Top Farmable PAD Cards – October 2019


Puzzle and Dragons is one of the longest mobile games on the market and has evolved and changed over the years. Initially there was a heavier emphasis on Farmable monsters (those that can be acquired outside the Rare Egg Machine [REM]) but this is somewhat on the decline due to the differing rate of Powercreep between REM and farmable.

With that being said, there are still some invaluable Farmable cards and I wish to highlight those that I feel are the most valuable at this point in time.

Just bear in mind that this list is compromised of my own personal opinion and should be used as a starting point, not as absolute truth. There will be some cards I value or undervalue compared to you and if you feel I have missed someone or grossly miss-evaluated a card, let me know in the comments below.

Video commentary

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How I classify a Farmable monster

Any card that comes from either a dungeon drop, Monster Points, Pal Egg Machine (PEM), or Monster Exchange I consider a Farmable monster. Essentially, the idea is you do not need to spend Magic Stones or Real Life money to acquire (eg. Collab Orb Skin cards are not Farmable).

These cards may require a higher level of investment to fully max out but it is worth the cost considering Magic Stones are not required.


I have grouped the various Farmable cards into rough categories. It is possible for some cards to bleed over into other pools so use this as a starting template for where you can use them.

Best Farmable Monsters – October 2019
Sub (non-farming)   3264
Skill Boost Tengu
Sub (farming) Ult Zeus Dios

How valuable a card is will be dependent on your own Monster Box and goals

Order is not reflective of value

Sub (non-farming)

This category consists of cards who can be used as high-end subs for challenging content such as the Arenas. Their merit/value will vary according to your team composition and available leaders, but are still worth pursuing as they should have strong staying power overall.

Eir (Descend boss) – best Farmable card

Based on my own personal experience and continuous usage, Eir is the best farmable card available at this point in time. She features a valuable active skill, Tape Resist , and high RCV which synergies with her three Enhanced Heart Orb +heart awakenings.

This enables her to function as your primary healing solution for Dark teams with high HP and low RCV. While the Kuroyuri System also works, Eir only requires a single sub slot while also not requiring 2 active skills to function. This can help ease team building requirements as less spots need to be dedicated to recovering HP.

With this in mind, unless GungHo releases a new (and stronger) Enhanced Heart Orb Dark card, Eir will continue to be relevant for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, she is available on a regular basis as she is available from a Descend dungeon.

Kuroyuri (750,000 MP – GungHo Collab)

Kuroyrui is infamous for her healing active as it provides 40% max HP every turn for 6 turns along with Haste on a 12-turn cooldown. Thus, by using two, players can create a System/Loop that will provide 40% of your maximum HP healed every turn. This is invaluable for high HP, low RCV teams and she can even be inherited onto 1-turn cards and still maintain the Loop.

This enables her to provide healing for non-Dark teams but one of the most popular choices is to use one Kuroyuri as a sub and inherit the other on Halloween Myne .

The main drawback of Kuroyuri is that players must dedicate 2 sub slots/actives to the System which may result in a tougher time countering all dungeon mechanics.

Halloween Myne (dungeon drop)

Halloween Myne boasts a 1-turn cooldown, two Team HP , Cloud Resist , and a single Jammer Jammer Resist and Blind Blind Resist Resist. This enables her to function as a potent inheritance base as she can carry a key active while also providing valuable awakenings.

One of the most popular combinations is to inherit Kuroyuri while using Kuroyuri as a sub. This grants Tape Resist (from Kuroyuri) along with the ability to inherit another Resist Weapon on Kuroyuri. Furthermore, the healing loop is still left in tact.

Mut (750,000 MP)

I initially dismissed Mut as a valuable card upon her release as we did not have a strong place to fully take advantage of her. With that being said, the landscape of PAD has shifted into a high HP, low RCV meta which means players must find a healing solution.

As a result, Enhanced Healing Orbs +heart are often the best approach as they do not require actives and matching in a 4-match pattern is not too difficult.

For Mut specifically, she has found great value on Beach Veroah teams as her ability to heal combined with a 4-turn Water orb changer helps players activate on a more consistent basis. While Mel is still an option, the ability to generate Water orbs is invaluable for the orb hungry Beach Veroah.

3264 Odin Dragon (300,000 MP)

Odin Dragon has long reigned as the strongest Monster Point card after receiving his current evolution. This is because players had limited options for Bind/Awoken Bind clearing along with many cards not coming with Bind Immunity.

Fast forward to today and we now have countless more options for dealing with Binds along with the vast majority of cards already being Bind Immune. As a result, his niche has somewhat closed but can still be valuable for many players. Furthermore, his low cost makes him easier to obtain but new accounts may find difficulty in acquiring a Gaia Dragon for his evolution.

Nidhogg (Descend drop)

Nidhogg has the capability to create a row of Fire orbs at the top and row of Jammers at the bottom along with a single turn of Haste.

This can create a System in that players are able to continuously use this active to sweep through content. While his true power lies within the future Raoh Raoh, Nidhogg can still be used on Halloween Madoo or Valentine’s Soina teams.


Puzzle and Dragons has become significantly more complex with the introduction of Skill Inheritance and then Weapon Assists . These have opened up the door for various team building opportunities and careful decisions must be made for crafting an ideal team. With that being said, Weapon Assists tend to be stronger if they have longer base cooldowns as it lowers the risk of the wrong active charging up.

As such, having Farmable cards who can provide valuable Weapon Assists should not be ignored and are worth picking up of essentially every player.

Trojan Horse (4 Rainbow Event Medals :eventmedal:)

Trojan Horse is able to provide 20% Jammer Jammer Resist, Poison Poison resist, and Blind Blind Resist Resist along with a single Time Extend  Time Extend while also retaining a high base cooldown. All of these factors make Trojan Horse one of the best all-around Weapon Assists and owning 3 is not a bad thing.

While sexier options do exist, they are primarily from harder to acquire Collab/Seasonal cards.

Halloween Pumpkin (Halloween Monster Exchange)

The Halloween Pumpkin was only released a few days ago and features 40% Blind Resist Blind Resist, two Enhanced Dark Orbs Dark Orb Enhance, and the ability to overwrite Poison/Jammer skyfall debuffs.

At this point in time, it is nearly suicidal to enter the higher levels of Arena without a counter to the Poison Skyfall debuffs that can occur. As such, the Halloween Pumpkin is invaluable as not only can it counter the Poison Skyfalls, but they also provide meaningful awakenings (especially for Dark teams).

If you use any sort of Dark team, it is worth acquiring the Halloween Pumpkin.

Dorothy Shoes (Descend boss)

Dorothy Shoes are similar to the Trojan Horse in that they provide 20% Resist against Jammer Jammer Resist and Blind Blind Resist attacks; however, they are also able to greatly augment the healing potential for your team.

This is because they also provide a single Enhanced Heart Orb +heart along with RCV RCV Latent and Team RCV . When placed on your Enhanced Heart Orb sub (eg. Eir ), players will notice a significant increase in healing potential. This combined with the Resists makes them a solid choice on many team compositions.

Gaslowe Weapon Assist (Rare AA3 spawn)

Gaslowe’s Weapon Assist comes from a rare encounter in the brand new Alt. Arena 3 which is also the hardest dungeon currently available in the game. This is somewhat ironic as this rare drop/spawn contains one of the stronger Weapon Assists but at the same time, if you are able to actually acquire him, there is a strong chance you may not need it.

Regardless, Gaslowe’s Weapon Assist provides three Poison Resist Poison resist which translates into 60% protection. This is on par with Rathian but is still held back due to the difficulty in acquiring him along with a shorter base cooldown.

Amen Weapon Assist (750,000 MP)

Amen’s Weapon Assist is able to provide a single Skill Boost Skill Boost which can make or break various farming/Ranking Dungeon teams. Despite the fact that it may seem like a small thing, the extra Skill Boost can allow players to build more optimal teams which should improve their consistency/speed.

With that being said, the main drawback is a 7-turn cooldown when unskilled which may run the risk of having this charge up instead.

Typhon (GungHo Collab PEM)

Typhon is only available through the GungHo Pal Egg Machine which can make him difficult to acquire. With that being said, they are able to provide both Team HP and SFUA . The added bulk is nice, but the main appeal is being able to overcome Resolve spawns by forming a 3×3 box of Hearts.

This is usually used in conjunction with a bicolour board with Hearts as it is relatively easy to form both a colour and Heart Box while having a larger acceptable range for orb distributions compared to FUA .

Hakuryu (GungHo PEM)

Hakuryu is also available through the GungHo PEM and provides Balance Killer Balance killer, Jammer Jammer Resist, and Poison Poison resist Resist. For the most part, Killers are rarely seen on Weapon Assists and having a farmable option can be valuable, even if it is a niche typing. Furthermore, the Resists provide an additional layer of value and can help towards achieving 100% protection against these mechanics.

Helen (GungHo PEM)

Helen is able to provide a single >80% and two Enhanced Water Orbs blue + orb. The orb enhancement is nice, but the main appeal is being able to add 1.5x ATK to your base card when above 80%.

While the >80% awakening is less potent compared to 7c 45 or <50% , the additional damage is still meaningful and is a fantastic way to augment a key card’s damage.

For example, using Helen on your VDP card or a Killer stick on Zeus Verse teams can help ensure they sweep the spawn with less effort.

Satan (Descend boss)

Satan’s highest form is able to provide 300x ATK to a single enemy along with reducing your HP to 1. This is then followed by a full board of Dark orbs. Furthermore, his -9,999 RCV (-11,999 with 110) means he may prevent healing for your team.

This sounds counter intuitive but is actually invaluable for Dark farming teams who rely on staying at low HP for either Leader Skills and/or <50% awakenings.

The 300x Button can often be used to execute a single floor and the 30 Dark orbs can be swiped away for another kill. This two-in-one ability is invaluable but keeping your HP low can greatly hasten clear times for specific teams.

Pocket Watch (Full Metal Alchemist dungeon)

The Pocket Watch is able to provide 10 seconds of Change the World. This ability will “freeze time” and allow players to freely move orbs without triggering a match for the 10 second duration.

This can be used to overcome a single turn of a large time debuff, but is most applicable against Spinners. This is because the freezing part will also halt the Spinners from changing the orbs. While this is niche, it is one of the better counters to this mechanic.

Bufu (Persona Collab farmable)

Bufu is able to provide a Jammer/Poison to Water orb changer which is then immediately followed by a full board lock.

This is solely used to counter Spinners and while this is niche, it is invaluable when you need it. Unfortunately, they do require heavy Skill Up investment to be truly usable.

Agidyne (Persona Collab farmable)

Agidyne is an older Jammer Skyfall buff card but is largely outclassed by the new Halloween Pumpkin. With that being said, they do provide a single Blind Resist Blind Resist and Poison Resist Poison resist. These are both meaningful awakenings but one major drawback is the Skyfall buff lasting 3 instead of 1 turn.

With that being said, Agidyne does require some skill ups as the 26 turn is a tad too long along with being exclusive to the Persona Collab.

Skill Boost

This category is dedicated to Farmable cards with an exceptionally high number of Skill Boosts Skill Boost and lower base cooldowns. For the most part, these are used for farming or Ranking Dungeons but can also come in handy for specific, short challenges.

The differing colours and varying base cooldowns will often be the determining factor for which card to bring.

   Tengu (Descend bosses)
  • Whaledor – 5 Skill Boost
  • Tengu Tengu – 4 Skill Boost
  • Orpharion /Despharion  – 4 Skill Boost with Super Awakenings.


These cards are capable of leading powerful teams for specific dungeons.

Amen (750,000 MP)

Amen is able to produce 10,000x ATK when matching exactly 7 combos and leaving 3 or less orbs on the board under a No Skyfall clause. This is truly spectacular damage and solving can be easily aided by Bicolours or mono board plus double row maker.

Furthermore, they still retain 100x ATK for leaving 3 or less orbs so they can make use of a full mono board swipe.

At this point in time, they have tremendous value in Training Arena 2 along with numerous farming builds for various dungeons.

Zeus Verse

Zeus Verse is able to provide 225x ATK when full HP. This means a single combo can deal spectacular damage when Killers are involved. This has made him one of the ideal leaders for longer Ranking Dungeon as the one combo can kill and results in the fastest animation time.

Furthermore, Zeus Verse can also be used as a Farming leader or a niche inherit for his 35% True Gravity.

Pixel Echidna (random monster drop)

Pixel Echidna when used in conjunction with Machine Goemon can be the start of a promising Fire farming team. While Echidna has low weighted stats and ATK multiplier, she provides a small amount of Follow Up Damage which means FUA is not needed (exception is against spawns with exceptionally high DEF as this is not True Damage).

Sub (farming)

Cards in this category are used on various teams when farming a dungeon repeatedly is of the utmost priority. They tend to be less practical in content such as Arena as they have niche awakenings or longer base cooldowns and rely on Skill Boosts Skill Boost to function.

Machine Goemon (Technical boss)

Machine Goemon is able to provide a full mono board of Fire and either orb unlock or 1 turn Haste depending on his evolution. Furthermore, he comes with offensive awakenings that help augment the total damage dealt.

Ult Zeus Dios Zeus Dios (Descend boss)

Zeus Dios is the original mono board changer who was greatly abused by Liu Bei A Liu Bei which helped revolutionize swipe farming for all players. While his active does not come with any collateral benefit or natural bind immunity, he is one of the easiest cards to acquire and skill up making him one of the first farming cards players may obtain.

Machine Noah (Technical boss)

Machine Noah is the newest of the Technical bosses and is similar to Machine Goemon in that she has higher weighted stats and a secondary effect for her active (orb unlock or -50% HP). With that being said, she comes with a higher damage potential as her three <50% awakenings provide 8x personal damage in her evolved form.

Unfortunately, her dungeon is more difficult to clear and players may have less motivation to maker her if they already have Machine Goemons.

Nergigante Hunter (Monster Hunter Male Hunter)

Nergigante Hunter when used with multiple other copies is able to deal massive amounts of damage to all enemies via their Button active skill. This active uses 40x of the team’s total Wood and Dark ATK which means dupes of himself (Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus) can result in exceptionally high damage.

With that being said, the value of this Button hinges on how many Nergigante Hunters you have or cards with high Dark or Wood ATK.

Alastair (4 Rainbow Event Medals – GungHo Collab)

Alastair comes with double Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus awakenings which means they are able to function as a powerful Button base due to their inflated stats. Furthermore, their 10 turn cooldown and 3 Skill Boosts Skill Boost helps ensure actives are ready in time.

Manticore (Descend boss)

Manticore is a reasonably easy to acquire Descend Boss who has the ability to function as a powerful Button base due to their 3,318 ATK at level 99 and Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus awakening. These allow him to inherit an active that deals damage based on the base card’s own ATK do deal meaningful damage.

Unfortunately, they require 25 Skill Ups to achieve their base cooldown of 10 which does require a modest degree of effort to achieve.


Puzzle and Dragons has thousands of different cards and while the emphasis has heavily shifted towards rare Collab/Seasonal cards, many powerful Farmable options exist.

While they are often outclassed by REM cards, they can be used to great success under the right circumstances.

With that in mind, it would be beneficial to pursue these cards as they do not cost Magic Stones.

Let me know who you feel are the move valuable Farmable cards and who would be your top pick in the comments below.

Happy Puzzling!

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20 thoughts on “Top Farmable PAD Cards – October 2019”

  1. Eir and Old Castle Myne seems to take forever for skilling up. Is there any way to make that go faster than just doing their dungeons zillions of times?


  2. I feel like Machine Noah is overall more powerful and more consistent than Machine Goemon (without Echidna of course), but I agree that she is a lot harder to aquire


  3. I’m surprised Quetzalcoatl didn’t make the list. He isn’t top tier or anything, but he still makes for a good VCP sub for both, wood and farming teams


    1. LKali Boards are long outdated, since they lack heart orbs. Even DKali Boards are hardly relevant these days, since Rainbow Teams have been on the decline for quite some time. Her leader skill is interesting but can’t hold up against current meta leaders. The awakenings are probably her weakest part, they seem good at first, having multiple damage enhancing awakenings, however she suffers from the “Awoken Lakshmi” treatment, meaning that she doesn’t excel in any category.


      1. ^ I basically agree with everything said here

        She also requires a large amount of investment but being reasonable at many things is much worse compared to excelling in one category


  4. “Furthermore, his -9,999 RCV (-11,999 with 100)”
    Typo? 100 -> 110.

    I think you’re missing Rushana. I see it mentioned in Green teams. Or at least I used to.

    The upcoming Brahma is notable as a 3SB which also carries 3SBR and Unbindable. The upcoming Jabberwock/Vorpal looks good to me, too.


  5. Mantastic, another great write-up! TY

    Any thoughts about a list of top farmables from Collabs? I have a bunch I’m hesitant to let go of and never use..


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