Monster Exchange Survey Advice


On Monday’s GungHo NA stream, it was announced that the Monster Exchange Survey will be available to North American players.

This event allows players to vote for a Godest Exclusive (GFE) to be featured in the Monster Exchange System and gives us the opportunity to potentially acquire a valuable card.

Unfortunately, the trading ratio was quite unfavourable in Japan and resulted in few players actually being able to take advantage of it.

Voting can be done HERE.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

JP results

Due to the fact that the JP server is 2 months ahead of North America, we are able to see what events/goodies are being released a head of time to better plan our PAD future.

Thankfully, this included the Monster Exchange Survey where Zela was the number one voted card. The reason for Zela winning is largely due to her incredible sub potential as she is arguably the strongest wood card in the game due to her incredible kit. Furthermore, duplicates are used for luxury farming teams along with leader we do not have in NA (JP-exclusive Collabs).

With this in mind, I do not foresee Zela winning our survey as she has less applications for NA players.

Monster Exchange cost

The cost to acquire Zela through the Monster Exchange system in JP was any combination of 5 Black Medals (acquired via 5 Rainbow Event Medals :eventmedal:) or select GFE. This amounts to a 5:1 trade which is quite costly and impractical for the average player.

Despite the fact that we have received over 30 Rainbow Event Medals, having the #1 voted card cost 25 is daunting or even impossible if players purchased Odysseus .

With that being said, if North America votes for a 6-star GFE, it should hopefully bring down the trading cost to what I am guessing would be 4 Black Medals.

Voting advice

The following thoughts are my own personal opinions so take them with a grain of salt.

Like Player’s Choice Godfests, it is best for players to vote for what they can benefit from most along with the card being favourable in dupes. This is because you do not wish to exchange for them and then find yourself rolling said card during the next Godfest.

As such, cards like Fujin tend to be less ideal as players only need one type of active that negates absorption mechanics and it is possible to roll various spinoffs to this type of active. I am not discrediting the value a Fujin-style active brings to a Monster Box, but how it has diminishing returns upon rolling cards that replicate this active.

Taking this into consideration, Cotton may be a safe choice as she is both a 6* GFE (hopefully lowers the cost) and has value in duplicates because there are 6 unique forms to utilize.

Finally, Dark Metatron may be one of the more popular choices due to her unparalleled leadership potential as she is arguably the best leader available to North America. Her team composition often features 5-star Pantheon cards (Izanagi , Archangel Lucifer , and Yomi ) along with the farmable Eir which makes her more accessible for owning players. Furthermore, I do not foresee her losing top tier status as 4x HP / 225x ATK / 43.75% Damage Reduction multipliers are amazingly strong along with a high activation rate.

Of course, all of this is moot if players do not have the required Rainbow Event Medals as using other GFE as trade fodder feels wasteful.

In my opinion, this could have been more exciting if the trade requirements were less steep and reasonably obtainable. Despite the fact that JP has given out more Rainbow Event Medals, it does no good unless this becomes a reoccurring event as the future Medals cannot be spent during this event.


The Monster Exchange Survey could have been an exciting event if GungHo was less stingy with the requirements. The previous voting winner was available for 1 million Monster Points which feels more manageable compared to the 5 Black Medals for a 7* GFE.

Despite the fact that JP has given out more Rainbow Event Medals since the event, it does not help players acquire the currently featured card as many players may not have enough right now.

Let me know who you plan on voting for and if you feel the trade requirements are reasonable overall.

Happy Puzzling!

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12 thoughts on “Monster Exchange Survey Advice”

  1. As a PSA, we get a total of 14 rainbow medals by preforming well in the upcoming Gacha Fever ranking dungeons, and remember! Everyone can get these medals! A score of 999,999 will guarentee a crown and the 7 medals from each dungeon. This helps ease the cost of exchange by quite a bit.


    1. I agree that these can greatly help but I feel the players who can often benefit most from trading are those who are either newer/less developed boxes so they may still fall short of the threshold needed along with timing of rewards/trading


  2. I don’t know man. Honestly.
    When I started this game, there was so many cards that I dreamed, and I was so unlucky
    Now I got everything in pairs!!!
    Dmeta, All witches, Yusuke, Ciel, Athena N, Ideal, Cotton, Akuma, Sagat etc (all x2).😎
    I’m using the dupes to pair with myself, but I have this feeling that now as I have so many options, I kinda lost that Crazy Desire….that Spirit lol.😆
    So, I probably won’t be voting as requires I Facebook account, and my is temporarily disabled


  3. Do we have any evidence to go on that a 6* vote will require less medals? I know it makes sense, but I don’t feel like GH is under any obligation to lower the cost.


  4. Wish they could just wait for another month or two till new GFE shelling ford to come out, as he will definitely be my first choice.


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