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Alt. Ruler of Hell’s Halls Guide by the Marvelous Melvin


Due to various health issues ruining the past few days, I have been unable to do as much as I normally would like. Thankfully, I have Fantastic friends and the Magnificent Melvin has kindly given permission to repost his Alt. Ruler of Hell’s Halls Guide.

Melvin is a real life friend and we used to play Board Games on a regular basis until Covid but thankfully, his zest for PAD has not waivered and he actively plays on NA and JP.

His writing style differs from mine and I have preserved his content with only minimal formatting adjustments.


Hey guys! It’s the Marvelous/Magnificent Melvin here! You guys may better known me as the Luscious Leilan though! I made a few appearance on Mantastic’s stream before but due to the Covid pandemic, I was unable to make any more appearances nor play more board games with him. Here’s to hoping that this pandemic ends soon so everything returns to normal but I digress, I had a lot of spare time on my hand during this quarantine thing and thought I create a Alt. Ruler of Hell’s Halls guide for the community! This is probably the only other chance to achieve the Devil title so here’s to hoping that this guide will be of some use to you all! Best of luck to all those attempting for the Devil title! Continue reading Alt. Ruler of Hell’s Halls Guide by the Marvelous Melvin

Ruler of Hell’s Halls Strategies & Planning for Seina


My wrists have been hurting for the past few weeks which makes typing painful and nearly impossible. Thankfully, I made most of this already for myself and made it prettier for the purposes of publishing.

I am trying to minimize how much I type so large parts of this will be done via video but should hopefully give you insight into how I approach World of Carnage 2 / Ruler of Hell’s Hall with my Seina team.

Video commentary

Includes PADX walkthrough & breakdown of my strategies

Devil Title clear

General Strategies

  • Stalling F1-8 must have 2 spawns to prevent their ATK buff
  • Use Seina active post-Transform for easy stalling
    • Match 1 Water, 1 Fire, 1 Heart combo
  • Always use Seina last when using board/orb changers
  • VDP pretty much kills any early spawn
  • Super Resolve means you have to kill a spawn twice
    • Row Fire Row can kill most and is less orb hungry compared to VDP

Continue reading Ruler of Hell’s Halls Strategies & Planning for Seina