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Remu Debut 10 Stone Super Godfest


Super Godfests have become a regular part of our PAD life as it will offer at least 1/3 chance to acquire any Godfest Exclusive (6 or 7-star) for the price of 10 Magic Stones per roll. With this baseline in mind, the spicier Super Godfests are those that feature any combination of higher rolling rates, the inclusion of high rarity Seasonal cards (eg. Valentine’s Ideal ), or featuring rarer non-GFE cards such as the Samurai 3 Pantheon.

In the case of the current Super Godfest, it features essentially 1/3 GFE rates along with two Samurai 3 cards which brings the total chance for acquiring any Pantheon card at 64%.

As a whole, this does not scream exceptional value but this Super Godfest includes many of the newer Godfesrt Exclusives, but most importantly the debut of Remu .

Remu is going to be the new hot Transforming Fire leader who pairs beautifully with Dante along with two of their key subs coming from the current Sacred Relic event.

With this in mind, this Super Godfest may be worth rolling in if you have the capacity to field a strong Remu team and did not pull Dante. Furthermore, Norza , Menoa , Grandis , and Shelling Ford  are featured who all bring something valuable to any Monster Box.

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New 7* Fest Exclusives + Spring Forward Medal – Jiraiya, Grandis, & Yuri


Starting on April 16th, all North American players will receive a special Spring Forward Medal which they can use to trade for one of three new Godfest Exclusives who will debut in a special and lucrative Super Godfest.

This is wonderful news overall as all players will be able to acquire one of these new 7* Godfest Exclusive for free and the best part is, you can choose your prize. Furthermore, each card will contain a special Orb Skin.

As such, the decision of picking between Jiraiya , Grandis , or Yuri may be a difficult one to make but rest assured, you do not have to rush to make a decision. In fact, if none of the three are ideal/perfect choices for you right now, it is best to wait as none of these cards have Weapon Assists which will most likely happen in the future as all other 7* GFE have one.

Thus, waiting until their Weapon Assists are revealed may be the best course of action for the majority of players as you can then make a fully informed decision for your Spring Forward Medal.

With that being said, this article will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each card to help illustrate how they can be used.

Video commentary

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