Spring Forward Super Godfest


Today marks arrival of the Spring Forward Super Godfest which features surprisingly appetizing rates as the Pantheon ratio has been greatly reduced to make room for five former 5-star GFE along with Guan Yu and Zhuge Liang.

All of these cards feature new evolutions along with the debut of three 7* GFE: Jiraiya , Grandis , and Yuri (full review can be found HERE).

What makes this Godfest special is that it actually features the former 5-star GFE who have been absent from a Godfest for over a year. As such, it is possible many newer players have never acquired them and their brand new evolutions are quite valuable. Furthermore, the chance for any 6/7* GFE is 37.5% whereas Pantheons are only 41.5% as the ex-GFE with Zhuge Liang and Guan Yu account for 21% of the rolls.

As such, there is a strong likelihood players will be able to roll something of value, especially if they are lacking the former 5* GFE and this event is worth rolling in for most players.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Rolling distribution

With disclosed rolling rates, players are able to make a fully informed decision before gambling away their Magic Stones in any event. For the most part, Super Godfests have a baseline of 1/3 GFE and 2/3 Pantheons and it is mostly a matter of lining up an event that features cards and collateral benefits you want.

As a whole, Super Godfests are often used to help acquire GFE to be either used as Trade Fodder or directly put onto teams. With this in mind, any event that exceeds these general baseline rates tends to be stronger.

Taking this into consideration, the Spring Forward Super Godfest is a solid event to roll in due to higher GFE rates and only 41.5% for Pantheons.

7* GFE (1.5%, 7.5% total)
7* GFE (0.75% 14.25% total)

Mega Awoken 6* GFE (0.75%, 15.75% total)
rodin Blodin
Former 5* GFE + Guan Yu & Zhuge Liang (3%, 21% total)*
Pantheons (1.66%, 41.5% total)
25x 5-star base cards

*Shows Pixel icons as that will be their strongest form in most cases

Do I plan to roll?

Despite owning all of the former 5-star GFE, I still feel this is a desirable event to roll in as the 6/7* GFE rates are still higher than normal.

Part of the appeal for Super Godfests is being able to acquire Trade Fodder for other events and for myself, I have not rolled many 7* cards outside of the free Medal Redeems and Rank 800 machine.

There is a 37.5% chance for any 6/7* GFE which is higher that normal. With that being said, if you do not own any of the former 5* GFE, this is an event you will want to roll in as they are rarely featured and can add depth to your Monster Box. Generally speaking, the first time you acquire any card is valuable and with their new Pixel evolutions, these cards have gained sizable value.

With this in mind, I do plan on rolling a bit on my Twitch Twitch Stream tonight and will start around 6PM PST for the stream itself.


The Spring Forward Super Godfest is a favourable event to roll in, especially if you do not own the former 5-star GFE. This event has the lowest featured Pantheon rates of any Godfest I can remember along with higher than average 6/7* GFE rates.

For myself, I plan to roll a bit later on tonight and want to know if you ladies and gentlemen tried your luck in this event along with who you rolled in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling and don’t forget to do your REMDra Fever!

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6 thoughts on “Spring Forward Super Godfest”

  1. I rolled a few times. My alt got Grandis and my main got a few cards that have received pixel evos (ok) and trade fodder for Alice (what I wanted the most)

    Would recommend rolling if you need trade fodder


  2. I rolled all my stones got
    Guan yu
    Zhuge Liang x3
    Ronove x4
    Blue odin x2
    Giga zeus
    YURI x2
    FASCA x2

    Pretty good considering in the yugis/sao collabs I got yugi and all the subs and alice/asuna. I have like everything meta!


  3. I got Nelle on my first and, only roll. It’s funny cause my IGBF got the cards the other person wanted. He wanted Nelle and, I wanted Fasca. I not complaining I’m very happy about this, it’s just somehow funny to me.


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