Remu Debut 10 Stone Super Godfest


Super Godfests have become a regular part of our PAD life as it will offer at least 1/3 chance to acquire any Godfest Exclusive (6 or 7-star) for the price of 10 Magic Stones per roll. With this baseline in mind, the spicier Super Godfests are those that feature any combination of higher rolling rates, the inclusion of high rarity Seasonal cards (eg. Valentine’s Ideal ), or featuring rarer non-GFE cards such as the Samurai 3 Pantheon.

In the case of the current Super Godfest, it features essentially 1/3 GFE rates along with two Samurai 3 cards which brings the total chance for acquiring any Pantheon card at 64%.

As a whole, this does not scream exceptional value but this Super Godfest includes many of the newer Godfesrt Exclusives, but most importantly the debut of Remu .

Remu is going to be the new hot Transforming Fire leader who pairs beautifully with Dante along with two of their key subs coming from the current Sacred Relic event.

With this in mind, this Super Godfest may be worth rolling in if you have the capacity to field a strong Remu team and did not pull Dante. Furthermore, Norza , Menoa , Grandis , and Shelling Ford  are featured who all bring something valuable to any Monster Box.

Video commentary



  • Amazing when paired with Dante
    • 3/390/1.5/43.75%
    • Auto Follow Up
    • +2 combos
    • Leaders have tremendous personal damage
    • Well designed for end game content
    • Can essentially stall anywhere
  • Massive VDP damage
  • Active directly counters Spinners
    • Creates your own for 1 turn
    • Removes all others
    • 5 turn cooldown
  • Have to roll Remu
    • Offset if you own Dante
  • 18 turns to Transform
  • Team building is restrictive
    • Kind of have to own several key cards

Remu is the newest Godfest Exclusive to come to North America and together with Dante , are able to form a tremendous team with 3x HP / 390x ATK / 1.5x RCV / 43.75% Damage Reduction along with Auto Follow Up Attack and +2 Combos when matching 6 or more Fire orbs.

This is a truly spectacular leader skill overall as it brings enough Effective HP to tank all realistic mechanics along with many harder hits that other teams could not survive. This is thanks to the 3x HP and 43.75% Damage Reduction and while the RCV is on the lower end, it is completely solved by Amaterasu who brings 3 Effective Skill Boosts Skill Boost and one of the highest RCV stats in the game to compliment her Enhanced Heart Orbs +heart. This is important because you can in theory stall for a prolong period of time as you can always heal back up to full while still being able to absorb large amounts of damage.

In addition to Amaterasu, Polowne and Duval are both somewhat staple subs as together they bring 10 Effective Skill Boosts, Super Blind Resist , L , a Colour and Damage Absorb, along with a fast charging ATK buff that also spawns a column of Fire orbs. Finally, Base Grandis can round out the team with his own solid personal damage and heavily upgraded kit whenever he Transforms after 30 turns.

These four subs bring 15/18 required Skill Boosts to Transform while also addressing many of the more dangerous mechanics in a given dungeon.

While this is promising, missing Amaterasu, Polowne, or Duval may be problematic as they are difficult cards to replicate/replace which will be the main crutch of this team for the average player.

While this may be disheartening, the team is still loaded with potential as your two leaders have wonderfully powerful base actives with Remu being able to completely counter Spinners. Remu’s active is able to generate a single Spinner for a single turn along with bonus movement time which will overwrite any existing Spinner or Time Debuff. This is a first type of active to directly counter Spinners as they will be removed which is incredible when facing numerous Spinners in horrible places for several turns.

As a whole, Remu x Dante teams are incredibly potent and the main hurdle will be building a competent team for tackling difficult content.

Rolling line up

7* GFE (1.5% each, 16.5% total)
6* GFE (1.5% each, 16.5% total)
3416 **
Samurai 3 (1.5% each, 3% total)
Other Pantheon cards (1.6% each, 64% total)

*Note, Cotton comes in one of her 5 Evolved forms but the total chance of rolling any Cotton is 1.5%.

To roll or not to roll

Generally speaking, Super Godfests cost 10 Magic Stones and feature at worst, 1/3 chance for any Godfest Exclusive. As such, it is most advantageous to try and line up as many key cards for your Monster Box as possible before shaking the REM’s hand.

In the case of Remu and her debut Super Godfest, the rolling rates are just a tad higher compared to normal along with featuring a reasonable array of other Godfest Exclusives with many of the older ones being absent from the 7-star rarity.

As such, the decision of whether or not to roll will come down to your own individual Monster Box and goals. Building upon that, it is important to determine whether or not you are rolling to advance your position or the concept of Need over Greed.

What I mean by this is determining whether or not rolling here will actually help you clear more content compared to what you can right now. For example, if you are currently stuck on Arena 5, you need to determine what is holding you back: is it a lack of experience and active skill management or is it because you are using a team with many holes in it?

If you are failing due to issues stemming from your own orb matching skills or active skill management, rolling may not actually help, especially if you have a solid team already. On the flip side, if you have hit a metaphorical wall and are currently being held back by the depth of your Monster Box, rolling can be advantageous assuming the featured cards can help you.


Remu’s Super Godfest debut is an exciting time for owners of Dante as they will finally be blessed with a wonderful leader pairing to help take them into newer and more difficult content. While this pairing is incredibly potent, it does have a relatively restrictive sub pool that lacks the depth/flexibility of other teams.

Regardless, this event is slightly better from a pure rolling perspective for Godfest Exclusives/Samurai 3 cards as 36% of the rolls will result in either of these. an extra couple of percent for something valuable is always welcome along with the chance to acquire a new and powerful card during their debut event.

With that being said, let me know what you think about this event in the comments below and whether or not you plan on rolling. If you did roll, let me know how it went.

Happy Puzzling!

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28 thoughts on “Remu Debut 10 Stone Super Godfest”

  1. Rex + 2 lousy old pantheons.
    Luckily I got Dante earlier

    The old pantheons (Greek, Japanese 1.0) being in 10 stone supers are like getting golem back in the day.


  2. Bought the 85 stone pack plus had 30 stones saved. Lucky day for me. Rolled in order: Sanada Yukimura, Venus, Kaede, Takeda shingen, Remu, Yogg, Typhon, Grimory, Grimory, Mitsuhide and Leilan.

    I already have Dante polowne, etc.


      1. Thankfully I have very deep red box. For AA4, I am going to try Remu, duval, powlone, grandis, ama, Dante to start. I also have a second grandis, pixel red valk, suou, srevo horus, and christmas gremory that I may try to work in.
        For Illusory world of Carnage (IWOC), I am not sure yet. Maybe I’ll stick with my version of your Yomi Norza team?!? I can’t see swapping out my existing latents for sdrs on my Remu/Dante team but we will see.

        I did manage to cheese IWOC already but that is such a time waster.


        1. I feel Yomi/Norza or any Water-based team is disadvantaged in IWOC due to so many spawns being Wood which in turn makes Remu/Dante better along with them having higher Effective HP which means they can tank more things, especially the menoa 2x after 5 turns

          If I had remu/dante, I would be using them instead


  3. Dante is good by itself but Remu pairing really catapults the team to SS tier, so all you can do is roll Remu and pair with Dante friends or just give up on this particular team


  4. Gave the sgf a yolo roll and got remu. Then i realized i had all the subs except duval (coincidentally rolled powlone in my free roll this time). Gave the sacred relic a roll and got duval. Then went back to the sgf and rolled ina and then a minerva. Took the Minerva as a sign to stop rolling. Praises to RNGesus


  5. Got remu on my 5th roll and I had Dante and all the other subs too :))) Really needed that. Been stuck on the alternate arenas for like forever.


  6. I’m missing Duval, but I do have Amaterasu, Dante, Grandis, and Polowne. I also have Takeda Shingen which got a new assist evolution which seems perfect to make up for the lack of Duval with four blind resist and a skill boost. It’s still kind of difficult scraping together enough skill boosts without Duval, but I do like how this team has so much important utility built into its base abilities. Anyone who rolls Remu is going to be very popular right now, haha.


  7. 3 rolls. Veroah, Zaerog Core, and Rex. Three dupes, but I’ll take 3/3 7*s.

    Don’t really need Remu anyway cause I do have the ideal Dante team to pair with her. Just need to get my inherits sorted.

    I do wish there was a red sky fall boost. You don’t realize what a big boost that is to Yugi teams till you don’t have it.


  8. I have Dante and all recommended subs so i thought i should roll. 3 packs later i have 2 extra Grandis and a Menoa plus some other random 6 star exclusives. Lord give me the strength not to roll another pack lol. I feel like there is another Grandis or Remu in it.


  9. Can you please make suggestions for a replacement for Grandis? I have the other subs but not him. Also, I’m very bad at team building so usually I just follow along with what you suggest lol. Thank you.


    1. Dantalion can be used as a replacement. You are trading out a chunk of stats that can reliably create a fire row. So really anything that could do the same would be decent.


    2. Grandis is basically a stellar damage solution and orb changer once Transformed

      With that in mind, you could use Dantalion as Monhunt suggested who also provides orb generation on a shortish cooldown and his extra SB can help overall

      Basically your team is quite orb hungry and wants orb changers


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