Original Cloud City’s Scarlet Blaze Clears


Cloud City’s Scarlet Blaze makes a return to North America and is an exact repeat of its first inception. With this in mind, I have decided to simply repost my original clears with older and less ideal teams here. The main point of this is to showcase how one can go about these dungeons as they do have troublesome mechanics despite us having better cards at our disposal.

Most of the commentary found below was from my initial impressions of the dungeon and it is actually quite interesting to see how team building has evolved over time.

Challenge 10

Challenge 10 was surprisingly straight forward and was actually done first try on both accounts.

Challenge 9

I realized from extensive testing on Fantastic that the poison skyfalls could easily ruin a promising run.

Challenge 8

Avoiding light and dark teams made Machine Hera easy to deal with as you ignore her 2 turns of light and dark absorb.

Challenge 7

Challenge 7 was one of the two that gave people the most trouble over all (other being Challenge 6). No Awoken Skills prevents Skill Boosts Skill Boost from taking effect. A more budget option is to use Gunma 440 and match all 12 elements on your team to ping down floor 2.

One of the hardest Level 7’s in my mind.

Challenge 6

Challenge 6 was another tricky one as it features both Sopdet and then Metatron as the final boss. Dark Athena proved to be quite a consistent leader overall and having a large burst plus defense break/void is crucial to success.

Perhaps the hardest Level 6 of any Challenge series.


Challenge 5

Just use a team of Gods and you should be fine with the amplified stats.

Challenge 4

Using either mono colour or 7 Combo 45 proved to be successful.



This set of Challenges was easier at the top but much more difficult on level 6 and 7. Let me know how you fared in this series and what strategies you used to overcome these new encounters.

Happy Puzzling!

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13 thoughts on “Original Cloud City’s Scarlet Blaze Clears”

  1. great tutorials! i got stuck on 6 so i’ll try again with a similar team. what are your thoughts on the new mega awoken ilm? I think she could be could with yusuke’s new evo, not sure


    1. I feel using both on either team is a bit of VDP overload to the point where you deal so much dmg any way with 3×3

      If anything, I would find cards for either team that have more reliable/consistent damage

      For Ilm as a whole, they are okay but the active skill clause really hurts them as they have to use Devils which means they have to go off colour


  2. Oh great idea, Beat c10 in the old fashion way.

    Mantastic is like: “push push push….OH MY ><!…
    “Not dead?! Excellent, extra turn to stall….”

    I miss the old day vids and the cursing too, LOL


  3. Floor 7 wasn’t bad using an oldie but goodie: Jize!

    I’ve been beating everything so far with Hiei, it’s going pretty well, although maybe I’ll switch to Scheat for 8…


  4. Dude your comment on floor 7 using gunma as an alternative saved me. Thank u! Now what do i do with triple god killers and dragon killers?


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