REMDra Fever Ranking Dungeon Strategies [Round 2 7×6]


Do you still have REMDra Fever? Eager to grind away for another two days for a second Crown?  Then you are in luck as Part 2, 7×6 has just begun!

The REMDra Fever Ranking Dungeon is completely different compared to previous Ranking tournaments because Crowns are not just awarded to the top X% of players. Instead, we receive a score for every successful clear of the REMDra Fever Ranking Dungeon and this will be added to all other clears. This cumulative total will then be used to determine our rewards but the most important aspect is players will secure a Crown if they hit 999,999 points. This Crown is guaranteed regardless of how much of the player base achieves this score.

This concept of a “free” Crown sounds almost too good to be true and it somewhat is. We only have a very limited amount of time to play these dungeons and if you are busy for those few days, you will be out of luck. Furthermore, the 999,999 score cap will be difficult/impossible to achieve without ranking up or refilling stamina.

[1st REMDra Duration]: 4/11 (Thu), 12:00 AM – 4/12 (Fri), 11:59 PM (UTC-8)
[2nd REMDra Duration]: 4/13 (Sat), 12:00 AM – 4/14 (Sun), 11:59 PM (UTC-8)

This article will explain how the new rules for REMDra Fever work and how to maximize your score potential.

As a side note, Part 2 will be faster due to the 7×6 aspect as it will yield higher average scores per run. Furthermore, players may wish to farm the dungeon for the lucrative rewards and there is a swipe build available to hasten this process.

If you are interested in some 7×6 solving strategies, check out my previous article HERE.

Video commentary/clear

–video coming soon–

Swipe Faming

New scoring system

The REMDra Fever Ranking Tournament values players in significantly different ways and we must alter our play style accordingly.

In essence, you score points for higher combo count but this is multiplied by the level you have achieved. You start the dungeon at level one and have to clear a certain number of orbs to advance to the next. This orb count increases with each level but is not tied to combo count, only orbs erased. Thus, a match of 6 vs two 3-orb combos yields the same level progress.

In addition to this scaling level count, players also have to erase 40 orbs of a specific colour to clear the dungeon. Failing to do so will result in a loss and all points earned that round will be forfeit; however, clearing too many of these orbs on lower levels will result in a premature conclusion and fewer points overall.

Furthermore, we have a new type of timer that continuously ticks down at an increasing rate the higher level you go. Leveling up fully replenishes the timer but matching heart orbs will also “heal” some of it back. With this in mind, it is best to try and level up as much as possible while avoiding the specific 40 orbs you need to end the dungeon.

Finally, all active skills are charged upon entering the dungeon but can only be used once. Be aware that using actives will not halt the timer progress so make sure you can actually solve after converting.


Taking all of the above points into consideration, there are several key aspects to consider:

  • Level up as much as possible
    • Pay attention to the number of orbs required
    • 1 combo to level up
    • Score is greatly enhanced with higher levels
  • Avoid matching the specific colour
    • No bonus points for matching this colour
    • Move them to bottom of board without comboing
    • Use specific orb changers to remove them
  • High combos at higher levels = more points

This sounds relatively simple but is much harder in practice due to the convoluted nature of this event. With that being said, you want to try your very best to avoid matching any of the designated colour for as long as possible. Doing so will prolong your run which inevitably leads to a higher score as you should have reached level 5+.

For the most part, I try to only max combo the board (and thus matching the key colour) at level 5.

Orb changers

We are given 6 cards with orb changers but only several are of value and the ones you will be using will depend on the spawn in the dungeon. Essentially, the colour of the REMDra you encounter will determine which colour is required to kill it/end the run. You can think of this as “health” as it requires 40 orbs to kill it.

With this in mind, you want to actively use orb changers who remove that specific colour. Doing so will allow you to level up more as you are prolonging the death of the REMDra. Just be aware that if you fail to match 40 of those orbs, you will die and score 0 for that run.

Furthermore. you cannot use any active skill more than once per attempt. i am only showing relevant orbs being generated to make reference easier.

REMDra Fever Active Usage – Part 2
REMDra spawn
Primary Orb Changer
Alternative Orb Changer

Fire Arrow Light / Fire Arrow Dark

2nd R Col Arrow Heart

Light Arrow Fire / Light Arrow Water

2nd R Col Arrow Heart

Green Arrow Fire

2nd R Col Arrow Heart

Level 1/2 use Alternative Orb Changer

Level 3+ use Primary Orb Changers

Use Leilan when you are about to end the dungeon for an easier board.

Using this tentative strategy yields around 40,000 points on average for myself along with usually hitting level 7.

This is significantly higher average points per clear so Part 2 will take less time/stamina to complete.

Cascading & special timer

The REMDra Fever Ranking Dungeon features a different timer that does not move/tick down while orbs are comboing/falling into place. As a result, cascading becomes significantly more appealing as it helps promote additional combos being made.

In essence, Cascading is the art of having combos fall into place at a staggered rate. While this process takes more time overall, it gives additional chances for combos to skyfall into place and we are not punished for this type of animation time.

Lucrative rewards

Alongside the chance of securing a Crown, the REMDra Fever Ranking Dungeon has lucrative clear rewards and is essentially the most efficient way to acquire valuable drops. Every run will also yield a drop of some kind and value often exceeds the 30 stamina cost to enter. As such, I highly encourage you to play this dungeon for the clear rewards alone.

The following compiled image is courtesy of Miru Bot on Discord:

Swipe farming

Due to the naturally higher scores, players will be able to hit their 999,999 Crown score cap significantly faster. As such, players may become interested in simply farming the dungeon for the lucrative rewards. As such, utilizing the following active skill chains will produce a full 42 board of a particular colour which will instantly complete the dungeon. Of course this will yield virtually no points but it is the fastest way to complete the dungeon.

REMDra Fever Swipe Farm – Part 2
REMDra spawn
Active Order
Arrow  Arrow = Fire
Arrow  Arrow = Light
Arrow  Arrow Arrow   = Green


The REMDra Fever Ranking Dungeon places a new twist on Ranking Dungeons and gives all players to secure a Crown by repeatedly clearing the dungeon. Your scores are cumulative and acquiring 999,999 total points will guarantee you a Crown. Furthermore, the clear rewards are quite lucrative and provides additional motivation for playing this event.

In theory, all players can secure a Crown but being able to have a higher average score will accomplish this at a faster rate. Thus, using the above tips and tricks can cut down on time and stamina costs for securing your desired score. With that being said, the 7×6 board yields higher average scores and players may want to farm the dungeon quickly via the above methods.

Let me know how you feel about this event in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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5 thoughts on “REMDra Fever Ranking Dungeon Strategies [Round 2 7×6]”

  1. Kinda off topic but man, I have 2 blue Sonias waiting for her new evo. When is it due out? Padx doesn’t even show it exists


  2. G and B sonias got their mega awoken evo not long ago, I haven’t heard any new evo coming soon, but maybe I am mistaken


  3. I liked the event for the drops and free pulls….though i was utter rubbish at it. My highest 7×6 score was like 45000


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