Awoken I&I Released

I&I I am a bit disappointed we did not get I&I for Halloween as their artwork is amazing and completely embraces the spooky theme. That withstanding, they should be one of the first  awoken Norse Gods to hit North America along with the strangely dressed Thor . The awoken form of all the Norse Gods adds significant power through four awakenings and now allows I&I to be either a row or TPA-based sub. The addition of two Skill Lock Resist helps your teams achieve 100% resistance with greater ease. The new active skill gives me somewhat mixed feelings. I spent a small lifetime skilling up my I&I 2 and the thought of having that go to waste is a little soul crushing. Normally I am all Gung-Ho for an awoken form with a revamped active skill, but the I&I active is perhaps a side upgrade. I say this because the awoken form raises the minimum cooldown to 12 turns compared to 9. It increases the damage multiplier to 2x from 1.5x, so that is very welcomed as it could ensure a clean kill. Extending the damage to dark type monsters is relatively pointless as you are most certainly using I&I as a mono team lead or sub. The damage buff duration being reduced to two turns from three is okay considering we do receive more damage. Both retain their haste effect, but with the longer cooldown, it cannot be abused as often. If the I&I form could retain the same minimum cooldown are her pre-awoken form, I would be much, much happier and fully committed to the switch.

I&I evo
All those skill ups =(

I&I gaining the dark subtype can now be used to fulfil the dark sub slot on many popular teams.  U&Y  teams have always been water focused, and I&I has amazingly synergetic awakenings with two TPA and double Skill Lock Resist (which has historically been a weak point for U&Y , especially the pre-ult ult form). I&I can also fill the dark team spot on the less frequently ran Isis but is still worth mentioning as the double Water Row can be stacked. Lastly, she can be the new dark champion on Awoken Karin providing a massive damage increase through awakenings and active while pushing out either B D Karin or Blodin .

Taking a step back from her new active, sub colour, and team placements as a sub, I&I is now a viable leader essentially blowing Blonia out of the water! You can upon release do a double I&I pairing, but the amount of recovery, as well as two enhancer actives, will be redundant. On the bright side, there is a new godfest exclusive just released on NA during the most recent PCGF that makes a perfect pairing with your awoken I&I. Ryune new JP gfe blue  creates a 2/10.5/2.5 team that will revitalize the older 2/4/2 playstyle of two years ago. Both leads have double Water Row and TPA so you can build your mono blue team either way. The new JP gfe blue active converts your whole board into blue, purple, and hearts along with one turn of haste on a 10-turn cooldown. This is pretty much a stronger Norn active as you gain haste for one extra turn of charging. Fully plussed I&I / new JP gfe blue teams will have amazing durability and be able to produce very large amounts of damage as with the  I&I active, you are playing at 18x damage along with many Water Row and TPA . Sub choices are pretty much any blue sub you want. I am looking forward to the return of more grindy teams and a “slower” playstyle that can be rewarding and fun.

I&I skill up

And did I mention the art?! Holy jumping they are so pretty @.@ /endfanboymoment

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