New 7* Fest Exclusives + Spring Forward Medal – Jiraiya, Grandis, & Yuri


Starting on April 16th, all North American players will receive a special Spring Forward Medal which they can use to trade for one of three new Godfest Exclusives who will debut in a special and lucrative Super Godfest.

This is wonderful news overall as all players will be able to acquire one of these new 7* Godfest Exclusive for free and the best part is, you can choose your prize. Furthermore, each card will contain a special Orb Skin.

As such, the decision of picking between Jiraiya , Grandis , or Yuri may be a difficult one to make but rest assured, you do not have to rush to make a decision. In fact, if none of the three are ideal/perfect choices for you right now, it is best to wait as none of these cards have Weapon Assists which will most likely happen in the future as all other 7* GFE have one.

Thus, waiting until their Weapon Assists are revealed may be the best course of action for the majority of players as you can then make a fully informed decision for your Spring Forward Medal.

With that being said, this article will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each card to help illustrate how they can be used.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

New 7* GFE


  • Many different Transform forms (6)
    • Retains same stats/awakenings/LS
    • Changes active
  • New actives are 3 turn CD
    • Mirror their REM card
    • Provides a variety of effects
  • Strong personal damage
  • May be difficult to line up the active you want
  • Multi-step Transforms may feel gimmicky

Base Jiraiya is the first new GFE available and is a truly bizarre card due to their 6 different Transform forms. Jiraiya will initially require 10 turns/Skill Boosts to Transform and will then change themselves into various Disguises of REM cards until returning to their original form.

In doing so, their stats, awakenings, and Leader Skill all remain the same and the only thing that changes is their sub attribute, active skill, and appearance. Whilst wearing a Disguise, Jiraiya will gain access to their active skill on a 3 turn cooldown and then proceed to the next form. Due to the fact that each active is now 3 turns, players will have access to a wide variety of skills on a rotating basis. The new actives they unlock in order are as follows:

  1. Roche Disguise: Change Fire and Jammer orbs to Wood orbs; Change Water, Poison, and Mortal Poison orbs to Dark orbs; Changes to [5948] for the duration of the dungeon
  2. Rex Disguise: For 10 turns, increase orb move time by 2 seconds; Changes to [5949] for the duration of the dungeon
  3. Freyja Disguise: For 3 turns, 2.5x RCV; For 3 turns, 2.5x ATK for Wood and Dark Att.; Changes to [5950] for the duration of the dungeon
  4. Sonia Fio Disguise: Unlock all orbs; Change all orbs to Wood and Dark orbs; Changes to [5951] for the duration of the dungeon
  5. Odin Disguise: Reduce unable to match orbs effect by 9999 turns; Remove all binds and awoken skill binds; Changes to [5952] for the duration of the dungeon
  6. Zela Disguise: Unlock all orbs; Change all orbs to Wood and Heal orbs; For 1 turn, increase combo count by 2; Changes to [5946] for the duration of the dungeon
  7. Returns to original Base form and cycle continues

This can provide a wider range of flexibility compared to any other card as Jiraiya has 7 unique actives at their disposal. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to line up the one you need/want at the correct time as there is a fair amount of juggling involved.

With that being said, Jiraiya can function as a potent mono Wood sub as they can technically cover Wood Skyfalls, orb changer, +2s movement time, RCV & ATK buffs, 2 board changers, and full Bind and Awoken Bind clearing whilst retaining strong personal damage.

As a leader, Jiraiya has the capacity to function in a similar manner as Alice in that they require 2 Wood combos for full activation and three Wood combos for Auto Follow Up Damage. Like Alice, Jiraiya will have issues on 6×5 board as they are modestly orb hungry, especially when VDP is involved.

Evolved Jiraiya

  • Super Jammer Resist
  • 5.1x personal damage when above 80% HP
  • Relatively easy to achieve full ATK multiplier
    • Requires 1 Fire & Wood combo
  • Potential for 75% Damage Reduction
  • Potential for Auto Follow Up Damage
  • >80% is unreliable
  • 75% Damage Reduction tied to matching 2 Wood combos
    • Incredibly vulnerable otherwise
  • Requires 3 Wood combos for Auto Follow Up Damage
  • Weaker on 6×5 boards

Evolved Jiraiya is far less exciting in the sense that they do not have 5 unique Transformation forms. As such, they do gain access to Super Awakenings but I feel they are underwhelming as a whole.

This is because the >80% awakening is highly restrictive as it only has a small window for success and even then, Jiraiya’s personal damage is only 5.06x which is a far cry from triple 7 Combo 45 cards.

Looking at their Leader Skill, it does look appealing from a multipliers point of view and while it is relatively easy to achieve the full 324x ATK multiplier, the 75% Damage Reduction and Auto Follow Up Attack are reliant on 2 and 3 Wood combos respectively.

2 Wood combos on a 6×5 board will happen reasonably often but the issue is Jiraiya is an all or nothing card in the sense that you either have 1x Effective Health or 4x through Damage Reduction. This is far too unreliable and will cause you to use orb changers at less than ideal times and while Jiraiya does come with a fast charging active, it is still helpful being able to naturally tank damage.

Orb Skin

Base Grandis ->

  • Valuable in longer dungeons
    • 30 turn Transform
  • Post-Transform grants a powerful 3-turn CD
  • Strong personal damage
  • Huge HP stat
  • Grigory sub
    • Can kill Void spawns without Grigory active
  • Super easy Leader Skill
  • Requires 30 turns to Transform
    • Still viable before

Base Grandis is another Transforming card but he does not look it from his Base form’s awakenings as he has the full 9 along with a healthy mix of everything. As such, bringing Grandis along will not truly harm your team, even if it takes numerous turns to actually Transform.

With that being said, you really do want to Transform in order to take advantage of his incredibly strong 3-turn active that generates a row of Fire, 3x Fire ATK, and +1 combo. Thus, Base Grandis works best in longer content such as Arenas as players will be able to actually gain value from this new and powerful active.

Building upon this, Grandis can function as a potent option for any mono Fire team in Arena-style content as there will be enough floors and possibly stalling to enable his own Transformation. With that being said, I want to stress that Grandis can be used on Grigory teams due to his Physical typing and his ability to deal meaningful damage with VDP which can save Grigory actives.

One final point I want to make is that Base Grandis is an easy to use leader for brand new accounts as you can achieve 4/144/1 with +4s orb movement time for Fire cards. Not something you will use for a prolong period of time, but incredibly easy to use and may be a possible option for new accounts.


  • 3 Skill Boosts Skill Boost
  • High VDP damage
    • Does not require combos
  • Cloud Resist
  • Double orb changer
  • Physical typing
    • Grigory sub
  • Can potentially pair with Nakoruru for 7×6
    • 2/216/1/50%
    • Auto Follow Up Damage
  • Little personal damage without 3×3 Box
  • LS is unreliable on 6×5

Grandis’s evolved form is able to function as another viable Grigory sub due to Physical typing and 3 Skill Boosts Skill Boost. What helps give Grandis an edge over other options is his ability to deal large amounts of VDP damage without a high combo count.

This plays well into Grigory’s Leader Skill as you only have to match a single Wood and Fire combo for 400x ATK. Thus, a 3×3 Box of fire will trigger Grandis’s three VDP awakenings which will often kill most spawns. This is important as it can save Grigory’s own active in the advent of numerous Void spawns appearing.

Moving beyond this, Grandis will be an unreliable leader on 6×5 as they require 9 Fire orbs to activate. With that being said, one could potentially pair with Nakoruru for 7×6 and a reasonably synergistic Leader Skill. This will allow Grandis to more reliably trigger their multipliers along with tapping into their Auto Follow Up Damage.

Orb Skin

Base Yuri 

  • Super Poison Resist
  • No personal damage
  • Offers little overall utility

Base Yuri boasts a Super Poison Resist but fails to provide much else otherwise. This is because they lack much other in the way of utility, has only 2 Skill Boosts Skill Boost, and their active is mostly just a column orb changer.

Perhaps the Locked effect may help mitigate some issues with Spinners but at the same time, I feel that is a stretch.

As a whole, I am not impressed with Base Yuri.

Evolved Yuri 

  • 2 turn base cooldown
    • Generates 2 Hearts
    • Hearts fall down Locked
  • +2-3s orb movement time
  • Modest personal damage
  • Eclipsed by Deena and Lutina

Evolved Yuri is able to function as a strong inheritance base due to their 2-turn base cooldown along with additional orb movement time and modest personal damage. This can help round out your current team but at the same time, I feel she has some merits on Rainbow teams.

This is because she can cover what may be two awkward colours and her active will help correct poor board changers to ensure you have enough Hearts for an FUA . Furthermore, her active will Lock all future Heart orbs for 2 turns which can be a pseudo way to stall in a safer manner.

With that being said, she is eclipsed by both Deena and Lutina as low cooldown Water cards and if you own either of these, Yuri will provide much less value.

Orb Skin

What I plan to do

At this point in time, I do not need any of these cards but if I had to pick one right now, I would choose Gradis to help round out my fledgling Grigory  team.

With that being said, I am in no rush to choose any card as I plan to wait for Weapon Assist reveals to make the most informed decision possible.

If you are in a similar boat in that none of these cards will help you right now, it is best to simply wait as your Medal will not expire.


All players will be receiving a special Spring Forward Medal starting on Thursday, April 16 which can be used to Monster Exchange for one of three new 7* Godfest Exclusives.

At this point in time, none of these cards have Weapon Assists which motivates me to save my Medal as my decision may greatly swing with a powerful Weapon Assist.

With this in mind, I feel the majority of players should at least hold off for now until the Weapon Assists are revealed as your Medal will not expire.

Let me know what you think about these new cards in the comments below along with how you plan to use your Spring Forward Medal.

Happy Puzzling!

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15 thoughts on “New 7* Fest Exclusives + Spring Forward Medal – Jiraiya, Grandis, & Yuri”

  1. I wanted Grandis since I heard of him (and since I had 2 Gregory). The water girl is outclassed (and I got the whole H2O gang from the Lampeid mashine) in every way. So choosing not her is easy. But Jiraya is a possible Greg sub, too. Not a huge damage dealer. But green/red physical, jammer blocking, 2x super finger with a fast charging 2x color generating active? Ok, just 2 SU. But he is also a great sub.
    Hard decision.


  2. I like how Jiraya switches between the relevant wood cards of the last years.

    But other than that, these feel super underwhelming… They are all so specific and yet somehow generic


    1. Agreed. The previous times I was debating which one to choose so I waited until I rolled the other two. This time, I feel like these are not very relevant


  3. Decent SGF attached you this event. I did some rolls and got some of the new cards for pixel evos (Sherias, RGY), but more importantly, a bunch of mega awoken dupes to trade for Alice. Could be an option for those who want Alice


  4. Would Jiraiya’s evolved form not be a decent sub for Grigory? It’s fire and wood, physical, with super Jammer resist.


    1. Can work for sure and the active is strong but at the same time, Jammer Resist is on the lower end of desirability. Also, Jiraiya’s awakenings are not the best outside of Jammer Resist and offers few SB


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