Player’s Choice Godfest Anticipation 11/29-12/01

Baby Shiva Baby Kagu.png Baby Caocao Baby Rodin

baby I&I Baby Isis  Baby Sun quan

Baby Meiemi Baby liu Bei baby verd baby Kaede Baby Vishnu Baby Susano Baby Bastet Baby Kush

Baby Indra.png Baby Kanna Baby Venus Baby Ama baby kali Baby Sakuya Baby Ra

Baby Haku.png Baby dtron Baby Oku baby dkali Baby Satsuki Baby Akechi Baby Yomi Baby Pandora


The voting for this year’s Player’s Choice Godfest (PCGF) is very well done compared to previous years where there was more hostility between the newer and veteran players wanting different gods. With the advent of more clearly defined powerhouse leaders and the MP Dragons, players are given more direction as to what are the best cards to own or high value duplicates (and thus large amounts of monster points to buy those MP dragons). The number of top tier leads and their favourite subs should make this one of the most appealing godfests to date.

Excluding MP Dragons, red teams are Awoken Shiva Shiva with Hino Baby Kagu.png and Cao Cao Baby Caocao being ideal subs. Red Odin Baby Rodin is a luxury push-button farming character and requires at least a second to be viable. This places him out of reach for the average player and is somewhat of a poor choice in the PCGF as most players cannot truly benefit. Blue is currently the weakest colour in terms of top tier leads and the voting reflects the lack of love blue has in player’s hearts. Isis Baby Isis plays critical sub role on rainbow teams as she covers both blue and green in her awoken evolution, but other than that, you could easily get by without rolling a blue monster this godfest.

Green monsters were at one point the weakest colour in PAD, but with the advent of two-prong attacks TPA , has become immensely popular with 8/30 monsters voted. As subs, green provides two incredibly powerful shields with Susano Baby Susano and Kush Baby Kush allowing rainbow teams to survive lethal attacks. The mono-green team of Best Cat / Bastet Baby Bastet is slowly being pushed out of the top tier, but this should not discourage players from using her. She is incredibly powerful with 36x damage, heavy TPA focus, deep sub pool, and mono colour focus. In addition, all of her favourite subs are featured so even more incentive to form a wood powerhouse team!

Light monsters are also in high demand as rainbow teams offer incredibly high multipliers for matching specific colours. The meta for rainbow teams is shifting towards board refreshers and actually running a non-light primary team in favour of more defence and utility. With this in mind, I am surprised Kanna Baby Kanna was voted so high as she is somewhat redundant at higher levels. Yes she is a boon to a less developed team, but the added burst is negligent when you start hitting 100x damage anyway. Her awakenings are great, but I would take a board refresh or damage reduction shield instead.

Dark tied green for 8 voted monsters and it is no surprise considering how powerful dark teams are in the meta. Most are starting to go more TPA based or match 5 connected orbs with one enhanced. That being said, all the dark monsters are very strong and are able to be incorporated onto the strongest dark teams. Akechi Mitsuhide Baby Akechi is a surprising quite a surprising pick and most likely chosen for what essentially amounts to a stronger Pandora Baby Pandora active as he can combo with Haku Baby Haku.png to produce a 2/3 board of enhanced purple along with 1/3 hearts. He lacks a farmable skill-up and he only has 4 awakenings, but with an ultimate evolution, he has room to grow.

Overall, the voting was very well done with only some niche outliers. There are plenty of strong leaders available so if you are thinking of reroll, this would be the best godfest to do so. I plan to roll nearly 120 stones across my two accounts and will make a follow up post for my results as well as the pulls of my friends. This should provide a large sample size of what to “expect” from a PCGF. If anyone wants to contribute their roll data, post a screenshot or list all your rolls (including the bad 4 star, monster point trash) and I can add to the large tally in the next posting Here!

2 thoughts on “Player’s Choice Godfest Anticipation 11/29-12/01”

    1. You have potential in your I&I team if you develop and work on them. Subs include Mori Motonari, Hatsume, Andromeda, and Alrescha/Sadalmelik. Probably your best team from what I can see

      Sakuya has potential with Kali, Maeda, Valkyrie, and flex

      Dark metatron with Haku, Typhon, Gryps Rider, and flex

      Hopefully this helps =)


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