PAD Special Event Tournament Strategies


Today marks the first day of the PAD Special Event Tournament and gives an interesting twist on team building as our Leaders are fixed but subs, inherits, and solo mode badge are up to the player. This gives some degree of freedom but will constrict scores due to the No Skyfall clause.

Any Ranking Dungeon with No Skyfalls will have a high density of scores near each cutoff as we are somewhat capped on how high our score can go. As such, even improving by 2 seconds (1,000 points) can result in a sizable difference in scores.

This article will outline the strategies I used for this Ranking Dungeon in hopes of improving your final score.

Video clear – 129,708

Score breakdown

In Ranking Dungeons, players are scored based on the following:

  • Each average Combo is worth 5,000 points
  • Each second remaining is worth 500 points
  • Hitting 40 Million damage is 10,000 points
  • Each active used to kill a floor (no combo made) is -5,000 points
  • Matching Bonuses
    • Activate specific awakenings to trigger varying bonus points
      • Some tournaments will increase the point value for certain awakenings

In the case of the PAD Special Event Tournament 4, the Matching Bonuses are insignificant and will not influence our final scores in truly meaningful ways. With that being said, having Guard Break can passively add 400 points for each Rainbow activation.

Despite the fact that the dungeon is 5 floors long, it will actually take 7 turns to clear as the final boss has a unique mechanic. Thus, each combo made is worth 5000/7 = 714 points.

Fixed leaders

The PAD Special Event Tournament 4 features fixed Tachibana leaders and it is important to understand their two component ATK multiplier. Just be aware that there will be No Skyfalls for the dungeon.

  • 4x ATK when 6 or less orbs remain (16x with dual leaders)
  • 5x ATK when matching Fire, Water, Wood, and Light (20x with dual leaders)
  • Fulfill both = 400x

Despite the fact that the multipliers are low for fulfilling one component, most floors can be cleared in this manner and is why most strategies utilize bicolour board changers.

Actives/subs to bring

Due to the fact that we can only bring our subs/inherits, we are effectively playing with actives of our choosing and the most efficient strategy tends to revolve around bicolour boards.

This is because a 2 colour board is significantly easier/faster to solve along with players have the ability to reduce the number of pings/attack animations which will improve clear times.

As such, many strategies revolve around using a high damage stick (multiple 7 Combos 45) and bicolours that trigger their primary colour. With this in mind, one of the more common tactics is to use Enra and three Whaledors with 4 Red Sonia inherits.

This results in a board of only Fire/Dark and only 1 ping to hasten clear times.

With that being said, there are numerous ways to build your team and it is mostly a matter of finding what works for you.

Bicolour re-haste

A popular strategy in Ranking Dungeons is to abuse bicolour boards that come with 2 turns of haste in order to re-cycle through active skills to use them again. In the case of the PAD Special Event Tournament 4, it is possible to recharge a 12 turn cooldown if it was used on Floor 1.

For this particular ranking, the key card to re-haste is Sheena as her natural Devil Killer and 7 Combos can kill the final boss after his pillars have died.

This strategy utilizes a bind immune Sheena and three bicolour +2 haste cards along with Puu and Evolution Killer 44 latents to sweep the pillars.

I used this strategy for Mantastic in the above video.

Solo mode badge

Players are able to choose their Solo mode badge and the most common choices will be Skill Boost Skill Boost, +15% ATK, or Time Extend. Choose what is best for you and your team composition and matching skills.

Killing Gilles Legato

Gilles Legato is the final boss of the PAD Special Event Tournament and features 2 Pillars that must be killed before he is able to take damage. Unfortunately, this must be done in a specific order and is the reason why it takes 7 turns to finish the 5 floor dungeon.

  1. Kill Blue (right) Pillar
  2. Kill Red (left) Pillar
  3. Kill Gilles Legato

You must follow this specific kill order or Gilles Legato will resurrect the Pillars and inevitably ruin your run. Also, you cannot kill both Pillars at the same time, they must be killed one at a time in above order.

It is for this reason why many players elect to use bicolours with only 1 damage ping as it guarantees only the Blue Pillar will be killed on the first turn.

You can refer to the video clear to see this process in action.


The PAD Special Event Tournament functions like a Fixed Team with extra steps that give players some degree of customization. This is interesting but most strategies tend to revolve around using bicolour boards to minimize solve times and maximize combo count.

If lacking sufficient bicolours, it is still possible to combo vanilla boards and moving fast enough can still secure a Crown. With that being said, scores will greatly clump around the tier thresholds as the No Skyfall clause will place a soft cap on score potential.

Let me know what you used for this event and how well you scored.

Happy Puzzling!

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27 thoughts on “PAD Special Event Tournament Strategies”

  1. Nifty trap on their part – if you roll TPA for the 4x bonus, you’ll probably tank your run on Gilles every time.


    1. I think I’m good my rank went from 6.5 back to 6.3. I’ve notice when I my rank goes backwards it’s a good sign.


        1. I think NA is doing a lot better than JP because at 6.6 now with 4 days to go. We will see. What’s your opinion?


            1. Scored 126350 at 4.2. This will be four crowns in last five tournaments thanks to you. Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the next one.How many crown do you need before it changes shape? I have 4 now.


              1. Congrats on your score!

                If you received three crowns already, you would have the shiniest Bronze but once the 4th one is given out, you will upgrade to silver

                If you go to my discord server and do the command ^crowns it will show you all the different ones and when they are unlocked =)


  2. Did it with x2 leilan and x2 meimei team (no killers coz I don’t have any), best run is -92 sec at around 90%…I’m gonna take a week off, then I’ll try one more time with the exact same team again and see if I can get to 100% or crown it. Wish me luck ><!


  3. Mantastic did your Sheena have Devil Inherits? I didn’t do enough damage and trying to figure out if I need to change her inherits


    1. Li is key so pair with a friend if lacking her

      The other pairings would be any high ATK water team (don’t require orb changers) such as Kundali, Eugeo etc


      1. Why is Li so key? Chance to survive?

        On another note – can you please explain what you mean by ping? I’m assuming it has to do with somehow not killing both candles at the same time because of the off colour boards?

        Thanks for all your articles over the years it really helps!


        1. Li has 10x RCV and 10x ATK when low HP along with “resolve” to survive a single large hit

          Ping refers to damage/attack animation. Eg. Yusuke (Light/Water) has a Light and Water ping. In ranking dungeons, players want to go as fast as possible so having less pings = less animation time

          Thus, for my ranking strategy, I only ping/hit with a few specific colours to ensure only 1 pillar dies at a time


  4. I hope you don’t mind an OT question. Is there currently any way to get Mowa other than 3 rainbow medals? I’ve been waiting a long time for the opportunity to acquire it and am getting impatient. Thx!


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