NA Stream Recap +100 Free Stones and Where to Spend them


Yesterday’s GungHo North American Stream was jam-packed with variuos goodies and surprises and i want to take this time to address all of the upcoming content.

Firstly, all North American players will be receiving 100 Magic Stones for just logging in. This is wonderful and will give players more flexibility in rolling and improving their Monster Box. With that being said, there are more “optimal” ways to spend your Magic Stones and I will be providing my perspective and where I plan to spend them.

In addition to this, numerous new evolutions were released along with buffs to existing cards as well as announcements for future Collabs. Furthermore, North America will enjoy various resets including Best Friends so try to use them before the next update (date is to be announced).

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

100 Magic Stones

In the past, we have received 200 Magic Stones spread across 2 months but there will still be players who are new to the game and this may be the most they have ever had at any given time.

With this in mind, I want to stress that one does not have to spend them all at once and these can be held for an ideal event as there is no cap on Magic Stone count.

Where to spend them

Magic Stones are the premium currency in Puzzle and Dragons as they cannot be endlessly farmed and the only way to acquire more is clear new dungeons (runs out over time), wait for a log in bonus, or IAP (in app purchase/spend money). Thus, it is paramount to spend them wisely as they are effectively limited.

Generally speaking, gambling in the Rare Egg Machine (REM) is the primary usage for Magic Stones, but there is merit to expanding Box Space and Friends List.

Box Space (5 space : 1 Magic Stone)

Upon the initial release of Puzzle and Dragons, Monster Box space was defaulted to 20 and it became almost mandatory to spend 1 Magic Stone to expand it by 5. Thankfully, the starting Box space has been boosted to 100 in addition to having Evolution and Awakening material stack along with the Plus Bank. All of these help alleviate Box space issues, but 100 is still not enough for the average player.

As such, it may  be wise to spend some of your Magic Stones on Box Space. This is a guaranteed outcome as you know exactly what you are getting and there is no risk involved unlike the REM.

Having more Box Space will help alleviate some stresses and may result in a more pleasant experience overall. It may not be flashy, but it is valuable.

Friend Space (5 space : 1 Magic Stone)

The Friend List system in PAD still has some flaws, but we are able to bring 6 cards into a dungeon by having 2 act as leaders. This can alleviate the need to find niche friends, but having a diverse and large Friends List is invaluable.

Each time you use or are used by a friend, both of you receive Pal Points which can be used in the various events to acquire Enhance or Evolution materials, Tamadras, or even Plus Eggs. As such, having a larger list can help generate them even faster along with having a greater chance of acquiring a Best Friend for even more Pal Points.

By default, players are given 50 out of a potential 300 Friend List and it will cost 1 Magic Stone to increase it by 5.

Spend some on Box Space or Friends List

Unless you already have a sufficiently large Friends List and Monster Box, it would be wise to spend at least some of your 100 Magic Stones here as they are permanent investments that have guaranteed value as there is no risk/gamble involved.

High value REM event

Due to the fact that we are approximately 2 months behind the JP server, we are able to “see into the future” and prepare ourselves for upcoming content. As such, there is less guess work on our end as we are able to better plan our Magic Stone spending on high value events.

Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter Collab is coming back to North America and my guess is either next week or the one after as YYH ends on Sunday. As a whole, Monster Hunter is one of the highest value events due to the tremendous power of their 5-star cards who can all assume valuable Weapon Assists .

These Weapon Assists are able to provide 60% resistance against various mechanics such as Poison Poison resist, Blind Blind Resist, and Jammer Jammer Resist. This can help counter end game content where these mechanics are bountiful and ease team building compositions. As such, I highly recommend rolling here if you have a modestly developed box and are looking at pushing into harder content.

Super Godfests

For the most part, Super Godfests are the best time to spend your Magic Stones that is not a Collab/Seasonal REM as it has the highest chance of acquiring a Godfest Exclusive (GFE). This is important because the Monster Exchange system enables players to trade in for 6-star GFE for a Collab/Seasonal card of their choice. This ratio only applies to 5-stone events but is generally the easiest way to acquire a valuable card in this day and age.

As such, one can almost view Super Godfests as a opportunity to stock up on GFE as most of the valuable cards are Collab/Seasonals. While nothing is guaranteed when pulling the REM, Super Godfests tend to have a 20+% chance of rolling a GFE compared to a 10% chance for regular Godfests.

Generally speaking, these tend to happen on a regular basis so try to line up one that has the strongest line up for yourself along with beneficial collateral benefits.

GungHo Collab Super Godfest

The GungHo Collab has come to North America twice through either its own event or as part of a Super Godfest. Regardless of how it arrives, the top tier rarity cards have been significantly buffed to become powerful leaders and are worth pursuing. With that being said, there is no official confirmation of a return but it should be coming soon in a Super Godfest format.


After the update for version 17.0 (coming soon, not fixed date), players will enjoy the following resets:

  • Player Rank 150, 250, 500 Memeorial Egg Machines
  • Best Friend Selection
  • Present Selection
  • One-Time Bargain Set (IAP bundle)

Each of these can be used once but are reset/refilled after the update so it is best to use them now or risk losing them. This is because these do not carry over after a reset.

With this in mind, if players are near the Rank 150, 250, or 500 thresholds, it is ideal to try and push for those milestones to acquire an extra roll before the reset.

85 Stone IAP Bargain Set

While not technically a reset, GungHo will be releasing a special one time IAP bundle set that includes the following goodies for $59.99 USD:

  • 85 Magic Stones
  • 7 Star Fest Exclusive Egg Machine
  • 7 Rainbow Event Medals
  • 7 Super Snow Globe Dragons
  • 7 King Tamadra
  • 777 Plus Points

While the decision to spend real life money comes down to personal choice, if one is willing to IAP, this would be the best time to do so.

Version 17.0

Version 17.0 will provide players with the above Resets but will also include a new UI for Puzzle and Dragons. The goal of this change is to provide more efficiency when clicking around along with a cleaner interface.

Date has not been announced but will be coming soon.

Numerous new buffs and evolutions

Numerous cards have received buffs along with Evolutions for 6* and 7* Godfest Exclusives, Gemstones, and Greco-Roman 3 pnatheon.

The 6* GFE (Typhon, Dantalion, Ilm, and Paimon) received Mega evolutions which means they dramatically change their kits and provides new value.

The 7* GFE (Ciel, Non, Giga) along with Gemstone Princesses all received Weapon Assist evolutions. For the most part, it is unwise to convert your 7* GFE unless one owns numerous duplicates whereas the Gemstones should be converted without hesitation.

On a more comical note, this is clearly the real winner of the monster buffs:

+21 PEM event

This Friday will mark the start of a +21 Pal Egg Machine. While this may not have been announced on the Stream, it was presented in a previous Facebook post and is worth mentioning against as it is one of the best Pal Egg Machine events.

Each roll will cost 500 Pal Points but will always yield 21 Plus Point cards that can be sold and automatically deposited into your Plus Bank.

New Godfest Exclusives + Special Trading Medal

Three new 7* Godfest Exclusives will be making their debut in both the upcoming Super Godfest and via the Monster Exchange through the Spring Fest Medal. The three monsters available will be Wandering Ancient Dragon Knight – Rex , Crimson Lotus Warrior, Echidna – Sara , and Dark Blade Divine Queen, Hera – Luna .

This Spring Fest Medal will function the same way as the previous PAD Appreciation Medal for Valkyrie Ciel, Zeus Giga, and Athena Non as this is a one time trade and cannot be undone. Furthermore, there will be a modest time window to make this trade so there is no need to rush into this decision.

With that being said, if you intend to roll in any upcoming Super Godfest or purchase 85-Stone IAP bundle during the trade in time, it is best to hold onto your Spring Fest Medal in case you get lucky and acquire one of these cards.

A full article covering this will be coming soon.

Monster Exchange voting

Starting yesterday, North America players will be able to vote for a specific Godfest Exclusive (GFE) who will become available in the Monster Exchange system. In Japan, Zela was the number one voted card and was available for 5 Black Medals which is equivalent to 25 Rainbow Event Medals :eventmedal:. Players could also use a GFE as a substitute for 1 Black/5 Rainbow Medals.

This is a tremendously high cost and will be out of reach for the average player. Granted GungHo JP has been giving out more Rainbow Event Medals, it is still challenging to do at this point in time.

A full article covering this will be coming soon.

REMDRA Fever event

The REMDRA Fever event will be coming soon and is a special type of Ranking Dungeon where players are able to repeatedly play the dungeon to secure a guaranteed Crown. This is an interesting way to enable players to acquire a Crown as one no longer has to score in the top 3-7% and simply needs to grind out a dungeon.

A full article and strategy guide will be released when this is event goes live.


Yesterday’s NA Stream was an exciting event as it teases new content along with a generous 100 free Magic Stones.

Let me know which aspect has you most excited along with how you plan to spend your Magic Stones.

Happy Puzzling!

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32 thoughts on “NA Stream Recap +100 Free Stones and Where to Spend them”

      1. I DO speak Japanese 😎 haha.
        Great article as usual bro, I don’t know where I’ll spend my stones, but is more likely I’ll roll on day one of the SGF.


  1. My (short) analysis of the new GFE:

    Dragon Knight: Excellent sub potential, strong inherit base
    Echidna: Good farming leader potential
    Hera: mediocre at best


    1. Monster Hunter Collab isn‘t as strong as it used to be. The only thing really used nowadays are the weapon assists and even then only very few are actually worth it


  2. Ancient dragon knight looks great if I don’t roll him I’ll trade him, also I’m curious about which card will be voted in NA, in the last similar event JP voted Yog and NA voted Cotton but this time I can’t really tell, maybe Madoo or Dark Meta, what’s your thoughts?

    PD: I’m rolling MH collab until Sergios, I need that Nyanta orb skin.


  3. Ancient dragon knight looks great if I don’t roll him I’ll trade him, also I’m curious about which card will be voted in NA, in the last similar event JP voted Yog and NA voted Cotton but this time I can’t really tell, maybe Madoo or Dark Meta, what’s your thoughts?

    PD: I’m rolling MH collab until Sergios, I need that Nyanta orb skin.


  4. Thank you for your write up, and I look forward for the new reviews/article that you’re working on.

    Always appreciate your time and energy on the insightful posts.


  5. 170 stones now…I want DMeta (have perfect subs for her) and Rathian, Amatsu and idk from MH. what should I roll?


    1. When I take a look, I do not relly want MH. Ok, some WA are really nice to have, but the I am not really in need of them. Just another options (good options of course). DMeta is an Allure…but just one card out of…? Hard decision.
      Echidna and Rex are tempting. 2nd Zela, 3rd Reeche, 1st Madoo, 1 Veroah, Dmeta and Fujin are nice.
      2nd day Echidna, Rex, Athena and maybe Typhon and maybe Kamimusubi.
      MH looks somehow a bit outdated and mostly I want Amatsu and Rathian.
      It is a hard decision to make…

      PS: in normal cases I trade for what ever I want like I did for Akuma and VNey. I do not relly care about the stuff I trade away. But I MH is way to expensive for me.


  6. I have good subs for Dmeta, izanagi, norn planer, lucifer and eir, so should I use the free stones for the upcoming godfest or the mh collab? I currently use an edward team, decent team but doesn’t farm a3 and above very well, and I know metatron can easily beat them. Then again, mh collab has very good cards, so.. help me out here :/


  7. Thank you for the review! Super useful as usual!
    I wanted to ask your opinion on how much to roll in the upcoming SGF vs. MH.
    Mid-developed box. I started about a year ago, so I have no MH at all. My typical teams are a rainbow Reeche, an optimized DMeta, and several others depending on the occasion – Madoo, Ryune, Ciel, Roots x Kuros, etc…
    At the moment I have about 300 stones. How many would you throw at MH vs. SGF vs. keep for later?



    1. If you have an optimized Dark Metatron team, you should be looking at pushing into the higher levels of Arena which are quite reliant on resists Weapon Assists

      This SGF is nothing special and I would wait to use on Monster Hunter or even some for future SGF with better perks


  8. As always, thank you very much for the insightful article and tips. PAD is much more enjoyable for me when I have access to information such as your blog!


  9. Used up my 100 stones to get another Reiche, first Dragonblade, and another GW Cotton. Used the subpar 5* evolves to feed my Yu Yu Hakusho 6* that needed to be +297.


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