Many New Evolutions are Live! – MP Dragons, SR Pantheons, 6* GFE, & Pixel ex-GFE


Late last night, GungHo released new evolutions for numerous older cards as Reincarnated, Super Reincarnated, and Pixel forms. As a whole, it is always a delight to see buffs come to some of our first monsters and for the most part, these are significant upgrades.

This is because many of these cards have been completely reworked and feature the newer awakenings along with the potential to help other cards Transform.

As such, pursuing these evolutions may be beneficial for some players but at the same time, one should be aware of the resource cost, especially for Super Reincarnated cards. With that being said, I am quite exciting for these new forms as they are older cards which means I actually own at least 1 copy of everything but the MP Dragons, Guan Yu, and Kanna.

Regardless, this article will explore the new evolutions for the variuos cards to provide some insight on their new value.

I will be using Miru Bot on discord Discord for the images that show each cards in greater detail as it presents all the information while saving me a significant amounts of time.

Full list of new evolutions:

Monster Point Dragons


6* GFE


Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Monster Point Dragons

The 5 original Monster Point Dragons were at one point highly desirable cards to own. This was in part due to their relatively high price tag (Monster Points were quite scarce originally) and the fact that they were brand new.

For a while some of these had significant staying power but eventually became Powercrept by newer and flashier cards. As such, these cards have somewhat languished in obscurity but thankfully, their new Reincarnated forms provide a new level of value.

The most notable upgrade for these cards is the amount of Effective Skill Boosts they can provide due to Haste and SB+ Super Awakenings. In fact, each one offers 5-6 Effective Skill Boosts which could be a huge boon to any of your Transforming teams, especially when you can directly purchase them without Magic Stones. Furthermore, each Monster Point Dragon has three unique typings which can help them find a home on Transforming teams.

One thing to be aware of is that it will be a costly venture in hunting for the SB+ Super Awakening as they each have 5 different possibilities. I guess this is the price to pay for a “Farmable” 300,000 MP card.

Shiva Dragon

Shiva Dragon does have a comically easy activation requirement for 324x ATK as there is no combo or matching requirement and cards only have to be Reincarnated or Super Reincarnated and Fire. This 1-combo approach greatly benefits his own TPA TPA and reasonably high ATK but I feel <50% teams perform better for farming as they can stack Rows.

Neptune Dragon

Neptune Dragon has always had questionable value as he never really found a team to call his own. This has not really changed too much at this point in time as his active has a lengthy 16 turn cooldown that produces a single row of Water, 2 Haste, and large Poison. With this in mind, I feel there are stronger Skill Boost solutions available as Neptune Dragon does not provide much else.

Odin Dragon

For the most part, this evolution is a sizable upgrade to his previous form but one major change to their kit is them losing their ability to clear regular Binds through their active. While most cards are already Bind Immune, it is something to be aware of. Thankfully, the Odin Dragon has a “soft Bind clear” via Recover Bind Bind Clear awakening.

On the bright side, Odin Dragon will now spawn a column of Hearts which greatly aids non-Auto Follow Up Attack teams.

Ra Dragon

Ra Dragon is now able to provide 6 Effective Skill Boosts along with his active skill that now locks orbs. This can be used to counter Spinners but for a lengthy 13 turn cooldown, I expect more.

Perhaps his God typing means he can be used on Dyer teams whereas Dragon means Fagan Rai but I feel this should only be done if truly desperate for Skill Boosts.

As his own leader, he does have strong multipliers but his pool of possible subs may be somewhat restrictive along with Dyer and Fagan Rai being significantly stronger.

Yomi Dragon

Yomi Dragon is able to provide 5 Effective Skill Boosts but lacks a truly ideal home to use her on for Transforming cards due to Dark teams being dominated by Yugi who can only use Devils.

With that being said, Yomi Dragon is well positioned for future mono Dark teams as their active is valuable and them providing Passive Damage and some utility via L .

On the other hand, Yomi Dragon has truly bizarre artwork:

Pantheon cards

All of these Pantheon cards have received Super Reincarnated (SR) Evolutions which is the most costly path to pursue but at the same time, greatly upgrades their kit. With this in mind, it is best to examine each card individually to determine if it will actually bring value to your Monster Box as they require a massive amount of Monster EXP and Pluses to fish for your ideal Super Awakening as 5 are available.

Another valuable aspect to SR cards is their triple typing which can help them find a home on various type-restricted teams.


I am not too particularily impressed with Raphael as his active is too niche to truly take advantage of, his Leader Skill is impractical for traditional dungeons or for swipe farming. Furthermore, his awakenings do not do anything particularly amazing. With this in mind, I plan to leave mine as is until a specific niche demands him.


Lucifer was once heralded as a powerful mono Dark sub when Dark Metatron was a dominating leader. Of course, times have changed but what remains is Lucifer’s ability to deal 8x personal damage when below 50% health along with additional orb movement time. Furthermore, his active is still valuable, especially for those who lack Auto Follow Up Damage.

Building upon this, there are some Videos of him farming TA2 but I feel we already have numerous options available but may be something to consider.

With that being said, I feel he is still an expensive evolution to pursue as he has no immediate usage/team who can greatly benefit from him.


Super Reincarnated Horus is a majestic chicken but I feel he has more value in his Reincarnated form 3272. This is because both forms provide the same number of Skill Boosts Skill Boost, Guard Break , and L . While SR form is naturally Bind Immune and could gain Cloud and Tape, the only place I currently use my Horus is for Ranking Dungeons as he acts as a solid base for inheritance and for Style Points.

As such, I feel the Water sub attribute is more beneficial as it may be an awkward colour to cover and Light adds another ping if using Zeus Verse. Furthermore, SR Horus will require a huge resource investment for what I feel will not be a significant gain.


Susano went from zero to hero through his SR evolution as he now provides 4 Effective Skill Boosts and Super Blind Resist without Super Awakenings. As such, he can function as a stellar solution for many teams. While the actual 50% Damage Reduction active has declined in value, it can still function as an emergency panic button in case things go wrong or as a way to charge up your Transforming card as you may be able to tank an extra hit as you doubled your Effective health.


For a while now, Lakshmi has been the dominating card for Healing solutions as she boasts 1,334 RCV at level 110 along with 2 (3 with SA) Enhanced Heal Orb +heart awakenings.

With the introduction of Amaterasu, Lakshmi is no longer the queen as Amaterasu has slightly higher RCV but comes with 3 Enhanced Heal Orb awakenings without Super Awakenings and has the capacity to gain either Tape or Cloud Resist. Furthermore, Amaterasu provides 3 Effective Skill Boosts along with a much more valuable active as she can clear 4 turns of Bind and Awoken Binds.

With this in mind, SR Amaterasu is worth pursuing and can greatly help your Grigory teams due to her Physical typing and monstrous healing potential.


SR Parvati becomes a surprisingly powerful damage dealer if you are able to form 3×3 Boxes of Wood and Heal orbs as this will translate into 50x personal damage while also piercing Voids and countering Resolve.

This is pretty magical but at the same time, horribly orb hungry. To make up for this, Parvati features a fast charging active along with the ability to gain Super Poison Resist via Super Awakenings. These help solidify her sub usage and while her Leader Skill multipliers are appealing, one must remember that it does require 4-7 connected Heart orbs which may be difficult on 6×5.


Indra has been significantly upgraded with his SR form as he is now able to provide up to 5 Effective Skill Boosts while also featuring Super Poison Resist . This is pretty sweet overall and will greatly aid any Transforming team while also providing a massive 75% Damage Reduction shield and 2x RCV buff.

As mentioned in Susano’s section, the Damage Reduction may allow for additional stalling for Transforming cards as having 4 more Effective Health may be sufficient.

As a whole, SR Indra is a solid solution for Fasca and Dyer teams and is worth pursuing for most players.

6* GFE

Both Aten and Kanna have been significantly upgraded through their new Mega Awoken evolutions which are incredibly easy to pursue as they have relatively low evolution costs. Furthermore, these new forms are significant upgrades and are 100% worth pursuing.


For almost as long as I can remember, Kanna has been a lackluster card as her numerous TPA TPA, middling base active, and a lack of an ideal home kept her from seeing much usage. This has all changed with her Mega Awoken form as she can now provide 6 Effective Skill Boosts, ATK & RCV buff, Cloud Resist , and Super Blind Resist . Furthermore, her Attacker typing means she can function wonderfully well on Fasca teams while God typing means Dyer can make use of her whereas Dragon has Fagan written all over it.

While Kanna still retains her TPA prowess, her main appeal will be for her utility and flexibility she can grant Transforming teams as she can solve numerous all by herself.


Everyone’s favourite smiling ball of destruction has been dramatically improved with their Mega Awoken form as they can now function as a stellar Dyer pairing while also having incredibe personal damage as the 7×6 board helps tap into their 10 Combo awakening.

Aten features 8 unique Killer awakenings and will be effective against virtually any spawn. This means a Dragon/Devil encounter will have Aten dealing 3*3*5 = 45x personal damage which is ridiculous to say the least. While Aten does lack VDP , Dyer’s active counters Voids which ensures both him and Aten delete the enemy in question.

While all of this is wonderful, players must be aware the Aten does not provide much in the way of utility outside of his fast charging base active.

I give this card Aten / 10

Pixel evolutions

These Pixel evolutions are a breath of fresh air for these aging former 5-star Pantheon cards as these new forms greatly improve upon their kit while also being modestly easy to evolve and level up.

For the most part, few of these cards had much value and will most likely be significant upgrades and are worth pursuing.

Guan Yu

Guan Yu remains a surprisingly powerful, yet underrated card in their original form but through their Pixel evolution, he can now provide 3 Skill Boosts Skill Boost, Cloud Resist , and meaningful VDP damage. This can have merits on a Grigory team while also giving the option to not use Grigory’s active to deal with Void spawns.

Zhuge Liang

I almost forgot Zhuge Liang existed due to how little value he has brought my Monster Box despite owning him for a prolong period of time. Unfortunately, I still feel Zhuge Liang is lacking as he does not fulfill any particular niche well.

While he can gain 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost, he offers no other Resist or meaningful personal damage. Perhaps his main saving grace is his large RCV stat and fast charging active but even then it is still a bit of a stretch.


Pixel Urd still retains her signature board changer of Fire, Water, and Heart orbs while also providing a three turn RCV buff. This is a meaningful upgrade as players can now overwrite RCV debuffs while still having a valuable board changer.

In addition to her active skill changes, Urd now features Super Blind Resist , three Skill Boosts Skill Boost, and modest healing potential due to three Enhanced Heal Orb +heart awakenings. While her RCV is on the lower end, she will still provide modest amounts of healing which may be all you need if running a team with modest RCV multiplier.


Pixel Verdandi follows a similar template to Pixel Urd in that she provides a tricolour board with Hearts along with an RCV buff. Furthermore, she also boasts the same triple Enhanced Heal Orb +heart awakenings with slightly higher RCV and trades Super Blind for Poison Resist .

With this in mind, Pixel Verdandi can function as a solid healing solution for Grigory teams but does somewhat “clash” with Ruel in that both cards provide Super Poison Resist.


Pixel Saria greatly updates her overall kit as she can now provide 4-6 Effective Skill Boosts depending on which Super Awakening you utilize. I want to stress this because Super Poison Resist can be incredibly valuable and you may not need that many Skill Boosts to fully function.

Building upon this, Saria’s main usage will be acting as a strong supportive sub on Fasca teams due to her Attacker typing. Furthermore, Saria’s active provides a strong board changer of Fire, Light, and Heart orbs.


Sherias has historically been overshadowed by his 6-star GFE cousin, Sherias Roots but now the tables have turned as Sherias is now a truly powerful sub.

This is because they provide 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost, Super Blind Resist , modest personal damage, and 2 turns of Damage Absorb Void. This 2 turn Fujin style active is valuable when facing back-to-back Absorption spawns such as Machine Athena and Durga in AA3.

Amusingly, Sherias is my first 2 turn Damage Absorption void card and the main downside is the longer cooldown which may hinder their ability to be successfully inherited.


Ronove is the final new evolution that went live last night and has the capacity to function as a Poison Skyfall counter as he provides 2 turns of Heal and Jammer orb Skyfalls.

This also comes with the benefit of being a 8 -> 3 turn cooldown while also providing a column of Hearts. I feel he is still highly situational but a possible solution if you are finding difficulty in countering this mechanic.


GungHo has spoiled us with numerous new evolutions for older cards that help breathe life into their viability. While some of these cards will be situational, some are worth pursuing as they can provide solutions that may be difficult to replicate otherwise.

Out of all of these new cards, which ones have you made along with who do you gained the most overall.

Happy Puzzling!

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19 thoughts on “Many New Evolutions are Live! – MP Dragons, SR Pantheons, 6* GFE, & Pixel ex-GFE”

  1. Grigory doesn’t really want/need poison resists, being immune to poison that is. Can instead take 4th Enchanted heal for Verdandi.


  2. I think you are underestimating Kanna’s LS

    I’m not talking about top 3 hardest dungons which requiered “7×6 transformed meta”, obviously

    But for farming hard dungeons, she’s quite powerful !
    I mean, No Skyfall (no everyone have NS badge) with a super easy x18 activation (just one light TPA)

    Also, she provide blind resist + cloud and she have access to great subs, she can use :
    – new Indra, which provide poison resist
    – Arial, which provide jammer resist

    with only one assist for Tape (Yuna’s assist ?) you already have full immunity while having two sub slots empty
    that’s huge IMO, don’t you think ?

    Also, for the lulz, I’d like to see a pixel Saria system 🙂 (for the power of light rows !!!)


  3. Great article, I’m not great at teambuilding, someone recommended me the new OdinDra for my Dyer team, because his is SB’s. If I already have green covered anyway, who’s better to have, Indra or OdinDra? Thanks!


    1. Depends on what you need more. Indra has Super Poison, RCV buff, and more SB whereas Odin Dragon gives Awoken Bind clear while also being naturally Bind Immune


  4. I think reincarnated ra is actually very strong especially since as a lead u can loop its 5 turn te active with only 1 turn in between to recharge. Also it has a very generous leader skill multiplyer of x256, at 4 colors, 342 at 5 colors, and x484 at 6 colors respectively.


    1. While he does have nice ATK multipliers, he lacks HP/RCV and only has a small Damage Reduction. Generally speaking, surviving is more important compared to a higher ATK multiplier


  5. This is probably been the most exciting patch for me in quite awhile as I have most of these cards and it’s allowed me to make a lot of new teams. Biggest change was Kanna and Indra’s new evos that gave me subs for a Fasca team so I traded for Alice who I was planning on letting pass by.

    Kanna/Indra/Ariel form the holy trinity of resists plus cloud resist Kanna SA and tape gets covered by Alice. I was going to use Pixel Saria too but I had more than enough SBs at this point for Fasca.

    Also liking Aten/Dyer with the same trio as above.


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