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REMDra Fever Ranking Dungeon Strategies [Round 2 7×6]


Do you still have REMDra Fever? Eager to grind away for another two days for a second Crown?  Then you are in luck as Part 2, 7×6 has just begun!

The REMDra Fever Ranking Dungeon is completely different compared to previous Ranking tournaments because Crowns are not just awarded to the top X% of players. Instead, we receive a score for every successful clear of the REMDra Fever Ranking Dungeon and this will be added to all other clears. This cumulative total will then be used to determine our rewards but the most important aspect is players will secure a Crown if they hit 999,999 points. This Crown is guaranteed regardless of how much of the player base achieves this score.

This concept of a “free” Crown sounds almost too good to be true and it somewhat is. We only have a very limited amount of time to play these dungeons and if you are busy for those few days, you will be out of luck. Furthermore, the 999,999 score cap will be difficult/impossible to achieve without ranking up or refilling stamina.

[1st REMDra Duration]: 4/11 (Thu), 12:00 AM – 4/12 (Fri), 11:59 PM (UTC-8)
[2nd REMDra Duration]: 4/13 (Sat), 12:00 AM – 4/14 (Sun), 11:59 PM (UTC-8)

This article will explain how the new rules for REMDra Fever work and how to maximize your score potential.

As a side note, Part 2 will be faster due to the 7×6 aspect as it will yield higher average scores per run. Furthermore, players may wish to farm the dungeon for the lucrative rewards and there is a swipe build available to hasten this process.

If you are interested in some 7×6 solving strategies, check out my previous article HERE.

Video commentary/clear

–video coming soon–

Swipe Faming

New scoring system

The REMDra Fever Ranking Tournament values players in significantly different ways and we must alter our play style accordingly. Continue reading REMDra Fever Ranking Dungeon Strategies [Round 2 7×6]