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What to do with all your Rainbow Event Medals


With the REMDra Fever Ranking Dungeon coming to a close today, many players will be suddenly in possession of an additional 14 Rainbow Event Medals :eventmedal:. These medals are a limited currency used in the Monster Exchange System that does not stack. As such, they may be cluttering your Monster Box and the temptation to spend may be high.

At this point in time, Odysseus has been one of the best places to spend your Rainbow Event Medals but with the Monster Exchange Survey, players may have another medium to utilize these coins.

For the most part, I am inclined to only spend my Rainbow Event Medals on Odysseus due to the lower cost and sizable benefit as well as saving for future undetermined events.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Limit availability

Rainbow Event Medals are a limited currency within Puzzle and Dragons due to the fact that they cannot be repeatedly farmed through stamina usage like Plus Eggs. As such, players should be conservative with their spending as we do not know what kind of content will be released in the future. Continue reading What to do with all your Rainbow Event Medals