Changes I have made to my Myr team and Upcoming Buff Impressions


For those who have been following my website or regular Twitch streams, it becomes apparent that I have a certain soft spot for the Myraculous Myr Miru. I use her to clear all current content including Arena 3 and most recently, Machine Athena. Furthermore, she will be receiving a leader skill buff to 59.29x ATK in the very near future which will augment her already impressive damage output. As such, I wish to use this article to discuss how the buff will impact her capabilities as well as going over my current team set up and discussing the changes I have made since her release.

Video commentary

Relevant articles

These are other relevant articles I have written about Myr and will reference their content here. If you have not already read them, I strongly advise you to do so as it will give you a better base for understanding how Myr works.

Leader skill buff impressions

Myr is scheduled for a leader skill upgrade that will change her from a 49x ATK lead to a 59.29x ATK while retaining her 75% damage reduction shield. To compensate for the leader skill change, her second evolution will be buffed to the same stats as her final form and will cap out at 49x ATK. In all honesty, this buff was unnecessary as there are countless other cards who actually need the buff, but it can be hard to complain when she is my favourite card/leader. Even though this is a buff in most situations, the higher multiplier can be troublesome when facing damage absorption shields.

A lack of damage control

Myr has always struggled with damage control as she was an all or nothing girl: 1x ATK for no heart-cross and 49x ATK with the heart cross. There is no middle ground and it could make certain encounters frustrating, most notably Parvati in Arena.  Parvati heals herself from any damage dealt that exceeds 300,000 and this means that you must make a heart cross, 1 light match, and 1 other combo to avoid the heal for most +297 teams. This could change to 2 combos for teams with heavy light orb enhance +light orb awakenings and with the incoming leader skill buff, it may be impossible to deal the appropriate amount of damage for some compositions. Granted Parvati is only a single floor (1/4 or 1/5 spawn chance), but is worth noting. Other damage absorption bosses are still doable as they offer a higher threshold and thus have a larger margin for error. For players who use Myr extensively, you should take some time to retest your damage output in Endless Cooridoors to better familiarize yourself with how many combos are needed for 300k, 500k, and 1 million values.

More damage!

Outside of the damage control issue, more damage is pretty Fantastic. This will allow you to burst for higher damage which may result in not needing to bring a damage enhance sub or enabling you to sweep floors with fewer combos/rows/TPA/actives/etc. This will improve your clear consistency in harder content as you will have more room for error/bad boards.

Overall, the buff is a massive upgrade as it will allow you to clear more content with a less invested team/actives/matches/etc.

My Myr teams

When deciding which subs to bring for any challenging encounter, you want to maximize their value by striking a balance between active synergy, awakenings, and base stats. Through Skill Inheritance, you are able to further customize your team to your liking by bringing ideal bodies who can then inherit a stronger active. Of course, you have to use what you are given and it can make for some interesting team compositions.

I have made quite a few adjustments since my first clears to increase my consistency (that post can be found HERE).

For my latent choices, the Recovery RCV Latent and HP Imp HP have 4x the value on Myr teams due to the 75% damage reduction shield. You also want to have at least one rainbow resist per team to better avoid 100% gravities when you do not have a heart cross shield (Hera-Is is one noteworthy scenario after she binds you and you clear the binds via heart row). Finally, I made the plunge to invest in Skill Delay Skill delay resist latents to improve consistency in the highest tier content.

This is a personal choice, but I like to have at least 1 recover bind Bind Clear awakeningsub on each team as it will allow me to clear any binds without having to sacrifice a sub slot/active. Granted I will most likely not be able to heart cross at the same time, but you should hopefully be able to survive the subsequent attack.

My set up is mostly based around Arena 3, but is relatively applicable to any dungeon that does not have too wonky/outrageous mechanics.

Mantastic’s Team
Card Inherit Latents Comments
Miru Saria Skill delay resist Skill delay resist Skill delay resist
RCV Latent RCV Latent
Combos with Wedding Akechi
Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ Skill delay resist Skill delay resist Skill delay resist
RCV Latent RCV Latent
Protects against skill delays
DQXQ LL Awoken Loki Fire resist Water Red Wood resist
Light reduction Dark Reduction
Using for recover bind Bind Clear awakening

Loki is either enhance or delay protection

Venus Saria Skill delay resist Skill delay resist Skill delay resist
RCV Latent RCV Latent
Combos with Wedding Akechi

Using Venus for superior stats

2997 Saria Skill delay resist Skill delay resist Skill delay resist
Imp HP Imp HP

Stronger base

Fantastic’s Team
Card Inherit Latents Comments
Miru W Akechi Skill delay resist Skill delay resist Skill delay resist
RCV Latent RCV Latent
Combo with Saria
Wukong bankai rodin Fire resist Water Red Wood resist
Light reduction Dark Reduction
To kill PreDRAs Fire PreDRA

Poison gives me an extra turn to set up board

Longer CD helps me use WK active after floor 12

Awoken DQXQ Skill delay resist Skill delay resist Skill delay resist
RCV Latent RCV Latent
Saria Saria Skill delay resist Skill delay resist Skill delay resist
Imp HP Imp HP
Skill delay protection
Venus W Akechi Skill delay resist Skill delay resist Skill delay resist
RCV Latent RCV Latent
Venus has a much better body

To deliver lethal damage, I use my Saria + Wedding Akechi burst combo to produce a 2/3 board of enhanced light and 1/3 heart orb board.

I try to avoid Gadius Gadius style board changers as he produces 4 elements and is a gamble to have an activatable board if used as a stand-alone active.

Upgrading via Venus

Awoken Venus Venus is one of the strongest bases for Skill Inheritance as she has favourable awakenings, high base stats, and a 4-turn cooldown. This allows you to easily inherit an active of your choice without sacrificing passive power due to a weaker card. It is a shame the other cards in the Greco-Roman pantheon are scheduled for a reincarnated evolution as this could have propelled Venus dramatically forward.

I chose to use Venus as a base for my Penta-max Saria on Mantastic as I had enough health with Paimon to survive any reasonable hit and the added row, enhanced orb, and RCV outweighed Saria’s high HP. If I had a second Venus on Fantastic, I may replace the Saria, but maybe not.

Removing Awoken Apollo

Awoken Apollo Awoken Apollo was Mantastic’s final (and least desirable sub) on his Myr team before I rolled Paimon 2997 and Saria Saria in the most recent Godfest. Apollo can work in shorter dungeons where you are only going to be using actives once, but will struggle to find viability in longer content when you are expected to use the same active multiple times.

Awoken Apollo converts hearts and dark orbs into light along with granting two turns of light skyfalls. This is a lot stronger on non-heart cross teams; however, you must use another active in conjunction to actually trigger your leader skill. This is where things become problematic as you should be able to deal spectacular damage with two actives, but Apollo + heart maker does not. You may be able to form two rows and a heart cross, but you will be less effective than a Saria/Wedding Akechi or Apocalypse/DQXQ board as those 2/3 light, 1/3 heart boards result in more combos due to staggered cascading. Furthermore, the other combo options can be used as stand-alone actives whereas Apollo cannot.

You could always inherit an active onto your Awoken Apollo (which I did), but that still does not solve the problem of his frusterating base active in longer dungeons after you use the inherited skill.

Another problem with Awoken Apollo on my Myr team was his dual TPA TPA awakenings and high base attack. This has resulted in many deaths due to him hitting too hard on absorption bosses such as Vishnu or Hera Dragon as there are times where you have to go for the TPA match (or higher combo count), but having one sub healing instead of damaging the boss results in very little damage dealt overall.

Even with all those short comings, Awoken Apollo can still be viable on a variety of teams as his high base recovery and enhanced heart orbs +heart are wonderful, but I am happy to have finally replaced him.

Goodbye Apollo, Hello Paimon

Paimon 2997 is my newest GFE roll and he came with my second Saria Saria in tow. This was just what I needed to replace Apollo as Paimon has a powerful base active along with favourable stats/awakenings. I am going to miss the higher recovery along with the enhanced heart orbs, but the additional passive damage from two more light orb enhances +light orb do provide a nice compromise. Furthermore, I do not run the risk of overkilling a boss with a TPA match as I now have no dual two prong attack cards. This comes as a huge relief for absorption style bosses along with not being as worried about a poor base active skill.

Despite all of these wonderful advantages, Paimon does bring some headaches, but only on Parvati. Mantastic is only able to match a heart cross and 1 light combo to not surpass 300,000 damage and with the future Myr leader skill buff, I am worried about never being able to kill her before the 99 turns. This change does not affect Fantastic as the enhanced orb awakenings bonus only impact the respective team the cards appear on.

Cards I wish I had

As with any team I build, I am always using non-perfect cards and do have to use creativity to help fill in the gaps. The differences in overall power may be small, but they are upgrades and can make a difference when used numerous times in challenging content.


Mantastic is somewhat reliant on the dual Wedding Akechi W Akechi on Fantastic’s account to succeed as his burst combo results from a Saria board followed by Fantastic’s Myr. Thus, owning a Wedding Akechi would greatly enhance his potential as I could inherit him onto any of my current subs that are not Saria boards.

Another area for improvement is using Wukong Wukong bankai  to replace L/L DQXQ DQXQ LL as he has superior stats, active, and awakenings. As mentioned above, I like having one card per team with the recover bind Bind Clear awakening awakening to alleviate sub constraints. In addition, I would most likely change Wukong’s active skill as both a means to protect against skill delays along with gaining an ability that has more synergy (Wukong’s active has no combo potential).

Apocalypse Uevo Apoc has perfect synergy with DQXQ along with Fantastic awakenings; however, he also runs the same risk as Awoken Apollo with the dual TPA awakenings. Thus, he may simply be used as an assistant via Skill Inheritance. I also like the art.

Wedding Gadius W Gadius also solves the recover bind dilema but is not feasible to acquire. I would also need to upgrade his active via Saria.

In hindsight, I should have had Saria inherited onto Myr (and Sylvie onto Paimon) so I would have access to another Saria board for Fantastic. Time to farm more light Tans and I will be able to make this change next time Tan Infestation rolls around.


I am quite happy with Fantastic’s team and am mostly waiting for Saria to receive her ultimate evolution. Perhaps I could acquire an additional Venus or DQXQ to use as a base for Saria and to protect my original DQXQ from skill delays. Regardless, these are small changes.


Myr is still my favourite and powerful team to run. She offers both survivability and offensive capabilities all rolled into one age-defying girl. I wish her final evolution had her second form’s art, but I cannot pass up on the stronger stats and future leader skill buff.

Let me know what you think of my Myr team along with what your sub/inherit set up looks like.

Happy Puzzling! (and Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadians!)

PS the feature image is now my background image on all my devices and is my favourite fan art of her =)

Myr art is by vien@お仕事募集中 at (Direct link to image can be found HERE)

41 thoughts on “Changes I have made to my Myr team and Upcoming Buff Impressions”

  1. I’ve been running TPA BMyr lately, with Awoken SQ, Scheat, Sumire and Skuld, it’s been working pretty well. Curious if there’s any drawback to the damage buff for her, it seems pretty positive all around.


  2. You could also consider orpharion as an upgrade to one of your subs and inherit saria or light akechi. While he lacks in damage awakenings, he makes up for in stats. His mats are hard to get tho >.>


    1. He does have modest damage awakenings along with a powerful active that works as both a base and usable skyfall buff. However, I am still only 2/5 mats and they are kind of rare….


  3. One sub I’ve never heard you mention that I’m a little surprised by is Unicorn Rider. Short cd heart maker that avoids changing light orbs, with MP boost makes her a wrecking crew in co op. I love subbing her in for co op dungeons. As with Apollo her main downfall might be hitting too hard but that’s only an occasional issue.


    1. My main problem with Unicorn rider is a lack of light orb generation which makes her/it another Myr active and forming a heart cross is good, but you need to also kill the floor. The reason you inherit actives onto Myr is to form both hearts and light and you would then be having another lower value base active


  4. Hey, First, congrats for your Paimon.
    I have my pentamaxed already in ghost account( but i messed up! I threw pii’s on her without check first)

    In my Alt account I’m building a myr team quite similar to yours, Myr(Sylvie previously Gadius )/Adqxq/Venus(Saria)/Saria (I don’t have Paimon in my Alt Account)

    I’m not so excited with Myr team yet because I have terrible Subs for her in my main account.
    Only paimon, Venus & Wukong there.
    Ironically I have Apollo,Wukong, Gadius & another Saria collecting dust in the other account (would be perfect for inherit in that venus)

    It’s crazy right? ronove for example….I have 2 in my main account but all perfect Subs for him are in my alt one.

    Anyway, I’m walking (slowly) for several new projects, so myr team will have to wait a bit.

    But it’s awesome when you share with us what you’re doing and how, because give us a lot of new ideas for those projects.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s always the with alt accounts, rolling all the wrong cards and leaving the other one sad XD

      I would at least continue to develop your Myr teams on both accounts in hopes you do roll something in the future. Are they both max skilled?

      Finally, I am glad you enjoyed my own team building/theory crafting as it was quite helpful for myself as I was able to find weak points I may have glanced over (such as Sylvie on Myr instead of Saria etc)


      1. They’re both level 7 yet, but I having difficulty to adjust myself to the cross leaders like myr (where or u cross or u get nothing), we have preemptive everywhere now, so sounds like we need infinity heart suppliers to work properly.
        Right now my Oda team still being the most consistent team in both accounts, but I’ll keep the work. Probably the things will get better when I get more heart makers in my main account.


          1. You do not need to heart cross every turn (as you can see from my A3 runs) so it becomes an issues of hoarding heart orbs in a corner (with light) and then matching when the opportunity arises


  5. I run solo because I can never find someone to co-op with, nor do I have a second device. I currently have two Apocalypse, three Saria, A. DQXQ, Wu Kong, wedding Akechi, Sunshrine shadow Hanzo, and one of each izanagi.

    My thought was to have Myr inherit Akechi, A.DQXQ and Wu Kong inherit Saria, then saria inherit Hanzo or izanagi, and Apocalypse inherit itself.

    What are your thoughts on this set up for solo with a rcv badge? Primarily this is for descends, Challenges, and Mechines, not ready for arena yet, but mainly I want to be able to zero stone Myr for skill up and clear Machine Athena.

    I also have A.Ra and Light meta I can use for inherit instead but not sure if it is necessary.


    1. I would not inherit anything onto DQXQ as she is crucial for combo with Apoc. I also would prefer if your Saria does not inherit anything as her active is far stronger than Hanzo.

      Otherwise, you team set up looks solid and friends will love your Wedding Akechi Myr. =)

      Arena 1 is easier than Machines imo


  6. What about Wedding Eschamali as a sub? I know she breaks hearts (no pun intended) but her light orb awakenings can deal some damage. Or what about using her body (again, no pun intended) like how you do with Venus to inherit another skill?


    1. She has the same drawbacks as Awoken Apollo: Requiring a second active to proc her base active skill. As for using her like Venus, the significantly longer CD makes it much more challenging to actually inherit.

      Even if I had a wedding Escha, I would not use her for longer content despite the fact her wonderful enhances add significant damage


  7. i see u like to use DQXQ a lot. question would be what would be better to use DQ or Wukong ? their skills are almost identical expect the different orbs they use


    1. Wukong has no combo synergy but has recover bind and is better than l/L dqxq in that regards. Awoken removes poison and jammers so that can save another active as well

      Both are great options tbh


  8. I just evolved my myr and is really excited to use her. I also rolled a dqxq and paimon in the last pcgf. But I’m stuck on how to build a team for her. Can you please help me? Currently, I own 2 sarias, 2 venuses, sun wukong, 3 apollos, raphael, cinderella, loki, paimon, and dqxq. I was thinking of inheriting cinderella on myr. But of course I want to know what you think because I think that you are the next big thing on PAD. Keep up the good work!


    1. In most cases, a soft bind clearer like Wukong is sufficient for Myr so I would not inherit Cinderalla unless badly needed.

      For your team (brackets indicated SI card), I would recommend using:

      Myr (Saria)
      Venus (Saria)
      Paimon (Loki, if needed)

      This team has more than enough rows and a strong amount of orb enhances to deal wonderful damage. You do lack a 2/3 board changer combo so you should pair with a Myr who has Wedding Akechi

      Hope this helps!


  9. It is a happy day…I finally finished evolving Myr. 🙂 Now for team builds…
    Myr – Saria – Wukong – A. DQ/XQ – Paimon

    For potential assists I have:
    Full board change – Momiji
    Enhance – 2xKanna (I was going to use one as a sub, but was leery of the prongs); 4xTitania
    Potential Button Pushing – Ra (best form?), ROdin (best form?)
    Remove Orb Locks – Diachan

    Suggestions? Thanks! 🙂


    1. Congrats on evolving Myr!

      One thing about Paimon is that his enhanced orbs make Parvati harder to deal with and running Kanna as a sub is actually quite potent. Kanna hits like a large truck and dramatically reduces the orbs needed to deal damage (4 vs 6 lights) so it may be worthwhile

      As for inherits, Momiji is great and I personally prefer poison over true damage against PreDRAs


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