10-Stone GFE Machine: Thoughts and Stats


As part of the 4 year Puzzle and Dragons Anniversary event, GungHo is giving their North American and European servers the magical 10-stone Godfest Exclusive Rare Egg Machine. This machine was released to great fanfare in Japan some time ago as it guarantees a GFE on every single roll for double the magic stones. This means you will be acquiring 15,000 Monster Points from the troll Light Metatrons Metatron instead of 3,000 from sad Silvers. Naturally, this presents the question: to roll or not to roll?

Video commentary

A sample video of an IAP-Friendly JP player:

Rare Egg Machine background

The Rare Egg Machine (REM) is one of the more frustrating and exhilarating aspects of Puzzle and Dragons as it is essentially a form of gambling. To use the REM, you have to pay 5 Magic Stones and then you will be allowed to shake the golden dragon’s hand. After doing a little foreplay of either tummy rubbing or head patting, you will be awarded a special monster that can range in value/rarity from pointless to awe-inspiring. Sadly, what you get is completely random with the stronger rolls being far more elusive than the mundane.

How the 10-stone GFE REM varies

By comparison, the 10-stone GFE REM has double the price tag, but will never produce a silver or pantheon gold egg and will instead only awarded with a Godfest Exclusive monster. Godfest Exclusive monsters are only available during Godfests and are harder to acquire than the regular REM cards.

Various Godfests have had bolstered rates for GFE with 4x being the norm presently. However, even with what would appear to be strong GFE rates, you still have to deal with all the other clutter of silver eggs, troll golds, and pantheon cards. This dramatically dilutes your chances of rolling a GFE monster and you could have distressing Godfests as there is never a guarantee of what you could roll.

Thus, the 10-stone GFE REM is quite appealing to players who are either looking for large volumes of Monster Points or Godfest Exclusives.

10-stone GFE rates

Giving players a GFE for 10 Magic Stones almost sounds too good to be true and it is to a certain extent. Perhaps this is why GungHo only releases this type of REM on special occasions as it would be too “generous” otherwise. However, you have to keep in mind that you will not be swimming in 6-star GFEs as they still have lower rates compared to the ocean of 5-stars available. Furthermore, many of the 5-stars are dated and used for MP fodder.

The following images showcase the drop rates of the various GFE featured and can find more information through the following LINK on the 1,854 rolls.


From the above data, the 6-star GFE had about a 15% roll rate (JP was also missing some of the newer GFE we currently have) which may seem distressing, but also raises the average MP per roll to around 20,000.

Comparing regular REM to 10-stone GFE

In order to make a fair comparison to the regular REM, we need to assume you are rolling it twice. The following math was compiled by ★【星空 凛】μ’s (Nigel):

The 10-stone GFE REM is 15% for a 6-star and JP had it split between 18 cards while we have 21. Specific is referring to rolling a particular 6* GFE as people may be chasing a single monster.

  • 6* rate is 0.7142% for a specific assuming 15%
  • 6* rate is 0.9524% for a specific assuming 20% (JP had 15% so no telling if NA would bump this value up or not so assume 15% when rolling)

Thus, you only have a 0.3571% – 0.4762% (15-20% rates) for one particular GFE when you go off a 5 stone ratio.

These are about the same rates as an average Godfest for specifics given a smaller pool for 6* (most only feature 12-15). 4x GF rates equate to about 4-5% rates for 6* exclusives (not counting exclusives on 1x). Assuming twelve featured 6-stars, the rate is 0.3333% – 0.4166% while fifteen six stars are about 0.2667% – 0.3333%.

In essence, your chances of rolling a particular 6-star are about the same whether using a regular 4x Godfest or the 10-Stone machine. However, you also have to consider the 20,000 MP on average per roll (10 stones) or 10,000 per 5 stones from the 10-stone REM as this is significantly higher than regular Godfests. In addition, you are also free from the various other clutter regular Godfests come with.


The 10-stone GFE machine is an exciting event for North American players as it marks their first opportunity to easily acquire Godfest Exclusives. The rates when pursuing a particular 6-star GFE are on par when compared to a 4x GFE event, but you have much better collateral rolls alongside. In addition, the sheer amount of Monster Points you can gain from the 10-stone machine is quite Fantastic.

What do you hope to roll from the new 10-Stone GFE machine and how many stones do you have at the ready?

I will be rolling tomorrow and will upload my results when completed. You can also watch me pull live at 2pm PST on my Twitch Stream.

Happy Puzzling!


63 thoughts on “10-Stone GFE Machine: Thoughts and Stats”

  1. Hey fantastic,

    Thanks for your thoughts on this- I was waiting for you or Setsu to post on it. I was wondering if I could get your input on my current status- on my alt account I’m about rank 160 (non-iap except for the stone deals) with about 155 stones saved up. All I literally have for team composition is Ronove, I&I, Ares, Thor, and farmables like dizanami, valk, Goemon, echidna, etc. Do you think it’s worth it for me to spend my stones on this, and if so how many? Or is PCGF better? I don’t have much direction per se but Ronove has been fun, I think at my current state I just need to roll for box diversity but again which do you think would be better? Thanks a lot and hopefully you can provide me some insight!


    1. Sounds to me like if you are missing so many good pantheon good pcgf might be the way to go for you. A lot.of these gfes are great but won’t fill out the team like pantheon gods do

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Considering this is your alt account, you will have the capacity to piggy back of your main account so having the strong leaders from GFE will make life easier

      Do you have Ronove on your main? His best subs are 2x Kaede and Rag Dragon (300k MP) so even if you roll bad gfe, you are that much closer to Rag Dra

      Ronove can also use Gainut n Linthia as farmables so I would say pull this GFE machine


  2. My first take on this: Holy cow, I had no idea the rates on Typhon were so low! How did I ever roll 2 of him?! 😛 Haven’t decided if I’m going to roll or not … all the cards that would benefit me (Ilm, Kanna, Blonia, Blodin, Skuld) are south of the line.


  3. Hey tank you for the analysis.
    Man, what you think?
    In my firefly account, almost everything including the dupes are Gfe, so I’ll skip this event, but the question is about my ghost account.
    Despite my rank 518, I have a terrible luck in that account (only 6 gfe so far).

    What’s the best approach for me? Right now I have 60 stones, should I roll 6x in this event, or 12x in another gf?

    The good think, is that whatever I get, I probably already have it in the other account and can be paired in co-op (IF good LS)


    1. I would still use your rolls in the 10-stone GFE REM as the collateral rolls easily outweigh the fewer number of actual spins. At 518 you should have more GFE as they are somewhat critical for end game teams as many are amazing inherits

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll pull tomorrow morning when I wake up, because 10AM PST it’s like 3AM here Lol, hopefully I’ll start my day with some awesome additions to my box, I really need Saria in this account, well… I also need some water cards because I have an amazing blue box in the other account… but I think isn’t a good idea create too many expectations, fingers crossed!!! Thank you for the reply


          1. Wasn’t amazing, but also not a complete disaster! I got 2 dupes, Australis & Satsuki, but also got Verdanti,Gadius,Saria 🙂 and Kaede. One step closer to my ronove team, and huge improvement to my myr team. Then…(I should stopped) I decided to make 2 pulls in my alt account, Lol, got my 3rd ronia there and…Fenrir. then I stopped 😐 haha. Thank you again, and good luck to everyone pulling this weekend.


  4. It’s worth noting that unlike when JP had it, NA and EU should also have Ronove and friends

    I plan on rolling and praying for some of the blue 6*s and I’m so ready to cry


  5. I am looking for 3 GFEs in particular: Kaeda, Ryune, Sylvie, as these have the most immediate uses for my Gronia and Blonia teams. I am hoping more for Kaeda and Sylvie as my Gronia team needs a deeper sub-pool.


  6. This is scary. No better chance here than in normal GF? Based on this, I have an 82% chance of rolling a dupe, and a 67% chance of rolling something I have a dupe of already. I have less than a 5% chance of rolling something I really want. And that is no better than the regular GF? I was looking forward to this but it looks like I will keep fishing when the pantheon cards come up I need. Farming isn’t fun but i can spend 2-3 stones to get the same amount of MP from one 10 stone dupe. I really like all your posts and appreciate all you do for us. Looks like you have helped me again, but in a way I didn’t expect this time.


    1. Well the chances of rolling a SPECIFIC 6* are the same when featured in a 4x GFE event. There are more 6 stars featured here so the odds are technically higher if you want any 6 star. You also have to keep in mind the collateral rolls are better MP or inherits. Rolling the REM is never good odds!


  7. 2 dupe Zuoh’s and a Rodin on my alt account, and 4 dupes on my main account (Rodin was my six star)… unfortunately that’s all I can afford, so no Ryune, Sylvie, Kaede or any of the newer GFEs. On the plus side, I’m over 500k on my main, so I’m ready for xmas hehe 🙂


  8. 😦 1 pull, gremory. my box is almost entirely blue and red and my last few pulls from the egg machines in this and the last few godfests were great on paper but just collecting dust in my box because i have no viable teams for them: said gremory, THREE ronoves, 1 akechi, 1 raphael and i feel obliged to not chuck them into the mp fodder machine

    why gungho whyyyyyyyyyyyy


      1. That’s a trully genuine advice, when I start my alt account i made severe different decisions from what I did in my main account, the result toke a while to be noticeable but I have now one team of each color, end all end game teams.
        As you said, collecting pieces! What is useless today, can be the key tomorrow.
        And I feeling better today, I just got Kaede back.(Sold in 2015 for MP, before the inheritance or cross meta)


  9. 3 pulls on my alt account: d.meta, l.meta, zuoh
    6 pulls on main: saria, australis #2, l.meta #2, verdandi #2, typhon (!), l.kali #3

    Was hoping for a third sumire on either account. Oh well, happy with these.


  10. Five pulls. Rolled here instead of pcgf because the only way to advance my game at this point is with some Kaedes, dkalis or Gremory.
    Dupe saksuki, balboa, dupe skuld (third!!!!), dupe roots and then lmeta #3 and #4. ‘-_-
    I have rolled three typhons, three skulds, gronia, blonia, two dmetas, rodin and no other 6*s at 1007 days. I only roll in gf and the last year only in 4x gfe… This game. This game. Would it kill them to throw me a dkali, film or something new? Apparently. Maybe I can do something with balboa.


    1. I have a similar history on my first account, I thought I was unlucky, but then i realized was the account. Haha

      Jokes aside man, random is senseless, that’s what random is all about.
      I spent lot of money in one account (A lot!!) and have only 12 gfe now (many dupes) and 120 stones trying to get eschamalli in the last pcgf.
      The other account (full non IAP) I got eschamalli with 1 roll last gf,and I have like 30 useful gfe there.

      As Mantastic said, REM is the most frustrating part of the game, but you know? It’s what make me coming back, the random part!

      Good luck in your next rolls


      1. You still walked out with a few six stars (I rolled 10x and got none) so that’s pretty good overall and sherias roots is still able to be inherited etc.

        Luck always varies between pulls and GH has even added disclaimers at the end of their fb posts.

        As 20matar said, just keep at it and look for the positives with what you rolled as cards have more value via skill inheritance


  11. My rolls are:
    Fenrir Viz
    3 Urd
    2 Satsuki
    2 L.Meta
    2 Tsubaki

    Everything except Sherias and Fenrir Viz were dupes for me. The bring me to a grand total of(as far as dupes go):
    5 Urd
    2 Gadius
    3 Satsuki
    2 Blodin
    2 Grodin
    3 L.Meta
    2 Saria
    3 Tsubaki (hey at least I can system)
    3 L.Kali


    1. On the bright side, half of those dupes have tremendous value as assistants via skill inheritance. Gfe tend to have more unique actives that you can’t replicate. Also, grodin has more value with the awakenings bind clear active


              1. Rodin is the only one who sees life outside the box right now and that’s pretty much because i put him on Push button duty with Anji, Vritra, Ra, and Lightning… for guerrilla dungeons. Not sure where to us them as well o.o other than leveling Grodin finally >.>;;


                  1. I’m still struggling on A1 but that’s mainly because I’m stubbornly doing it on my own and I need to finish investing in plus eggs on the team I’m using.


  12. Did 4 rolls, got paimon, light fenrir, a second Satsuki and a second grodin. Excited about the paimon cause I have no other heart cross leads, now I just gotta put together a team.


      1. I think I’m actually just gonna go ahead and finally get around to evoing my myr and use him as a sub cause I actually just realized that with him, I have a pretty viable team for her: Myr, Paimon, DQXQ, Venus and Ilm(finally being put to use after pulling him more than a year ago)


  13. Pulled my 2nd Scheat (Satsuki, my 2nd Urd, and Ronove being my other pulls), but I don’t even have a use for my 1st Scheat, since the only decent blue leaders I have are Sun Quan and Lakshmi, neither of whom are that great. Too much Scheat happening… 💩


      1. I’ll definitely play around with Ronove, but I don’t have the best subs for him. Right now, my best ones are probably Perseus, DKali, Sakuya, and Linthia. Don’t have a Kaede, and I just spent all my MP on a Yomi Dragon, so I won’t be getting a Ragnorak Dragon for a very long time.

        My wife (who also pulled a Ronove) and I watched your pulls, and we couldn’t help but curse at Gung Ho for your bad fortune!


        1. Well the nice thing about ronove is he can deal amazing damage without perfect subs. As for now, your team looks reasonable and can clear plenty of content

          As for my rolls…. Sigh


  14. 3 pulls: Balboa, Ronove and L Kali #2. Balboa should have some use for me in the rogues and already helped me finish the Blue Snow Globe challenge. None of the best subs for Ronove but will see what I can do to test him out eventually.


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