[Video] Machine Athena Descended VS Myr


Machine Athena Descended was released alongside of the Skill Up rotation in the previous maintenance. As with any new content that is released, I am always eager to play as it provides new challenges and mechanics to overcome. These can require either careful planning or pretty puzzling to overcome. Most of the Annihilation tier content is catered around coop and it is possible to clear solo. However, I have neither the proper cards nor latents to do so and multiplayer also helps bridge the shortfall of my non-optimal teams. In addition, I do enjoy playing with myself through my Mantastic and Fantastic accounts.

Video clear

I was successful in clearing Machine Athena on my third attempt with the final two being done on stream. Due to the nature of streaming and my attempts to interact with my viewers along with my over zealousness to stall, it is quite long, but worth watching to learn about the new darkness mechanic along with how to deal with the later floors.

Team line up

Myr is capable of clearing Machine Athena solo; however, it requires cards that I do not own (such as a delay on Mantastic) along with numerous skill delay resists to minimize the risk from all the preemptives in the dungeon. You also require a shielding sub to survive Athena’s <50% attack.

Mantastic’s Team
Card Inherit Latents Comments
Miru Sylvie Imp HP Imp HP RCV Latent
RCV Latent Skill delay resist
Sylvie may not combo with anyone, but her active is very powerful
Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ RCV Latent RCV Latent RCV Latent
RCV Latent RCV Latent
Protects against skill delays
DQXQ LL Fire resist Water Red Wood resist
Light reduction Dark Reduction
Recover bind Bind Clear awakening helps remove binds from the team
Venus Saria RCV Latent RCV Latent Auto heal
Auto heal Auto heal
Board changer and combos with Wedding Akechi W Akechi.

Using Venus for superior stats

Awoken Apollo Gadius Dark Reduction Dark Reduction Dark ReductionDark Reduction Dark Reduction Best remaining light card. Can overwrite skyfall debuffs.

Gadius helps offer new utility and skill delay protection.

Can combo with other heart makers to produce damage

Fantastic’s Team
Card Inherit Latents Comments
Miru W Akechi RCV Latent RCV Latent RCV LatentRCV Latent Skill delay resist Powerful orb changer that can combo with Saria or Gadius
Wukong bankai rodin Fire resist Water Red Wood resist
Light reduction Dark Reduction

Inherit is for Arena, useless here

Try to use WK before it changes

Awoken DQXQ Awoken Oorochi RCV Latent RCV Latent RCV Latent
RCV Latent RCV Latent
Used to delay Floor 9
Saria Imp HP Imp HP Imp HP
Imp HP
Board changer and combos with Wedding Akechi W Akechi
Venus W Akechi Auto heal Auto heal RCV Latent
RCV Latent RCV Latent
Venus has a much better body than Wedding Akechi

Dungeon Mechanics

Machine Athena Descended is the slowest of all the Annihilation Machine Descends due to the wide range of resolves, hidden orbs, combo shield, and absorption shields. Each will require careful planning to overcome and I want to briefly explain what they all do.


Resolve is a mechanic in which the boss survives a killing blow with 1 HP if they were above 50%. This is dangerous as many of them will also execute your team when they survive. Thus, you need to exercise careful damage control to overcome floor 8.

Hidden orbs

This is a brand new Mechanic that is introduced in Machine Athena. In essence, your orbs are hidden for X number of turns. Moving them will not reveal them, but can be looked at by tapping on them prior to moving. You are still able to move and match these orbs, but not having them be revealed while moving can prove to be very challenging to overcome. For myself, I would try to clear only a few of them every turn as there is no need to rush clear them. One helpful thing is that you can still see the pluses or the heart/jammer/poison orb outline which does aide in matching.

7 combo shield

No one like combo shields and being forced to match at least 7 combos can prove challenging for a variety of teams that are reliant on heart-crosses, 5o1e, rows, etc. One strategy used by some players is using Raphael’s active to survive the execution attack, then killing with a board swipe after the combo shield dissipates.

Absorption shield

Machine Athena is a very scary boss, but what makes her even scarier is voiding any damage over 4,000,000. This means you will be forced to bring her under 50% and this will cause her to do her 138,240 attack. You also have to dance around with her 150% HP attack that must be mitigated through a shield or heart cross.

Green Odin team

Machine Hera is Green Odin Green Odin‘s time to shine as the dungeon features few multi-hits which then allows you to easily stall, recharge actives, and Dios Ult Zeus Dios / Hera hera beorc swipe. You ideally want a fully maximized team with all the proper inherits along with a large amount of patience. The Green Odin team has a high degree of safety, but may be slower than Myr due to the heavy reliance on actives to deal burst damage.

Green Odin Ult Zeus Dios hera beorc Australis Green Sonia Green Odin

From what I have seen, the Dios and Hera are staple along with a dual colour board changer to help overcome the 7 combo shield. Conversely, you can inherit Raphael to tank the enrage hit and then Dios/Hera swipe after the combo shield has lifted.

You also need a full damage void active, such as Raphael Raphael, to survive the <50% attack from Athena. Another damage enhance is also quite helpful. Cerberus Rider Cerebrus Rider is also amazing for the Gear spawns and Zeal on floor 7.

Other teams

I used Myr due to being my most favourable team that did not require the usage of Raphael (as neither account owns him). However, not everyone has Myr nor perfect Green Odin teams and you still have other options available, but all should include some sort of passive damage mitigation built into the leader skill to survive the large hits and to allow for stalling.

Heart-Cross leaders

Heart-cross leaders are the default choice and you can easily use Kaede Ult Kaede who would be the safest choice. Ronove Ronove, Paimon 2997, or Gremory Gremory could also be used, but you may not be able to survive Athena’s <50% attack. You will have to exercise varying amounts of damage control and always check to make sure you can actually survive the various attacks in the dungeon.

Passive damage mitigation

In theory, leaders such as Awoken Mei Mei MeiMei should be able to handle the dungeon as you do have a sizable amount of damage mitigation. Granted you cannot sweep as easily as Grodin, but is worth considering.


Machine Athena is a challenging dungeon to overcome. The introduction of new mechanics along with interesting boss mechanics results in a more grindy playstyle. This opens up the door to various tank teams but also means you cannot speed farm her compared to other dungeons.

What teams did you use to successfully clear Machine Athena?

Happy Puzzling!

12 thoughts on “[Video] Machine Athena Descended VS Myr”

  1. Thanks for such a detailed break down of the dungeon mechanics!

    I’m fortunate enough to have a sumMyr team so this dungeon is within my reach – however it will have to put it on hold until I am able to invest more into utility subs like Orochi.

    It seems to me like the hardest part for my team may be the combo shield. I wish there were a Raphael equivalent for water.

    Do you think the type disadvantage will pose much of a problem? I’d be lying if I said that the thought of doing halved damage to most of this dungeon wasn’t unappealing.


    1. Raphael will need to be inherited onto one of your cards but at least Orochi can be used as a sub.

      I would suggest using a tri colour board changer and damage enhance to overcome the combo shield for Summyr

      Colour disadvantage is not ideal, but some bosses are light and with a boost enhance, you should make it


  2. I tried my best with Kaede but it was just too challenging since she is a lot harder to play than Myr. Had to use good old Persephone in the end


      1. I’m using:

        Kaede (with Sylvie inherit)
        Astaroth (with SunQuan inherit)
        Masamune (with Phoenix Rider inherit)

        My Combo Skills just aren’t good enough to consistently get the Heart-Cross and double TPA


  3. Green Odin (Raphael SI)
    Green Zeus
    Green Hera
    Beach Sonia (Muse SI this could have been anything with green rows)
    Green Odin (Cerberus Rider, Jize SI)

    Pretty straightforward. Took me just under 3 hours to clear but I was being super super safe. Always stalling for every active just in case and running out Athena’s absorb. I can probably do it in about an hour if I had to redo it though now that I know what’s to come.

    The most precarious part for me was actually floor 5. Doing enough damage to kill the red bug with the green team, but not kill the golum in order to stall. Looking back, I think I could have just not Jize’d the machine bot and just attacked him so he wouldn’t reduce CD but I’m not sure.

    Now that I have her, I can’t decide if I should invest in her because I can’t get her on my alt and never really co-op’d anything difficult with randoms. I have MP to get Ragnarok Dragon but it’s taken about a year to get that much so it’s a pretty heavy investment for me.


    1. Also about not needing the multi-color board changer (green sonia ect), if you’re using the Raphael or Shaitan SI, you can just wait out the combo shield and use it before it falls off. and kill next turn. That’s why on my team I said you can just use anything with green rows.


    2. Congrats on your clear =D

      As for evolving / investing, it really depends on how badly you want to play coop. She is a powerful mono wood sub and gives a great option for an si base as a bind immune card. I’ve been using mine on my ace bastet team and it is working well


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