What to do with all your Rainbow Event Medals


With the REMDra Fever Ranking Dungeon coming to a close today, many players will be suddenly in possession of an additional 14 Rainbow Event Medals :eventmedal:. These medals are a limited currency used in the Monster Exchange System that does not stack. As such, they may be cluttering your Monster Box and the temptation to spend may be high.

At this point in time, Odysseus has been one of the best places to spend your Rainbow Event Medals but with the Monster Exchange Survey, players may have another medium to utilize these coins.

For the most part, I am inclined to only spend my Rainbow Event Medals on Odysseus due to the lower cost and sizable benefit as well as saving for future undetermined events.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Limit availability

Rainbow Event Medals are a limited currency within Puzzle and Dragons due to the fact that they cannot be repeatedly farmed through stamina usage like Plus Eggs. As such, players should be conservative with their spending as we do not know what kind of content will be released in the future.

Viable purchases


At this point in time, Odysseus is an all-around high value investment. This is because she can function as a 7×6 leader and potent Weapon Assist. As such, owning 2-3 is not a bad idea as they do provide significant benefit in her two distinct forms.

Odysseus’s ability to form a 7×6 board gives players more team building options as they can now pair with leaders who favour a larger board. Despite the fact that I stress players do not need to own a 7×6 leader and can pair with their friends, owning one does grant a certain degree of flexibility.

With that being said, Odysseus’s Weapon Assist form, Trojan Horse , is one of the best “farmable” options available. The Trojan Horse provides a single Blind Blind Resist, Jammer Jammer Resist, and Poison Poison resist resist which equates to 20% coverage of each along with a single Time Extend Time Extend. Despite the fact that 20% may not feel impressive, it has beautiful synergy with other Resist Weapon Assists and plays an integral part in end game content.

For the most part, having 100% coverage against the various mechanics can help mitigate the risk in end game content such as Arena 5 or Alt Arena 2. For example, having 100% Blind Resist greatly improves Arena 5 consistency and is one of the first things players should strive towards when team building.

In order to achieve 100% Resist in any metric, players must have 5 of those respective awakenings on the team and this is often achieved via a 60% option and finding 40% from other sources. With this in mind, two Odysseus/Trojan Horses will provide the remaining coverage. Now, it may seem strange that players would use three assists for a single coverage, but the beauty of Odysseus is that they provide 40% for the other metrics which means another 60% will cover that weakness. Thus, two 60% Resists and two Trojan Horses provide full coverage for two areas along with 40% in a third.

For myself, this is usually the set up I run for Arena 5 (Blind and Jammer) to strong success.

One final thing to keep in the back of your mind is that Monster Hunter Collab is returning to North America soon (probably within 1-2 weeks) and is home to some of the best Weapon Assists (60% for Jammer, Blind, and Poison) at the bottom-tier rarity.

Monster Exchange survey

The Monster Exchange Survey is currently underway and the winning card will be featured for purchase within the Monster Exchange system.

In JP the winner was Zela and she had a 25 Rainbow Event Medal price point which is quite high but possibly manageable for players who have been able to clear most of the recent content and thus earn Rainbow Event Medals.

We do not know who the winner will be in North America, but it is safe to presume that the winning card will cost 25 Rainbow Event Medals but may possibly be less if a 6-star GFE wins. Either way, the winning card will have a high price point and depending on the victor, the need to purchase may vary from player to player.

New Pantheon evolutions

GungHo is starting to release special new evolutions that enables a Pantheon card to go beyond Reincarnated temporarily called Super Reincarnation. This additional step has only been given to Haku and Bastet in JP but sets a precedent that more Pantheon cards will receive the same treatment. Regardless, these new evolutions will require 1 Rainbow Event Medal to complete.

While Haku has middling value, Bastet becomes a reasonably solid Wood leader but the prospect of our favourite Pantheon cards becoming stronger is an exciting thought. With that being said, these evolutions only require a single Rainbow Event Medal but demend an obnoxious amount of Monster Experience to level. As such, players will more likely be limited by a lack of Snow Globes compared to a shortage of Rainbow Event Medals.

Future content

Due to the fact that North America is around 2 months behind JP, we are able to “see into the PAD future” and plan our journey accordingly.

This delay can be a burden or blessing depending on how you look at it but it does give us insight into possible other uses for Rainbow Event Medals. Outside of the Monster Exchange Survey, there has been not another medium to spend large quantities of Rainbow Event Medals. With this in mind, it would not be a far stretch to assume there will be another way to spend our Rainbow Event Medals and if the winner of the Monster Exchange Survey does not spark interest, saving may be the best option.

Do not Monster Exchange Rainbow Event Medals to Stack Them

With Version 17.0, players are able to now convert their Rainbow Event Medals into Event Medal – Rainbow Gems which are classified as an Evolution Material. As such, they are able to stack but the problem is the Evolution Material form is unable to be used for anything other than Super Reincarnated Evolutions. Thus, they would stack, but players would be not able to use them to purchase cards like Odysseus .

With this in mind, only convert Rainbow Event Medals into their Evolution Material form if performing a Super Reincarnated Awakening.


Rainbow Event Medals are a limited currency within Puzzle and Dragons that can be utilized via the Monster Exchange system to acquire various cards. At this point in time, I am only inclined to spend them on Odysseus in order to take advantage of her Weapon Assist form.

On the other hand, some players may find merit in the upcoming Monster Exchange Survey winner but this will cost 25 Rainbow Event Medals for a 7-star Godfest Exclusive. With that being said, I feel GungHo will release something in the near future to act as another medium for Rainbow Event Medals and makes me inclined to save the rest of mine.

Let me know how you have spent your Rainbow Event Medals and what you hope they can be used for in the future.

Happy Puzzling!

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23 thoughts on “What to do with all your Rainbow Event Medals”

  1. I wasted so many of them on collab exchanges coz I’m lazy =)
    Anyway, remember how valuable the plus egg was back then? Hope the event medals wont end up like them in the future…where you need 297 of them to upgrade your card in order to keep up with the current meta.


  2. Mantastic, which monster do you think will “win” the Monster Exchange Survey?

    Crossing my fingers for D-Kali. 🙂


  3. Speaking of “seeing into the future,” don’t forget that black medals can be used to trade for Dark Ra Dragon. Probably worth mentioning


  4. Do you feel any of the super reincarnated egos released thus far in Japan (Haku, Bastet) are worth making, since those use 1 rainbow medal each?


    1. What do you mean by using rainbow medal to make Bastet and Haku? Their reincarnated form was already out awhile ago


    1. In Japan, Haku and Bastet received Super Reincarnation Evolution forms (if I understand correctly) that are superior (?) to the regular Reincarnated form but requires a Rainbow Event Medal to evolve.


      1. Thanks for the heads up, buddy 🙂
        Damn, only If I knew the super reincarnation were coming, I wouldn’t spent the medals so carelessly since they take up too much space….


  5. What happened to the video commentary? I swore I saw it for a quick second and you were talking about Dark Meta and were mentioning subs. I was thinking, “hey I have all those subs!” Came back to re-watch and put together a placeholder team for the day I actually get dark meta…


  6. So far I spent medals with 2 Odysseus, using both as weapon assist and totally worth the investment Imo.
    The survey…. Well, I praying to NOT be Dark Metraton.( As I have 4 already 😠)

    About the super reincarnations, I think is great, awesome actually, a great opportunity to revive our favorite pantheon cards.
    Despite the fact that both Haku and Bastet got horrible awakenings.

    Now, let me see if I got this right…
    This moment in Time, a bindable leader is (at best) a mediocre leader.
    Bastet got the unbindable via super awakening, but after the “super” reincarnation seems to not be there anymore? Or I missing something here?
    Also Haku, c’mon… She deserves to be unbindable, or at least double 7c (like her sisters) she’s awesome, but not receiving too much Love from GH.
    (Prongs are not bad, but I was expecting more).

    But super reincarnations are good news!
    Looking forward for next pantheon cards…


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