PadBox is Coming Soon


Puzzle and Dragons is a game that is heavily reliant on third party resources/content creators due to the numerous mechanics, cards, and lack of disclosed information.

While this is approach works well in Japan where the player base and culture is bigger and more accepting of mobile gaming, North America sometimes struggles to have the required resources to play optimally.

With this in mind, Izenn has taken it upon himself to create PadBox to function as a successor for padherder.

In essence, PadBox will be used to help better manage and plan out your Monster Box and team building but will require some community support to keep it afloat.

Video commentary + demonstration

–video coming soon–

Message from Izenn

The following is Izenn’s goals for this project along with how one can help:

PadBox is released in beta form on github and the program will take your json file to output a web page for you.

The sample output is here:

The code is available here:

Currently it is just saved to your computer; however, I have started a gofundme to pay for 3 years of server costs:

Once the web hosting has been purchased, phase 2 of the beta will start where people will be able to submit their json to a web page and the output will be available online.

The project is and will remain open source.

Issues should be opened on the github site here:

Web Developer help would be appreciated for phase 2, especially with creating a login framework.

Full Documentation on how to use will be released the week of April 8th, a quick howto will be released today (Apr 5) via the readme file at the github site


PadBox is a passion project made by Izenn where the goal is to become a successor to the original padherder. This community-driven venture has already broke ground and right now, Izenn requires funding for 3 years of server costs future Web Developer help during phase 2.

If you require more information, feel free to comment here or contact Izenn via Discord at Izenn#0173.

Happy Puzzling!

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6 thoughts on “PadBox is Coming Soon”

  1. Andy, thanks for the link.

    Mantastic, I never got a chance to get into using PadHerder and stuff so I am not sure if my question will make sense. I know the monster data is associated with the data056 file. If I am able to get that file into my computer (jailbroken ios), is there an easier way to just export the monster data into JSON without doing all of the things mentioned in the video link above? That will make life a whole lot easier. Thanks, and waiting for your response.


    1. sorry for the delayed response. I havn’t tried playing with that file yet. I’m just about to root my android device. I’ll work on the data056 and post my success/failures. My gut is telling me that it is not going to work because the data is sent from the gungho servers and the stuff saved in the data056 is going to be stuff like ID/Secret/other identifiable info


    2. You need to use the sniffing method.

      I don’t know a way to decrypt those files, and I don’t know anyone else who knows it. If someone knows it, they’re inclined to keep it secret. GungHo will probably change the encryption if it’s well-known that people can decrypt them.


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