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Don’t Run 4 Choices! Appreciation Medal Gift Dungeon Until Reading


Probably my most click-baity title to date but I was unsure of how to better convey the message of no entering the new 4 Choices! Appreciation Medal Gift Dungeon without understanding what it entails.

This is because this special Gift Dungeon will award players with one Appreciation Medal that can be Monster Exchanged for various 7-star Godfest Exclusives. The catch is players can only clear one of these dungeons along with the dungeon names not actually telling you what possible card their respective Appreciation Medal can be Exchanged for. Also, once one has been cleared, there is no undo button and you are stuck with your current choice.

With this in mind, I would like to take this time to elaborate on my own thought process of which Appreciation Medal should be pursued along with what each one can be Monster Exchanged for.

Just be aware that we have 90 days to clear this dungeon which means you have time to sit and ponder this decision. Furthermore, this dungeon also awards a sizable amount of in game Coins so bring a bonus Coin drop leader if possible.

Official post can be found HERE.

Video commentary

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P&D Pass comes to North America


The P&D Pass will be making a debut in North America after the most recent maintenance and offers players a subscription-based service in order to acquire additional Magic Stones, rolls, and other in-game items.

As a whole, this is an efficient ratio of real life money to in game currency and if you are someone who is already comfortable IAPing (in-app purchasing), this will be a blessing overall.

With that being said, P&D Pass will still cost real life money ($9 USD / $12 CAD) which in turn can be off putting for many players. Thankfully, Puzzle and Dragons is a non-competitive, primarily PvE (player versus environment) game which means this has no actual impact on your own experience should you choose to forgo this service.

On the other hand, there is a 7 day free trial along with a special first time bonus to any one who subscribes (paid or trial) within the next 3 weeks. This special bonus is a Spring Forward Medal which can be redeemed for either Jiraiya , Yuri , or Grandis .

As a disclaimer, I do not work for GungHo and have never received any form of momentary, in-game currency, or support beyond a couple of Retweet/Facebook shares in the past. As such, all opinions are my own.

Official GHNA links:

Video commentary

Entertainment money

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