet, Andromeda, Blonia.

    While my orb matching skills will never compare to yours, I hope I can get into the top 50.

    How do you think of my team? Should I switch the subs around? I have Isis and Mori Montori as well.


    1. Well Skuld+YY is nearly the same as Sumire in terms of damage output so your leader is fine =)

      As for subs, is your Scheat or Andromeda being used for their active? If not, I would bring Isis for the extra water orb enhances to help you make less combos and sweep floors faster. More OE = less combos to kill

      And I am glad you enjoy my running commentary XD I stream twice a week so you could always catch me every Monday/Thursday at 6pm PST =) https://www.twitch.tv/mantasticpad


  2. I used pandora to get 17%. The only problem was A.Pandoras fire sub att. On the fire absorb stage. Took me 3 tries to get it right. Otherwise, was pretty easy. Sumire was a no go for me, as my subs arent useful. Btw, excellent vids and runs.


    1. You will probably have to try and either remove fire orbs or simply keep trying until you get a run without a fire combo matched to get top 10%

      Also, thank you for the kind words =D


    1. Hey top 10% is still respectable =) I don’t think Pandora can go any faster =( You are gatekeeped by time and somewhat difficulty hitting dmg cap by comparison to YY


  3. Urgk, if I hadn’t wasted 2 seconds finagling orbs on the last floor, I could’ve beaten that score. As it is, you edged me out via .2 additional combos. Either way, congrats and good luck if you run more.


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