Super Player’s Choice Godfest – Voting Advice & Overview


Player’s Choice Godfests (PCGF) are one of the more exciting events to come to PAD as it allows players to vote for their favourite cards with the most popular ones appearing in a special REM.

This in turn should produce a strong rolling roster as the more desirable cards will be featured. Furthermore, all players will be able to vote once per category with the top voted cards being featured at a later date.

As a whole, I like how GungHo has now created three separate voting categories as it ensures a more even distribution of rare/valuable cards but it is not without fault as 40 Pantheon cards can be voted in along with the 7-star GFE sharing their pool with the Samurai 3 Pantheon.

Regardless, this article will highlight my thoughts for voting within the PCGF along with listing various possible cards to vote for. Just bear in mind that my advice has may not always be 100% applicable to your situation and you should be voting for what will benefit you the most.

Video commentary

How to vote

Voting within the PCGF has become significantly easier as it can be completely done within the app and no third party sites are involved.

In order to cast your vote, you will need to go to [Others] menu in the bottom right corner and then select The Super Player’s Choice Godfest tab.

From here you will select the Pantheon series and then the specific card along with your 6-star and 7-star/Samurai 3 vote.

Just be aware that voting will only occur until December 20th.

Lineup breakdown

There will be three distinct categories which will ensure a certain number of GFE will be featured. Just be mindful that rolling rates for each category will vary:

  • 15x 7-star GFE and Samurai 3
  • 15x 6-star GFE
  • 40x Pantheon cards

While these three categories help ensure a certain number of GFE are featured, it is truly a shame that the Samurai 3 series is lumped together with the 7-star GFE.

7-star GFE & Samurai 3

7-star GFE are often considered the strongest cards in the game due to their younger age, higher Trade Fodder value, and access to powerful Weapon Assists. In essence, they are newer, stronger, and often rarer and having them lumped together with the Samurai 3 series feels a little insulting.

This is not because the Samurai 3 series is weak by any means, but because they will cut down on the number of 7-star GFE available which is often the main goal of any Godfest. Perhaps if the Samurai 3 was lumped together with the 6-star GFE it would be fairer or having their own separate category.

Regardless, that is not the case and while I would love to only see 7-star GFE, it will be inevitable some Samurai 3 will sneak in due to the power of their Weapon Assists.

With that being said, we still have 15 possible cards to vote in for this category and I would like to highlight some of the more notable cards. But before I begin, I would like to remind players who have not done their 4 Choices Appreciation Medal Gift Dungeon to consider who they may wish to acquire before voting. More reading on this topic can be found HERE.

Order of cards is random/following the RBGLD colours of PAD.


Grandis has become one of the strongest mono Fire subs available due to their outstanding offensive potential and active skill post-Transform. While the 30 turns is is quite long, his Base form has respectable awakenings and the same stat distribution which in turn grants them usability and are not deadweight like some other Transforming cards.

With that being said, Grandis can be acquired via an Appreciation Medal which makes him less “rare.”


Norza remains a top-tier leader who can favourably pair with GH Yomi for Auto Follow Up Attack or Velkhana for higher offensive potential and Effective HP. Regardless of her pairing, Norza teams require an active skill every single turn in order to optimally function which means you need another 1-2 turn cooldown card to act as a sub.

Amusingly, her best sub is herself as her 2 turn active is highly over-tuned as it provides 3 Hearts and Water orbs along with 1.5x RCV and Movement time. As such, using Norza as a sub on her own team enables players to have 100% up time on her active skill along with tapping into her amazing personal damage twice.

As such, having a duplicate Norza is not a bad thing as she is her own best sub.


Aljae is a powerful Rainbow leader who gains access to high amounts of Effective Health via Damage Reduction and a small HP multiplier along with an exceptionally large Auto Follow Up Attack value.

This Auto Follow Up value shown above will come to NA soon which opens up many possibilities. This is because a single Aljae can provide 10 million Auto Follow Up Damage and will be buffed to bypass Damage Absorb and Damage Void.

This in turn can execute many lower health spawns with little effort but even without this larger Follow Up Attack value, she is still a wonderfully potent Rainbow leader who has no typing/colour restriction.

This enables her to pair with many other leads who ideally provide bonus combos.

Shelling Ford

Shelling Ford has three unique Weapon Assists that all provide 1 Skill Boost Skill Boost, a 40% Resist, and a 20% Resist along with varying actives.

This is an efficient way to achieving 100% Resist when used in conjunction with other 20% options and the Skill Boost will help Transforming teams.

His Light Weapon features an exceptionally long cooldown which helps prevent accidental charging whereas his Fire form can provide a 4 turn Delay which can be invaluable for stalling when inherited on a low cooldown card.

Fagan Rai

Fagan Rai’s Weapon is one of the most universally beneficial Weapon Assists in the game as it provides a single Skill Boost Skill Boost, Cloud Resist , 2 Team HP , and a reasonably long cooldown to hedge against accidental charging.

As a general blanket statement, I do not think there is any team that cannot benefit from this Weapon Assist and is invaluable to own.

With that being said, this is an older card who is available through the Monster Exchange if players have the correct Appreciation Medal.


Fasca remains a powerful 7×6 leader who can favourable pair with Raijin which can clear any dungeon in the game. While this potential cannot be overlooked, it is important to be mindful that Fasca requires 18 Skill Boosts Skill Boost to Transform along with only being able to use Attackers.

As such, it may be challenging for a more shallow Monster Box to fully take advantage of her but she is tremendously powerful with the right set up. If you wish to see my Raijin x Fasca Shura Realm clear, please click HERE.


Nelle is able to lead a powerful 7×6 Balanced team that relies on 7+ Dark orbs matched to deal damage. This team boasts exceptionally large multipliers for a 7×6 lead and her amazing post-Transform active is highly over-tuned as it provides Damage Absorb Void along with a column of Dark and Heart orbs. This also means she can be used as a sub and I have found great success with her on my Euchs team.

But returning to her leadership potential, she can favourably pair with Yugi , Chris , or Sakura which in turn can clear all currently available content.

Zaerog Core

Zaerog Core’s base form is able to function as a potent 1-cooldown card that can also cut your HP by 50% while also providing 3 more seconds to orb movement time.

This is invaluable for any team that wishes to remain under half health to function and the additional movement time can overwrite debuffs or aid in matching. Furthermore, Zaerog Core boasts strong personal damage when below 50% health.

On the other hand, Zaerog Core’s Weapon Assist has become invaluable as it is the only Weapon in NA to provide 2 TPA TPA awakenings. This will be inherited on to cards such as Raijin or Astalos as it provides a significant damage boost overall. This in turn allows these cards to successfully use the VDP Latent as their personal damage is blisteringly high.


Base Menoa is often used as a Ranking Dungeon solution due to her single attribute and 1 turn cooldown that can Lock a board and thus prevent Spinners. Her Wood Evolved form provides a 15-15 Wood-Heart board and all of her various evolved forms boast strong leader skills that include Damage Reduction, Auto Follow Up Attack, and bonus combos.

As a whole, Menoa is a highly flexible card and at least one evolution will have merits for the majority of Monster Boxes.

Samurai 3

The Samurai 3 cards all feature Weapon Assists that provide a single Skill Boost Skill Boost and 80% Jammer Jammer Resist, Poison Poison resist, or Blind Blind Resist Resist. This is invaluable overall and I find myself using them across a wide variety of teams as they greatly ease team building constraints.

I do not want to mislead players into thinking they are poor cards, but the fact that they share space with the 7-star GFE is problematic as it will dilute the chances of acquiring a GFE.

6-star GFE

3392 Red Odin

Red Odin’s non-Mega Awoken form comes with 6 Skill Boosts Skill Boost and 6 Fire Rows Fire Row which enables him to function as a wonderful solution for mono Fire teams for both Transforming and Farming.

This is because his Skill Boosts will help ensure actives are ready right away along with the massive amount of Passive Damage he offers.

3391 Blue Odin

Blue Odin’s non-Mega form boasts 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost and Super Blind Resist along with a 6 turn base cooldown. This enables him to function as a potent mono Water sub as he provides a hefty amount of utility while also being able to inherit an active skill of your choice with ease.


Mega Awoken Fujin is able to function as a respectable leader when paired with Raijin while also boasting strong personal damage and an invaluable active skill.

Being able to overcome Damage Absorption for 2 turns on a 14 turn cooldown is fantastic value and Fujin will be a boon to the majority of teams that can run her.


Aten remains a phenomenal damage solution due to his 8 Killers, 10 Combo , and 7 Combo 45 awakenings. This results in 90x personal damage against any spawn that has dual typing and is a prime candidate for the VDP Latent on Rainbow teams.

As a whole, Aten is tremendously powerful but GungHo is starting to shift some power away from them due to more spawns having mono-typing which drastically lowers hit damage potential.

Finally, Aten is able to favourably pair with Dyer to create a 7×6 God team.


Mega Awoken Raijin is a stellar card due to her massive ATK stat that has beautiful synergy with her plethora of offensive awakenings. When inherited with Zaerog Core’s Weapon Assist , Raijin will have 5 TPA  TPA and triple 7 Combo 45 which translates into 60.75x personal damage against any spawn.

While this is lower compared to Aten’s 90x vs dual typings, Raijin boasts significantly higher ATK and is infinitely stronger against mono type spawns. Furthermore, her leadership potential is fantastic when paired with Fasca .

Dark Kali

Dark Kali has just been buffed to come with 5-6 Skill Boosts Skill Boost along with Balance typing. This enables her to now be used on Valentine’s Ideal and NY Reeche while also aiding any card who needs to Transform.

As a whole, Dark Kali is a tremendously powerful Rainbow sub who also has respectable personal damage.

Pantheon cards

A total of 40 Pantheon cards will be available during the PCGF which means there will be numerous questionable cards voted in simply because we have to fill up 40 slots. This is unfortunate as it would have been better if we only had 20 possible cards to concentrate our chances of acquiring the stronger Pantheon cards.

The following cards I mention are not an exhaustive list but those I feel deserve recognition due to their potency at this point in time. If you feel I have neglected anyone, please let me know in the comments down below.

On a side note, the Legendary Heroes such as Pixel Napoleon cannot be voted for.


Inahime has become a powerful sub on Gileon  teams for Shura Realm due to their high Machine Killer damage in order to overcome floor 1. This is because Gileon will not be able to Transform right away (30 turn CD) and the middle Blue spawn must die within 3 turns.

While this still holds true today, we now have a stronger option via Pixel Napoleon who provides significantly more personal damage against Machines and makes it significantly easier to kill the Blue Gear on Floor 1.


Horus is able to function as a solid sub across a wide variety of teams due to their utility via Guard Break , L , and Cloud or Tape Resist via Super Awakenings.

Furthermore, Horus also has a wonderfully short 2 turn cooldown which can carry an inherit of your choice and respectable personal damage.


SR Shiva is a powerful mono Fire sub due to their Super Poison Resist , solid personal damage, and 75% Damage Reduction active.

This active skill can enable players to stall for an additional turn while also providing a DEF Break and Fire Orb Enhance. This has merits in current end game content as many spawns do feature high DEF value and being able to give yourself 4x Effective HP (shield) on a 7 turn cooldown is meaningful and will have merits in the next Shura Realm dungeon that should be releasing soon.

Another thing to note about Shiva or any other card with an exceptionally high Shield active (75% or more) is that it can be used to survive what would be an execute or large preemptive and having it as your Base active helps ensure it charges up in time.


Diaochan has been a tremendously powerful sub for nearly her entire PAD life and her current iteration still stands high. This is because she has a 2 turn cooldown that features a useful active along with the capacity to inherit an active of your choice with ease.

In addition to this, she provides 4 Skill Boosts Skill Boost, L , Super Blind Resist , and Passive Light Damage Reduction which has merits in Shura Realm for Raphael’s 150% Gravity preemptive.

In fact, I often find myself defaulting to using Diaochan if I am not sure who else to bring as she sheer amount of utility is hard to compete against.

One other important aspect to Diaochan is her ability to use 8 Latent slots and is a prime candidate for Poison or Jammer Surge Super Latents and having a dupe means you can have both available.


Amaterasu boasts an incredibly high RCV stat along with 3 Enhanced Heart Orb +heart awakenings. This ensures she is able to heal massive amounts with a 4-Heart match and functions best on teams with high HP and no RCV multiplier.

Due to her Fire sub attribute, Amaterasu is able to function on mono Fire teams such as Dante  x Remu  or Gileon  where her Healing potential has tremendous value. Furthermore, her Haste component can be used repeatedly to quickly charge up other active skills.


Indra is able to provide 5 Effective Skill Boosts Skill Boost which could be arguably 7 as the two turns of 75% Damage Reduction may often be enough to survive the first floor. Furthermore, they are also able to provide Super Poison Resist  along with a respectable amount of HP.

While Indra may be older, I still find myself using them for Rainbow teams as they solve several issues at once and never feel like a bad card to include overall.


Tachibana provides 4 Effective Skill Boosts Skill Boost which can probably be pushed to 5 due to the single turn of 75% Damage Reduction. In addition to this, she also boasts reasonable personal damage along with Super Poison Resist  and 20% Jammer Jammer Resist and Blind Blind Resist Resist. These two 20% Resists can be comboed with Samurai 3 Weapons to provide 100% coverage for either Blind or Jammers.

Another valuable aspect for Tachibana is her 3 different typings which can help her find a place on a wider range of teams such as Raijin  x Fasca .


Nohime follows a similar template to Tachibana but instead offers Super Jammer Resist  and Devil instead of Attacker typing.


Allatu has quickly become one of the most valuable Pantheon cards in the game as she offers 7 Effective Skill Boosts Skill Boost with her 3 turn Delay, respectable personal damage, Super Poison Resist , 8 Latent slots, and an L  awakening. Furthermore, her active also provides a tricolour board changer which will always have value through a given dungeon.


Player’s Choice Godfest is an exciting event as it allows us to vote for our favourite characters to be featured within a special REM.

There is no perfect answer as to what you should be voting for as your individual goals, needs, and Monster Boxes will differ from other players.

As such, what may be best for yourself will often be a card you have never pulled before as something new will be able to cover gaps within your Monster Box.

With that being said, let me know who you plan on voting for in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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      1. Images taken from tsubaki bot have all the JP updates built in and while it is not correct for NA right now, it will be soon which in turn means players should plan out for them when voting


  1. Thanks for the review!

    I voted for:
    DiaoChan: rolled my first in the recent giveaway, but many people still want her and I totally understand that
    Aten: don’t have one on my main
    Norza: wouldn’t mind a second one, or one in my alt


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