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[Video] Machine Athena Descended VS Myr


Machine Athena Descended was released alongside of the Skill Up rotation in the previous maintenance. As with any new content that is released, I am always eager to play as it provides new challenges and mechanics to overcome. These can require either careful planning or pretty puzzling to overcome. Most of the Annihilation tier content is catered around coop and it is possible to clear solo. However, I have neither the proper cards nor latents to do so and multiplayer also helps bridge the shortfall of my non-optimal teams. In addition, I do enjoy playing with myself through my Mantastic and Fantastic accounts.

Video clear

I was successful in clearing Machine Athena on my third attempt with the final two being done on stream. Due to the nature of streaming and my attempts to interact with my viewers along with my over zealousness to stall, it is quite long, but worth watching to learn about the new darkness mechanic along with how to deal with the later floors.

Team line up

Myr is capable of clearing Machine Athena solo; however, it requires cards that I do not own (such as a delay on Mantastic) along with numerous skill delay resists to minimize the risk from all the preemptives in the dungeon. You also require a shielding sub to survive Athena’s <50% attack.

Mantastic’s Team
Card Inherit Latents Comments
Miru Sylvie Imp HP Imp HP RCV Latent
RCV Latent Skill delay resist
Sylvie may not combo with anyone, but her active is very powerful
Awoken DQXQ Awoken DQXQ RCV Latent RCV Latent RCV Latent
RCV Latent RCV Latent
Protects against skill delays
DQXQ LL Fire resist Water Red Wood resist
Light reduction Dark Reduction
Recover bind Bind Clear awakening helps remove binds from the team
Venus Saria RCV Latent RCV Latent Auto heal
Auto heal Auto heal
Board changer and combos with Wedding Akechi W Akechi.

Using Venus for superior stats

Awoken Apollo Gadius Dark Reduction Dark Reduction Dark ReductionDark Reduction Dark Reduction Best remaining light card. Can overwrite skyfall debuffs.

Gadius helps offer new utility and skill delay protection.

Can combo with other heart makers to produce damage

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