Ruler of Hell’s Halls Strategies & Planning for Seina


My wrists have been hurting for the past few weeks which makes typing painful and nearly impossible. Thankfully, I made most of this already for myself and made it prettier for the purposes of publishing.

I am trying to minimize how much I type so large parts of this will be done via video but should hopefully give you insight into how I approach World of Carnage 2 / Ruler of Hell’s Hall with my Seina team.

Video commentary

Includes PADX walkthrough & breakdown of my strategies

Devil Title clear

General Strategies

  • Stalling F1-8 must have 2 spawns to prevent their ATK buff
  • Use Seina active post-Transform for easy stalling
    • Match 1 Water, 1 Fire, 1 Heart combo
  • Always use Seina last when using board/orb changers
  • VDP pretty much kills any early spawn
  • Super Resolve means you have to kill a spawn twice
    • Row Fire Row can kill most and is less orb hungry compared to VDP

Team set up & Checklist

I strongly encourage my readers to download and use PADDB as it is invaluable when crafting teams as you can test various stats with much less hassle.

22 SB Skill Boost pre-Transform

Seina WoC 2 (Ruler of Hell’s Halls)
Things you must bring
Great to have but lower priority
  • 10 turn Bind Clear
    • Comes with 5+ turn Awoken Bind clear
  • Unable to Match Orb clear (5+ turns)
  • FUA
  • Damage Reduction
    • Tank Ogre and Gilles <50% first hit
  • Full Board changer
  • ATK buff
  • Time Extend buff
  • RCV buff
  • Poison Surge
  • Solution to Transform F1
  • L
  • Solution to Leader Swap F6
  • Bind Immunity on both leaders OR 10 turn Bind active
    • Best to just use Bind Immunity Weapons
  • Patience
  • 150,000 HP
    • Tanks Red Ogre hit (F5)
    • Can use Grandis Transform or Shiva if needed
  • Cloud
  • Tape
  • Colour Absorb*
    • Auto loss 20% of the time otherwise
  • Jammer Surge

Dungeon notes

PADX link found HERE.

1 Seina should be used every single turn AFTER using other orb/board changers
  • Shiva inherit – 4 turn Delay (Must have 22 SB Skill Boost)
  • Can stall with Seina active post-Transform
  • Don’t transform Gileon and Grandis
  • Transform Gileon and Grandis
    • Grants Shield + ATK buff for 3 turns
  • Row/VDP them down
  • 2B DEF Dragon Seed (1B Effective vs Fire)
  • Don’t let Red Goblin hit you
    • Charges up first turn
    • 2 turn timer
  • Green Goblin also hits hard
    • 3 turn timer
  • 1B DEF Dub-lit
    • Grandis + VDP kills
  • Fake Resolve
    • No spawn has 1% execute
  • Can kill Green & Red Dragon to stall
    • If killed, target Dub-Lit as it is hard to kill
  • 10 Turn Bind + 1 Turn Awoken Bind MUST be ready for Floor 5
    • Gremory for me
  • Gremory  Inherit
    • Clears all Binds + Awoken Bind
  • Have either 150k HP OR use Grandis Transform or Shiva Shield
  • Kill Red Ogre first
  • Have Shiva Delay ready for leader swap
    • Can kill with any swap for my specific team but Delay is always safer and you have to dump the active
  • Grandis for the ATK Debuff
  • Gileon after for TE & RCV Debuff
    • Use after to help ensure enough Jammers for Seina active
  • Base Gremory active to clear Awoken Binds + Unable to Match Orbs

Grandis is needed for F10 so don’t use here


  • Fake Resolve turn 1
    • May be real after but I have never tried

Wee Jas

  • Gileon overwrites TE debuff
    • Make FUA

Sun Quan

  • Must push below 50% in 3 turns
  • 506,880 attack first turn
  • Grandis turn 1 & 4
    • Turn 4 has ATK debuff


  • If not Water Absorb, can push below 50% to avoid Skill Delay
  • Can kill if not absorbing Fire/Water


  • Gileon for Oku preemptive
    • 1 turn Awoken Bind + Full Poison Board

Liu Bei

  • Gileon
  • Very easy to kill due to Fire vs Wood
    • Make your FUA

Sherias Roots

  • VDP + FUA with Grandis Burst


  • Colour Absorb counter if needed
  • VDP + FUA with Grandis Burst
  • Shiva shield when pushing below 50% for the first time
    • Must have Gremory/ Awoken Bind clear ready after
      • Boss does 5 turn Awoken Bind + 624,000 hit
        • Team HP is disabled
      • Only does the large <50% hit one time
  • Have to kill twice
    • “Free turn when he revives”
    • Will Execute when below 10% HP
  • Can grind down and use VDP with Grandis Burst when killing either first or second time
  • Poison  & Jammer Surge makes this much easier
    • Boss will Lock all Poison/Jammers on board which can ruin activation and cause death
      • Poison > Jammer Surge


This is by far my most stable/consistent team and following my checklist plus floor-by-floor walk through makes this much easier. For myself, my largest source of deaths are pushing Gilles under 10% and getting executed or forgetting Resolve, hence the red text to remind me.

Let me know what you think about this type of article outlining my thought process for this dungeon.

Happy Puzzling!

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12 thoughts on “Ruler of Hell’s Halls Strategies & Planning for Seina”

    1. Nico from DMC, but u will lose 2 SB replace for Bonus Attack awoken and also 75% Dmg reduce 1 turn. You will also lose 2 extra slot of Latent awakening for shield delay resist.


    1. SR Horus and you will have to stall out Liu Bei RCV debuffs on Sherias. Kill Sherias from above 50% to avoid the 99 turn RCV debuff. SR Horus also prevents you from getting orb trolled and makes Gilles himself extremely safe since you can unlock the board with an active.


  1. Hey Mantastic, awesome guide! But I think you are overselling RCV buffing and full board changing. Also it seems Gileon leads to less consistent runs since every time you use him there is around a 3.5% chance to not have enough jammers to make water. And you use Gileon multiple times and for the most part, if you can’t make waters, you’re dead.

    In terms of RCV buffing, you can stall out all the debuffs except for Sherias 99 turn debuff. But the 99 turn debuff can be avoided by killing them above 50%. So you don’t really need to bring an RCV buff and my most consistent team doesn’t bring one.

    In terms of having a full board changer, again you don’t really need one. You can either save double Seina, use Grandis + Seina, or C!Gremory + Seina and survive as long as you throw a bunch of the poisons into the spinners. My most consistent team doesn’t use a full board change.

    One strategy to note is that you might be waiting to charge your shield active for Gilles but he is close to 50%. You can get around this by targeting a pillar and not mass attacking.

    Lastly, to maximize consistency I would argue that SR Horus is incredibly good. In my devil title run Gilles used the full board lock attack at least 3 times in a row. Having an active to remove locks was necessary to survive, even with conservative saving of water and fire orbs.


    1. I feel that if I used Jammer Surge and Poison I won’t have to deal with the locks for Gilles which would solve most of the issues I have

      I agree that Gileon can be risky to use if <6 Jammers but the extra benefits are quite helpful. Perhaps I am more biased because it also provides TE & RCV

      As for RCV, I agree you can avoid Sherias but Liu Bei becomes more dangerous and due to his green coluor n relatively low HP, it can be hard to stall on him or Sherias after. As such, the Gileon board works here and vs Oku

      You will have to use Seina + at least one other active for oku so perhaps you can get around it with grem + grandis + seina but if you had Sun Quan before, no Grandis and using 2x Seina runs risk of orb troll for next turn. Perhaps Grem + Seina and careful movement works


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