[Video] Mythic Plus Linthia VS Liu Bei/Australis


Push-Button teams have become all the rage lately due to their speed and efficiency when clearing content. They have mostly been regulated to farming Tamadra or PreDRA Infestation as a means to squeeze in as many runs as possible within a small time frame; however, with the introduction of Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei, Push-Button teams are now able to tackle some Mythic Plus content with the right set up and planning. If you have not already, I encourage you to read my Awoken Liu Bei Analysis article for more information.


Clear times are significantly faster when I am not explaining myself etc. If you are using a less than ideal team like mine, be sure to experiment and test to ensure you deal enough damage.

The fact I have to combo on the first few floors is simply outrageous.

My team

Mantastic has had quite lackluster luck with the REM (even after spending 210 stones on the most recend 5x GFE event) and is lacking a Liu Bei to form the ideal 64x team. As such, I decided to pair my Australis Australis with Fantastic’s Liu Bei to form a 32x ATK (40x ATK on Australis) team.

Lintha team

As you can see, my team is quite underdeveloped outside of the max-skilled Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios as the monster levels do not matter in Rouge Descends due to everyone starting at level 1.

Australis Balboa Ult Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios Griffin A Liu Bei
Astaroth Ult Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios Awoken Freyja


I am well aware that there are significantly stronger teams available and I have to make due with what the REM Gods have blessed me with. Due to my lower damage multiplier and less plus egg investment, I require both a wood enhance as well as a wood orb enhance to deal sufficient damage to sweep Linthia’s final form when awakenings are disabled. The following is my strategy on a floor-by-floor basis when using the team with Balboa Balboa going first:

P1 Floor 1: Australis Australis to generate numerous wood orbs and the wood orb skyfall to help myself out in the subsequent floors

P2 Floor 2: Astaroth Astaroth to convert the generated jammer orbs to wood (can use another Zeus Dios if you have a third one)

P1 Floor 3: Awoken Liu Bei and form rows to to sweep (can use another Zeus Dios if you do not require two cards for enhancement)

P2 Floor 4: Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios, swipe right

P1 Floor 5: Balboa Balboa, match a set of wood orbs (or light if you have 3 cards with the  sub attribute)

P2 Floor 6: Match a set of wood orbs  (or light if you have 3 cards with the  sub attribute)

P1 Floor 7: Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios, swipe right

P2 Floor 8: Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios + Awoken Freyja Awoken Freyja, swipe right

P1 Floor 9: Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios + Griffin Griffin, swipe right

1 Combo DMG
1 combo damage with all my enhances

If you are able to use double Liu Bei, you should have sufficient damage to bring a single damage enhancer instead of my duo of Awoken Freyja and Griffin. However, it is best to test this out as you need to deal 12.5 million damage without awakenings and an under-leveled team.

1 combo fail
This is why I brought Griffin


Awoken Liu Bei can successfully be paired with Australis and is capable of clearing Mythic Plus content with ease. It is sometimes nice to be able to button your way through content although it dramatically cuts down on the puzzling aspect of the game (after you theory-craft a viable team). I will probably use this when I am in need of either Dub-Mythlits or if I have stamina to burn and short on time.

Let me know how you plan on using Liu Bei or if you are forced to use a different leader like Mantastic.

Happy Puzzling!

10 thoughts on “[Video] Mythic Plus Linthia VS Liu Bei/Australis”

  1. Mantastic-

    I had totally planned on making a A. Liu bei/Dios system for the sheer ease of play when I want, but the Dios skill ups are killing me. I’ve ran for hours today on multI, refilled stam multiple times and have approximately 5 skill ups to show for it. How long did it take you to max skill up your Dios?? RnG doesn’t seem to be in my favor. Cheers.


    1. I had average skill up rate, but I did have one completed prior to the release of Liu Bei. I simply play it when I had a chance (always in coop) and was patient. It was not a huge priority for me as I thought it was double Liu Bei or nothing.

      Just gotta hang in there and the difference in skill ups from Mantastic and Fantastic is about 8 for the third Dios lol


  2. So I’m definitely late to the party on this entry, but this team is improved substantially by swapping your Griffin out for Canopus.

    They’ve got similar awakenings for the rest of the dungeon and both have Wood Enhance actives (though Canopus’ has a small attack attached), but since he gets boosted by the Machine part of Australis’ leader skill as well it makes a zero +Egged Canopus roughly equivalent to a +95 Atk Griffin.


    1. I didn’t have a Canopus lying around at the time XD Regardless, from a stats POV, Canopus is the outright winner (idk how to factor in the +7 team cost in leveling dungeons though), but Griffin does have -2 turns on his CD so he does make a much better base for SI as you could use at beginning and then again for enhance etc


  3. I have a single unskilled Zeus Dios (and Liu Bei), I’m not sure how feasible it is for me to farm the Dios’ and Beorcs in sufficient numbers to ever skill up 2, 3 or even 4. Farming this Linthia dungeon is suddenly of special interest to me though as I recently rolled Ronove. I’m wondering if some mix of Tengus, Gronias, Ishida Mitsunaris and Yukyuzan Anjis – with then possibly only one or two Dios at most between the two partners – could get the job done. Anji’s active should be able to kill off a high def floor using the dark sub-typing of the other subs – at which point the 0 def will carry forward on the sweep achieving the same effect as you have here with Balboa. Does this sound workable?



    1. Regardless of where your starting point is for ALB+Dios, you should start now. The team will be viable/relevant for a long time to come so you should try every time a skill up dungeon comes around

      However, you can still lots of content with ALB with heavy orb changers. Your team sounds workable and dios was mostly for the ease/brainlessness of repeatedly playing. With dual ALB you may be able to get away with only a single burst active instead of my two for the no awakenings part


      1. Thanks for the feedback, sounds like I have some science to do! I’m definitely hoping that double ALB will be enough to leave out the damage boost actives for the no awakenings at the end (although I suppose I could SI the Griffin active in a pinch if saving the roster spot is important). Point taken on using Dios where possible. First up, swap out any Mitsunaris asap for either another Dios, or Gronia (if possible, and if the added dark dmg from sub-typing is necessary for Anji to work, or at least until the new Mitsunari uevos arrive).


        1. You will still need to bring 1 damage boost active, but should be able to get away without using the second one like me

          Just remember that each Dios active = free win on that floor. In Linthia, you can easily get away without using one til near the end as the floors are quite squishy


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