Rex, Sara, & Luna Trading Advice with Spring Fest Medal


Starting on Wednesday, April 10, North American Players will be given 1 Spring Fest Medal to trade via the Monster Exchange system to acquire one new 7* Godfest Exclusive (GFE). For this event, Wandering Ancient Dragon Knight – Rex , Crimson Lotus Warrior, Echidna – Sara , and Dark Blade Divine Queen, Hera – Luna will all be available but only 1 may be acquired via the Spring Fest Medal.

This is quite exciting as players will be able to choose the best card for their Monster Box; however, all three of these new cards will be available in the upcoming Super Godfest. Furthermore, with the inclusion of a special IAP bundle, players are also able to acquire a random 7* GFE.

With this in mind, players who plan on purchasing the IAP bundle or roll in the upcoming Super Godfest should wait to exchange after all has been done. This is to avoid rolling a duplicate after trading as cards tend to have significantly more value if it is the only copy you own.

This article will summarize each card’s strengths and weaknesses to help players determine which is the best GFE to choose.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Monster Exchange

Starting Wednesday, April 10, players will be able to trade in a free Spring Fest Medal for one of the three new Fest Monsters via the Monster Exchange system. This is a one time trade and cannot be reversed, thus it is best to wait until after rolling in the Super Godfest or if purchasing the special IAP bundle to ensure one does not acquire a dupe card.

Based on the previous event, players should have several weeks to make their decision of which card they wish to trade for.

New cards

All three available cards are classified as 7* GFE which means they will be harder to acquire compared to regular 6* GFE. Valkyrie – Ciel , Zeus – Giga , and Athena – Non  have all received Weapon Assist and it is not a far stretch to say Rex, Sara, and Luna will as well in the future.

With that being said, it is best to pick the card that will best help your Monster Box which will vary based upon your own individual needs.

The following chart and advice are my own opinions and should be taken with a grain of salt and be weighted against your own Monster Box needs and goals.

Read this chart left to right with left being the best for that respective category.

New GFE Rankings
Ranking (Left to Right)
Inherit /
Orb Skin  

Take these as a general starting point not as absolute truth (especially the Waifu category as robotic dragons may be your thing).

Rex / Zeal

Active: Change Jammer, Poison, Mortal Poison, Bomb orbs to Wood orbs; For 1 turn, increase orb move time by 1 seconds (2 turn CD)

Leader Skill: 2x HP & ATK for Dragon type; Increase orb movement time by 2 seconds; 6x ATK on the turn a skill is used [4/144/1]

Awakenings: Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist TPA TPA 45 45

  • Strongest leader of the 3
    • 4x HP
    • 144x ATK
    • Easy activation
  • 2 turn base CD
    • Easy to inherit over
  • High personal damage with TPA TPA
  • Can abuse Kuroyui system
  • Powerful sub
  • Somewhat reliant on Tardis
  • Restricted to (Wood) Dragons
  • RCV issues unless running off-colour for EHO +heart
  • Active skill reliant
  • Worst Orb Skin/Waifu

Rex is the most powerful leader of the three due to his 4x HP and relatively ease activation. Due to the fact that he requires an active skill every turn, it is best to use Tardis as he is both a Dragon and has Team RCV along with his 1 turn cooldown. The reason why I choose Tardis over double Rex for the active skill clause is that players will only have to dedicate one spot instead of two.

Generally speaking, any leader who requires an active skill each turn will be sacrificing 1/6 of their active skills for the dungeon. While this is somewhat problematic, we now have access to Weapon Assists that provide resistances against various mechanics. As such, players will have to inherit these and those active may not always have synergy with the given team.

Thus, by using Tardis with a Weapon Assist inherit, players are able to utilize various actives on their Rex as his 2 turn cooldown facilitates easy inheritance.

Outside of the active skill clause, Rex has no other activation requirement and is free to combo the board without special patterns or gimmicks. This “pure” combo approach is the easiest to play and heavily favours the 7 Combo 45 awakening. Thus, Rex’s subs should mostly include 7 Combo Dragons with utility as required.

For the most part, 4x HP enables him to survive any single attack but leaves him vulnerable to the Gravity+Hit combo and healing can become an issue. Thankfully, we are playing in an era where Enhanced Heal Orbs +heart and Kuroyuri can solve healing issues. Unfortunately, Dragons lack a strong EHO sub and not all players own Kuroyuri.

Moving beyond his leadership potential, Rex is a potent sub due to his offensive awakenings and 2 turn cooldown. As mentioned above, the 2 turn cooldown enables him to easily inherit an active of your choice which can help address various mechanics and his base skill can be used in an emergency to clear hazards or overwrite time debuffs.

As a whole, Rex is the strongest of the three in terms of in game usability but is not game breaking by any means. He is a solid card but not exceptional nor does he fulfill any particular niche as the best option available. For this reason, more developed boxes may find less value in using him as they simply have stronger cards available.

Orb Skin

Sara / Echidna

Active: Delay enemies for 3 turns; For 3 turns, increase orb move time by 2 seconds (12 turn CD)

Leader Skill: 3x ATK and reduce damage taken by 25% when matching 4 or more connected Fire orbs; 4.5x ATK for Fire Att.; Increase orb movement time by 2 seconds [1/182.25/1/43.75%]

Awakenings: Bind Immune Bind Immune physical killer Dragon Killer  Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist

  • Strong VDP potential
    • Can use Physical and Dragon Killer latents
  • Strong leader with easy activation
    • Requires 4 or more Fire orbs
    • Synergy with VDP
  • Prettiest orb skin
  • Low personal damage without VDP
  • Mediocre active
    • Long cooldown
    • Relatively low benefit

Sara / Echidna has the prettiest orb skin of the three new GFE along with being able to fulfill the role of a potent Void Damage Penetration (VDP) card. VDP cards enable the owning card to ignore/pierce through Void mechanics by forming a 3×3 box of orbs. Doing so will grant the VDP card additional damage and is often vital for bypassing dangerous encounters.

At this point in time, only a few cards such as Suou and Sensui surpass Sara under the right conditions. Suou has 3 VDP, Balance typing, and >80% awakening which grants him massive personal damage against any spawn where as Sensui’s 10 Combo with VDP(s) gives him one of the highest VDP damage overall.

Unfortunately, Suou is an incredibly rare card whereas Sensui is a 6* Collab card. As such, most players will not have either card and Sara may be their strongest VDP card when facing Dragons or Physical types as her personal damage jumps to 18.75x when facing one of those types.

Having Killers alongside of her VDP grands Sara an additional 3x personal damage but she can further augment her output by Dragon or Physical latents. While she is not the strongest VDP card in the game, she is the second best Fire option (after Suou) and does not require 7 combos to shine.

Beyond her VDP potential, Sara is also able to form a modest team via her 1/182.25/1/43.75% leader skill that has an easy activation requirement.

By today’s standard, 182.25x ATK is reasonable but not game changing and the 43.75% Damage Reduction helps bolster her effective HP while also surviving the Gravity+Hit combo. Thankfully, Sara only requires 4 Fire orbs for full activation which should be doable on most given boards. As such, she will be a reasonably easy leader to use while only requiring Fire cards to function. Unfortunately, her own personal damage is lackluster without a VDP and may struggle to clear harder content when actives/9 Fire orbs are not always available.

Orb skin

Luna / Hera

Active: Deal damage equal to 15% of enemies’ max HP; Change far left column to Dark orbs (7 turn CD)

Leader Skill: 2x all stats for Devil type; Increase orb movement time by 5 seconds; 4x ATK when 4 or more combos [4/64/4]

Awakenings: Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist

  • 15% True Gravity
    • Always deals 15% of Max HP
  • Column of Dark
    • Aids in farming/match-5 leads
  • 3 Skill Boosts Skill Boost
  • 3 <50%
    • 8x personal damage
  • Highest waifu potential
  • Leader Skill only grants 64x ATK
    • Too low to be feasible
  • 15% True Gravity is very low
    • Cannot use two others for cheese/execution

Luna / Hera is the final card of the new GFE trio and comes with the highest Waifu potential but lacks in most other aspects.

This is because her Leader Skill is marred by 64x ATK which will often be too low for more difficult content (think of how 144x is considered “low” and now halve that damage). As such, players will need to look at her sub or inheritance potential.

As a sub, Luna grants three Skill Boosts Skill Boost along with 3 <50% awakenings which provides her with 8x personal damage when below half health. This makes her shine on low health teams such as Dark Metatron but Luna would only function as a damage stick as she offers little utility while her active has a longer cooldown and does little overall.

A 15% True Gravity will always deal 15% of an enemy’s maximum health and can be used to actually kill a spawn. Unfortunately, 15% is too small to workable as part of a cheese team as players must use 3 other Gravities to allow the 15% to work and at that point, why not just use two Zeus&Heras (45% Gravity) along with Zeus Verse (35% True Gravity)?

With that being said, I can foresee Luna being used as a niche sub on speed farming teams where her relatively unconditional 8x ATK can blitz through content.

Orb skin

Who I am choosing

For myself and assuming none are acquired via rolling, I would most likely choose Sara for my accounts. This is because I lack a strong Fire VDP option.

Part of this decision is influenced by my reasonably deep Monster Box as I have no need for Rex as a leader. With that being said, this may not be the case for all my readers and I encourage you to choose the card that will benefit you the most.


The Spring Fest Medal enables players to acquire one of the new 7* GFE of their choice. While each one has their own unique strengths and weaknesses, the choice comes down to personal preference that lines up with your PAD goals.

Generally speaking, Rex will help players who have yet to acquire a top tier leader as he has the potential to clear plenty of content whereas Sara can function as a potent VDP option.

Let me know who you plan on choosing and why in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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60 thoughts on “Rex, Sara, & Luna Trading Advice with Spring Fest Medal”

  1. Would sara be a good (better choice than Madoo) for VDP on BJ if one has no Suou or Blodin/Rodin or Baldin?

    My other r_b vdp are Madoo and Lancer lol.


    1. Madoo can have higher personal damage when TPA are used even if the spawn is Dragon/Physical (3.375 vs 3)

      With that being said, Sara has an easier time matching orbs as you only need 3×3 so the convenience may put her ahead


  2. Got my Echidna for the same reason, but I think it was a huge mistake. Hera has the better/cutter orbs. FUUU!!!

    Rolled 18 times today and the best was Dantalion (idk what he is good for, I have 2x Kuvia), RedNey, Yog, Kio ( need to find a home for him), at least 1 copy of the chinese celestials (3Meimeis) and some other low value stuff. Where is DMeta?!?!


    1. Where is DMeta? Right here, in my monster box. I already had four copies of her on my main account and two on my alt, and now I pulled one more in each account. She is stalking me, I tell you…


  3. Rex with kuroyuri cycle is almost game breaking, 64k heal per turn, but I can’t seem to find a good vdp sub for that team as the only dragon vdp I know is suou


    1. Reincarnated Ishida Mitsunari.
      — Dragon type
      — 1 natural VDP
      — 1 SA VDP
      And if that isn’t enough, he also has FUA.


  4. Just a quick note to point out that sensui is not the strongest vdp, it’s demonkin yusuke simply because low health damage boost awakening exist on weapon assist and neither 7c, 10c or box, and i’m not even adding izanagi’s *2 dmg active on balanced type which works great to put yusuke below 50%. Rest of the review is great ! thanks for the work


  5. I’m getting Sara for my Suou team.

    Suou – Sara – Madoo – Rmyr – Ame no Uzume ( I’m changing her out when Macha’s new evo comes out )


  6. I Chose Sara via Medal which I’m gonna Put in with Madoo Team that features Dantalion, Sanaada, Yamato, Baldin and Cotton.

    I Rolled and Got Rex which is gonna be Great as a leader with a Zela Team


  7. Wise, soothsaying words, my friend: “..Valkyrie – Ciel , Zeus – Giga , and Athena – Non have all received Weapon Assist and it is not a far stretch to say Rex, Sara, and Luna will as well in the future.”


  8. Got really lucky. I’m pretty new so I wanted Rex the most to use him as a leader since the only decent cards I really have are a few Dragonbound from a few weeks back. Rex works well with them and since I have a Tardis he’s pretty easy to activate. Rare for RNG to be so kind to me. Not that I’m complaining


  9. I got Rex from the trading post, and he’s pretty weak, I always lose to metatron in multiplayer arena, what are skills that boost the attack of dragons?


  10. if you have baldin, would it be worthy of getting sara
    when will i be able to utilize her physical and dragon killers at the same time?


    1. Both have similar output and having Sara just opens up Physical spawns instead. As such, this is mostly a side-grade so it may not be as worthwhile for you

      For myself, I lack Baldin so this will greatly help me


  11. The irony for me is that I actually do have Suou, but have been building almost entirely Ed/Dmeta/Zela/Ciel which can’t fit him that easily (Ed has the best chance but in practice I usually end up using Zela instead because tricolour isn’t guaranteed to give you the box you want). I’ll probably pick up Sara for having a decent non-combo-dependent fire leader skill…but then I might actually want to use Suou on that team!

    Of course, because I wanted an excuse to use Suou’s pre-evolution I have him sitting on Ciel to offset the “low” 144x damage, so it’s kind of a moot point anyway.


  12. I chose Luna, amazing sub for my alt Saber team. Alt Saber, Sinon, Roche, Zeta(waiting on the new evo), and Luna, makes game so easy.


  13. The question is that do we really have to spend the SF medal right away? Can’t we just save it for other (better) monsters in the future, I mean it’s not like they gonna remove the medal from game after this event. Who knows, maybe GH would let us trade JP exclusives like komasan or RX using medals someday, or not, but you get the point.


  14. Rolled seven times, highlights were Rex, Luna, and first Yog, first Fujin. Sold dupes Brigid and someone else. Have 3rd Eschamali now too. Is Yog any good now? I have Edward, DMeta, can build 2x Kuroyuri for Rex too since I picked them up before hand. Is Rex a good dupe for himself, or should I coin purchase Sara for the special orb skins I never use? XD


  15. Just a note Mantastic, I think you messed up with Hera-Luna’s awoken skills. In-game it appears that she has 3 >80% awoken skills instead of 3 <50% ones, which unfortunately takes her off of DMeta teams.


    1. I also have three Hakus (though I never rolled them all in one godfest). Mantastic, is Dark Athena still viable? I want a farming team.


  16. It’s still confusing to me that you don’t analyze the pre-evo versions of the cards, even though they are pretty different for this entire cycle. The evolved ones are not better by default, so this analysis just doesn’t read as comprehensive to me.


    1. For the most part, only Sara has a relevant base evo (4 killers) and that is cool and all but that will mostly just make her a damage stick instead of a reasonably specialized VDP option


  17. I got Rex. I still use Gronia from time to time and he will be a nice sub!

    I rolled a few times and got myself a second Rex (very happy bout that) and my first Scheat. I‘ve seen people say, she‘s the second best leader next to DMeta. Is she really that good?


    1. Scheat is great but not in the same league as Dark Meta

      Shield struggles with combo shields and movement time but she can boast fast clear times with minimal combo effort. Still a solid leader overall


  18. Hello! I am really confused as to what to trade for.

    So I rolled Rex in the Godfest (along with another Fujin, Ilm, my first Zela, my first Cotton, and THREE Veroahs) and I was wondering if trading for Echidna is a good idea. I already own the “best red VDP option” a.k.a. Suou (I love him, he’s my VDP for every team whether or not he’s an ideal fit) so Echidna would not be as useful. However, I also own Rex, and I don’t want a dupe. The problem is, I personally think Luna is absolute garbage for a 7 star GFE. Compared to Ciel-Non-Giga, Rex-Sara-Luna is just not as good IMO so I am a little confused as to what I should get. Should I get Echidna or wait?


    1. Also, could you take a look at my box? I have absolutely no idea what to do! You could call me a mid to late game player (though that is completely subjective, for all I know I could be hot trash) with a bunch of random stuff.

      If not, I completely understand. Thanks for reading my comments!


    2. I would wait since you already own Rex (dupes are pretty lackluster) and you have strong red VDP

      At this point in time there is no end date so you can wait it out and see what their Weapon Assists/Super Awakenings will look like as I presume they will gain these if they follow the trend of other 7*


      1. How valuable are super awakenings? I know weapon assists are really good, but super awakenings feel a little expensive for me? 297 Points for another awakening that you might not want? However, good super awakenings are pretty nice (i.e. Devil Killer on Valkyrie-Ciel). What is your take?


  19. Just want to point something about Rex: think he can be a great sub for Amen, as he provides + 1sec and can remove hazards which can make you lose the battle. As such, you won’t have to bother with weapon equip to make you reach 100% jammers and poison resist. (but you will still need blind resist anyway)
    He is just lacking TE which can be fixed with latent


    1. For myself and Amen, Amen is only used for specialzed farming where I am either doing a full board swipe or a full board + double row for guarenteed 7c so Rex has less merit there.

      Perhaps if using as a more traditional leader it may help


      1. Thx for answering. BTW, I bought amen to try clearing machine noah as I need to evolve one of my reechee but I am not skilled enough for that. How did you manage clearing it solo? (I didn’t find any video on your youtube channel)


  20. Thx for answering. BTW, I bought amen to try clearing machine noah as I need to evolve one of my reechee but I am not skilled enough for that. How did you manage clearing it solo? (I didn’t find any video on your youtube channel)


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