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Monster Point Spending Advice – January 2019 + Dark Meimei Commentary


The New Year kicks off with a bang through the generosity of GungHo North America in both Magic Stones, new Challenge dungeons, and Monster Points (MP). In fact, just logging in once during the month of January will give all players 700,000 Monster Points through their in-game mail.

For newer players, this will be the most they have ever had and the temptation to spend them immediately will be great. With that being said, I want to caution players from making ill-informed decisions and wasting this amazing gift.

This article will explain how the Monster Point system works, basic do’s and don’ts, a review of the new Dark Meimei , and an overview of the best MP cards to purchase at this point in time

Video commentary

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Monster Point system

The Monster Point system has been around for a couple of years and over time has become more user friendly in the sense that players are able to acquire MP more easily. The Monster Point Shop can be accessed via Shop -> Purchase Monster. Continue reading Monster Point Spending Advice – January 2019 + Dark Meimei Commentary


Which Monster Point Card to Buy – November 2017


The Monster Point currency system was designed to help alleviate the frustration of rolling duplicate cards as they could then be sold off for a varying amount of Monster Points. As a result, players could save up over time along with farming Rogue dungeons to purchase a powerful monster.

However, each purchase requires a sizable amount of Monster Points and you do not wish to have your card become outdated via Powercreep.

This article will take a look at all the current Monster Point cards along with how they fit in the meta and their potency moving forward.

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JP server

The JP server in Puzzle and Dragons is approximately 2-3 months ahead of NA/EU in terms of released content. Thus, we are able to “see the future” by following the news stream from JP. As a result, we are able to better position ourselves in terms of future purchase decisions and evolution material farming.

With this in mind, I will be using any knowledge currently available in JP for the purpose of this article and my recommendations.

What is in the meta now

Presently speaking, the current PAD meta revolves around two distinct playstyles: combos/7×6 and bi-combo teams. Both these styles are able to achieve amazing levels of damage while being able to capitalize on the most powerful awakenings. Continue reading Which Monster Point Card to Buy – November 2017

Monster Point Cards Tier List – A Revised Look and Overview

Just because you have 300,000 MP, it does not mean you MUST buy a card now. Plan it out and wait if lacking any ideal option


As part of the large event extravaganza in NA and EU, we will be receiving 390,000 Monster Points over the next few months. For many players, this will their first time passing the 300,000 mark which is required to purchase a card and many will be eager to take the plunge. Conversely, this additional 390,000 may put some players dangerously close to the cap of 999,999 (why is there a cap, I do not understand) and may preemptively force some player’s hands. However, just note that the MP is stored in your mailbox so you don’t actually need to open and cap.

As such, this article will review all the MP cards available (excluding seasonals) to help you better understand their value, if your box can support them, and how they rank against each other.

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Ranking the MP cards

It is important to understand how the MP cards stack up against each other as it is my belief that these cards should dramatically improve your monster box and help you progress into the next tier of content.

The following chart ranks the MP cards against each other and takes into consideration their highest evolution and new buffs announced with the JP 5 year stream. I am also working under the presumption you have access to the ideal or as close to the ideal team as possible. Just because the card has strong potential, you need the subs to back them up as they will flop otherwise. The MP cards should also help push you further into end game content and should differ from the type of team you currently have. I will go into more detail further down explaining their uses and value.

To reiterate, this list may be subjective and you should make sure you actually have the cards to support their purchase.

MP Cards Tier List – February 20/2017
download download download 3265 3193
download download 3266
download 3264 Ragnarok 3262
2558736037bba11c264e4086f62b8246_clipart-question-mark-question-mark-clipart-nature_2400-2400 3263 Xiu Min Xin Hua
x You Yu Xiang Mei

Explanation and justification for each card

While a tier list is helpful for a quick reference, it is best to understand why the cards are ranked as they are. Continue reading Monster Point Cards Tier List – A Revised Look and Overview

Green Odin and Odin Dragon: New Awoken Skills Bind Clear Active


Green Odin Green Odin was once heralded as a heroic leader in Puzzle and Dragons when dungeons had very few mechanics and his damage reduction leader skill reigned supreme. However, time has not been kind to our favourite set of abs as bosses started to have multi-hit mechanics along with requiring a damage multiplier to kill. However, the past few months have seen numerous buffs to Odin that granted him a damage multiplier on top of his reduction shield. Furthermore, both Odin and Odin Dragon Odin Dragon have received a unique upgrade to their active that allows them to fulfill a new niche role.

Video Commentary

As a fair warning, the audio came out louder than usual.

Green Odin at a glance

Green Odin
Green Odin
God / Balance
4,299 HP / 1,303 ATK / 548 RCV
873 Total
Skill Boost Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost Auto heal Auto heal Auto heal Auto heal

Active Skill:
50x ATK on single enemy and recover HP by 15%. 5 turn bind clear. 5 turn awoken skill bind clear.
9 turn CD

Leader Skill:
Reduce damage by 80% if HP is full (only protects against the first hit in multi-hits). Scaling ATK with 4+ wood orbs matched. Max 3.5x at 8+


  • High base stats
  • Active has a triple role function: heal, bind and awoken bind clear.
  • Bind Immune
  • 2,000 Auto heal is helpful, especially on heart cross teams
  • Can pair with Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei to form a 28x ATK team
  • Unique ability to clear awoken skill binds
  • Can be used as an assistant through Skill Inheritance
  • Abs


  • No offensive awakenings
  • Limited uses outside of his active
  • No Lifeguard Odin in PAD Island

Odin Dragon at a glance

Odin Dragon
Odin Dragon
God / Dragon
4,000 HP / 1,100 ATK / 900 RCV
920 Total
Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost Auto heal Auto heal Auto heal Auto heal Auto heal Auto heal

Active Skill:
Recover 50% base HP. Full bind clear. Full awoken skill bind clear. 1 turn haste
9 turn CD

Leader Skill:
1.5x ATK / RCV Gods. Reduces damage by 80% if HP is full (only protects against the first hit in multi-hits).


  • High base stats
  • Active has a four role function: heal, haste, bind and awoken bind clear.
  • Bind Immune
  • 3,000 Auto heal is helpful, especially on heart cross teams
  • Unique ability to clear awoken skill binds
  • Most powerful bind clear active in the game
  • Abs


  • No offensive awakenings
  • 300,000 MP price tag
  • Limited uses outside of his active and as a sub
  • Cannot be used as an assistant for Skill Inheritance

How valuable is the new Awoken Skill bind clear?

It becomes apparent that both Odin and Odin Dragon are niche at best. Thankfully, with their new awoken skill bind clear, they now fulfill a unqiue, albeit powerful role. Off the top of my head, bosses that disable your awoken skills include, but not limited to: Lakshmi, Folklore, and Linthia. Lakshmi also binds your skills so you cannot do anything about it and Folklore ranges from annoying to semi dangerous in the various dungeons he appears in.

However, Linthia has widely been regarded as a very dangerous encounter who is very unforgiving and quickly able to kill even the most resilient of teams. You are able to delay her, but unless you are using a very long delay, your window of opportunity will be small as the awoken bind is for five turns. Thankfully, either Odin or Odin Dragon can fully remove all the remaining turns of the awakenings bind and would allow your team to deal their full damage immediately, no stalling or dancing required. This will perhaps be more valuable in the Special Descend Rush dungeon or Ultimate Descend Rush where Linthia appears under much more dangerous circumstances.

Furthermore, by being able to remove awoken skill binds may be a foreshadowing of more bosses who possess this dangerous ability. We cannot know what the next wave of mechanics has in store, but it is wise to be prepared ahead of time to try and stay as close to the meta when it arrives.


Green Odin and Odin Dragon have been given a new purpose with their latest buff. By being able to accomplish something on one else can do warrants your time and investment. There may very well be a new wave of monsters who can also achieve the same effect, but it never hurts to be prepared early. However, due to their current niche uses as subs, Green Odin may become a more favourable bind clear assistant or as a means to upgrade an existing active.

Happy Puzzling!

Monster Point Dragons: Analysis and Comparisons

The topic of which Monster Point Dragon to buy is on the forefront of many player’s minds as it is a large investment. Furthermore, as the game progresses and we accumulate more duplicates to sell, new players will be reaching the elusive 300k MP needed to make their first purchase. However, one should not be rash in decimating their monster box as these powerful dragons need the right subs to function properly. If you are having second thoughts or doubts about selling a particular monster, the answer is probably no and you must exercise patience and simply wait. Furthermore, your MP Dragon team does need an investment in levels, skill ups, and pluses to be truly powerful. Lastly, they require 10 million experience to max level, 99 team cost, and have challenging evolution materials.

I have omitted any farmable subs as those can be acquired over time. If you are missing many key subs required to run their team effectively, it may be wise to to delay purchasing as you may be running a sub-par line up otherwise. For a more expansive list that includes farmable monsters, refer HERE.

jjjjjjjjjjjjjjj  Shiva D
About  Shiva D is perhaps the king of farming leads as he offers an unconditional 25x multiplier to fire gods. Shiva D can either focus on rows Fire Row or two prong attacks TPA to quickly mow down bosses. However, he somewhat falters in the highest level content due to a less dynamic sub pool, no bind immunity, and a weak active that places heavy emphasis on strong subs. Lastly, Shiva D is an easy way to score in the top 10% (or even 1%) of ranking dungeons.
  • Fastest farming lead in the game
  • Unconditional 25x ATK multiplier for fire gods
  • 2.25x RCV for fire gods
  • Capable of scoring in the top 10% of ranking tournaments with ease
  • 2-turn haste active places higher demand on ideal subs
  • Subs should almost always be orb changers as you effectively only have 4 actives
  • Can be bound (which is becoming more of an issue with pre-emptive leader binds)
  • Very REM dependent
Key Subs to Own Yamato Uriel Red Valk Set Ares Ares Ares Antares Ame Sanada Urd

Fire rows Fire Row are critical for large burst and the 3 Ares Ares are not a typo as you can run up to 3 with success.

Uses as a Sub  None

Continue reading Monster Point Dragons: Analysis and Comparisons