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How to Cascade Better: A Mantastic Guide


Many people have asked me to make a combo/orb matching guide and your voices have been heard! Perhaps this will be the first in a series of videos dedicated to orb matching techniques. I am well aware that other notable community members have created helpful videos and I wish to try and something different by incorporating both a written and video guide to help convey my thoughts.

Just keep in mind that every player has their own orb matching playstyle and my techniques are based from my own experience and opinions. There are many ways to tackle a board and I simply wish to share my own knowledge to hopefully improve your own puzzling skills.

Video guide

As this is a guide on how to improve your matching skills, a large component will be done via video format but I will do my best to incorporate screenshots below for the various techniques I wish to highlight.

What are Cascades?

Cascade is a term used to describe a type of orb match in which you remove a different set of orbs to cause others to fall into place to trigger an additional combo. This differs from Skyfalls as these are planned matches that you manufacture from careful planning. Skyfalls occur by luck (although you can “help” them along) as new orb(s) fall into place to trigger additional combo(s). I categorize Cascades into three categories:

  • Line
  • Staircase
  • Elevator

A skilled player will utilize these formations to varying degrees and although you may not be able to use all of them every turn, it is wise to at least be aware of how they work and incorporate them as needed.

These will take time to master and you may wish to spend time in Endless Corridors practicing until they become second nature.

Why are Cascades important?

Cascades are used to help form matches that Continue reading How to Cascade Better: A Mantastic Guide