8th REMDra Fever – 7×6 Strategies


The REMDra Fever “Ranking” Dungeons continue this Friday as the 7×6 iteration will become available. This is yet another chance to players to grind for a Crown by simply hitting the cap of 999,999 points. With that being said, it will take numerous runs to achieve but there are ways to bolster your score to save time, stamina, and mental sanity. Generally speaking, the 7×6 dungeon will take less effort overall as it is much easier to achieve a higher combo count.

As with all REMDra Fever events, the dungeon is quite lucrative to run over and over again as it only costs 30 stamina and offers valuable drops. Furthermore, any number of players can achieve a Crown and is not only given to the first X number of players to hit 999,999.

This article will explain the rules for REMDra Fever and how to maximize your score potential.

7th REMDra Fever Event: 4/138 (Mon) 12am – 4/16 (Thur) 11:59pm (UTC -8)

8th REMDra Fever Event: 4/17 (Fri), 12am – 4/19 (Sun), 11:59pm (UTC-8)

Video clear

–video coming soon–

New scoring system

The REMDra Fever Ranking Tournament values players in significantly different ways and we must alter our play style accordingly.

In essence, you score points for higher combo count but this is multiplied by the level you have achieved. You start the dungeon at level one and have to clear a certain number of orbs to advance to the next. This orb count increases with each level but is not tied to combo count, only orbs erased. Thus, a match of 6 vs two 3-orb combos yields the same level progress.

In addition to this scaling level count, players also have to erase 35 orbs of a specific colour (Red, Yellow, or Green) to clear the dungeon which is based on the colour of the spawn. Failing to do so will result in a loss and all points earned that round will be forfeit; however, clearing too many of these orbs on lower levels will result in a premature conclusion and fewer points overall. You need to clear orbs of that specific colour to finish the dungeon but should try your best to avoid matching them in the early levels.

Furthermore, we have a new type of timer that continuously ticks down at an increasing rate the higher level you go. Leveling up fully replenishes the timer but matching heart orbs will also “heal” some of it back. With this in mind, it is best to try and level up as much as possible while avoiding the specific colour of orbs you need to end the dungeon.

Finally, all active skills are charged upon entering the dungeon but can only be used once. Be aware that using actives will not halt the timer progress so make sure you can actually solve after converting.


Taking all of the above points into consideration, there are several key aspects to consider:

  • Level up as much as possible
    • Pay attention to the number of orbs required
    • 1 combo to level up
      • You can even 0 combo to set up board/move orbs
    • Score is greatly enhanced with higher levels
  • Avoid matching the specific colour
    • No bonus points for matching this colour
    • Move them to bottom of board without comboing
    • Use specific orb changers to remove them
  • High combos at higher levels = more points

This sounds relatively simple but is much harder in practice due to the convoluted nature of this event. With that being said, you want to try your very best to avoid matching any of the designated colour for as long as possible. Doing so will prolong your run which inevitably leads to a higher score as you should have reached level 4+.

For the most part, I try to only max combo the board (and thus matching the key colour) at level 4/5. Using these strategies, I am able to average a significantly higher score per run.

Orb changers

We are given 6 cards with orb changers but only several are of value and the ones you will be using will depend on the spawn in the dungeon. Essentially, the colour of the REMDra you encounter will determine which colour is required to kill it/end the run. You can think of this as “health” as it requires 35 orbs to kill it.

With this in mind, you want to actively use orb changers who remove that specific colour. Doing so will allow you to level up more as you are prolonging the death of the REMDra. Just be aware that if you fail to match 35 of those orbs, you will die and score 0 for that run.

Furthermore. you cannot use any active skill more than once per attempt. I am only showing relevant orbs being generated to make reference easier.

REMDra Fever Active Usage – Part 8
First Orb
Second Orb

Fire Arrow Water
Heart Arrow Green
All Arrow Water Light Heart

Top 2 Row Arrow Fire
Bot 2 Row Arrow Heart
Arrow Arrow
All Arrow Water Heart

Top 2 Row Arrow Fire
Bot 2 Row Arrow Heart
All Arrow Water Light Heart

During the first few levels, it is best to try and hoard/save the REMDra colour’s orb near the bottom of the board and use the appropriate First Orb Changer once it becomes impossible to combo.

For both the Light and Wood REMDras, if possible, try to move your orbs key orbs to the two most bottom rows and two top most rows if possible. This will allow Senri to remove as many problematic orbs as possible.

For both the Red and Green REMDra, using the Odysseus plus Fuu results in a tricolour board of Water, Light, and Heart orbs. While it is technically not required to use Fuu for the Red REMDra, having Hearts instead of Wood means you can heal up and restore your time.

Utilizing these orb changers will help you achieve a higher score as you will be able to reach the later levels which provide significantly more points. Remember, the goal is to delay the matching the key colour for as long as possible.

Cascading & special timer

The REMDra Fever Ranking Dungeon features a different timer that does not move/tick down while orbs are comboing/falling into place. As a result, cascading becomes significantly more appealing as it helps promote additional combos being made.

In essence, Cascading is the art of having combos fall into place at a staggered rate. While this process takes more time overall, it gives additional chances for combos to skyfall into place and we are not punished for this type of animation time.

Lucrative rewards

Alongside the chance of securing a Crown, the REMDra Fever Ranking Dungeon has lucrative clear rewards and is essentially the most efficient way to acquire valuable drops. Every run will also yield a drop of some kind and value often exceeds the 30 stamina cost to enter. To top it off, every successful clear will give a chance for +297 to drop as well.

As such, I highly encourage you to play this dungeon for the clear rewards alone.

Faster farming

Due to the nature of 7×6 and inflated combo count, it is possible for many players to quickly secure their 999,999 points required for a Crown. As such, there may still be a desire to farm this dungeon for the valuable rewards and if this is the case, the best approach is to use orb changers to make the colour of the opposing spawn (basically the reverse of what we do when going for a high score).

REMDra Fever Farming – Part 8
(Yields low scores/fast clear times)
REMDra spawn
Orb Changers
Arrow Arrow
2/3 board Arrow Fire
Arrow Arrow
~1/2 board Arrow Light
Arrow Arrow
~1/2 board Arrow Green

The goal of this is to clear the dungeon as fast as possible as scoring is no longer important.


The REMDra Fever Ranking Dungeon places a new twist on Ranking Dungeons and gives all players to secure a Crown by repeatedly clearing the dungeon. Your scores are cumulative and acquiring 999,999 total points will guarantee you a Crown. Furthermore, the clear rewards are quite valuable and provides additional motivation for playing this event.

To help us along, the 7×6 board will greatly inflate our combo count which will hasten our progress towards 999.999 points.

In theory, all players can secure a Crown but being able to have a higher average score will accomplish this at a faster rate. Thus, using the above tips and tricks can cut down on time and stamina costs for securing your desired score.

Let me know how you feel about this event in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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12 thoughts on “8th REMDra Fever – 7×6 Strategies”

      1. That is the main appeal of 7×6 REMDra as your average combo count is significantly higher. If you find yourself having too little time, use your orb changers earlier to drag the run out less


    1. it is significantly harder as the 7×6 board share the same time limit as a regular board, also the heal orb don’t recover much compare to the 5×6 board, but we do get a better potential combo counts tho ….theoretically


  1. I would enjoy these events way more if there was no time limit. Considering the scores are cumulative, I don’t see the harm in it. And, yes, I’m only saying this because I’m terrible at comboing under pressure.


      1. But then they could balance it by having lower combo scores, or a higher total maximum. I just find it less enjoyable to play with the clock ticking while I’m trying to plan.


  2. Glad to see you looking happier and more comfortable. I hope your treatments are bearing fruit!
    In any case, is anyone else getting severely orb trolled with heart orbs? I am getting less than you would expect if every skyfall orb has a 1/6 chance of being a heart.


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