Khepri Descended Snowglobe Challenge with Awoken Persephone


Khepri Descended is the newest dungeon to be released in Puzzle and Dragons and comes with the wonderful Snowglobe challenge component. In order to successfully clear the challenge, you will have to beat the dungeon in solo mode with no continues and have the Snowglobe as a sub on any difficulty. This can be a daunting task as you are essentially losing a sub slot. Thankfully, you are able to inherit a skill onto your Snowglobe as there are quite a few new mechanics you will need to overcome.

There will not be any indication you successfully cleared the challenge component and I do not know when you will have the additional Snowglobes distributed. It will probably happen a week or so after the challenge finishes.

Video clear

Dungeon overview

Khepri Descended imposes the unique restriction of 4 seconds to move orbs. This means all of your time extend awakenings, leader skills that add time, and time extension badge are all worthless. As such, players will have to be able to carefully plan their moves and be prepared for less combos as  you are not able to casually match orbs.

Potential teams

With the 4 seconds in mind, you should try to utilize teams with either unconditional multipliers or those who are innately tanky. Unconditional leaders are those who provide their full multiplier without outrageous conditions. For example, the 5o1e teams of You Yu You Yu and Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon are quite effective as you can make a single combo and deal damage. Conversely, tankier teams such as Pandora Awoken Pandora and Balboa Balboa / Artemis Awoken Artemis provide an extra layer of safety as you can survive attacks most teams cannot. Who you decide to use will be based on personal preference, but they key is you are comfortable matching with less time. Heart cross leaders are doable, but will be challenging without their ample time extends.

Dungeon mechanics

Khepri  Descended introduces a few new mechanics along with seldom seen abilities that can take you by surprise. In the video above, I do my best to showcase and explain all the mechanics presented in the dungeon, but here is a quick breakdown.

  • Floor 1: Stall for 2 turns and set up board
  • Floor 2: Use active as needed but may not have to if favourable spawns
  • Floor 3: Kill off Shieldra and Ra Tamadra then easily chip down the Tan
  • Floor 4: Kill when convenient
  • Floor 5: The new dark orbs can be tapped to reveal and matched as normal; however, they will not be revealed when being moved so you have to carefully memorize. Best to kill right away and she will produce 3 mortal poison orbs when killed.
  • Floor 6: Can either delay the floor or use a board reshuffle active to remove the locked Mortal Poison orbs. 3 Mortal Poison orbs = 50% of your team’s maximum HP
  • Floor 7: Combo shield forces you to match 5 or more to deal damage. Thankfully, it disappears after 5 turns and he does not have an execution ability afterwards so you can simply stall
Boss floor

Khepri has a confusing array of skills available and in the video I showcase all of her abilities with the exception of her execution (as that will kill me). She follows a specific patterns of attacks with various mechanics that can be countered in a number of ways.

The new line that rolls over sets of orbs is a new mechanic that prevents players from interacting with those orbs along with being unable to move through them. You can still match the orbs by connecting them on the outside, but for the most part this mechanic should not be dangerous.

Turns 1-3

For the first 3 turns you are unable kill her as she absorbs over 1 million damage. Simply stall it out. On her third turn she does an Awakenings skill bind with no damage.

Turns 4-6

Khepri will have already disabled your awakening skills for 3 turns and you can either use something like Green Odin Green Odin to clear them (can inherit on Snowglobe) or a large burst active to provide sufficient damage when used in conjunction with heavy board changers. On her 6th turn (last of the awakenings bind), she will put up a damage reduction shield for 3 turns

Turns 7-9

On the 7th turn, Khepri will already be shielded from most harm and you can either use burst actives to kill her or simply wait for the shield to drop

The final turn

After the shield drops off, Khepri will put up a combo shield that forces you to match 6 combos or more to deal damage. This can be problematic, but with heavy board changers, you should be able to overcome it, even with reduced time. If you fail to kill her here, you will be executed and die.


Khepri Descended is an exciting new dungeon that has the added incentive with the Snowglobe challenge. A wide variety of teams are capable of clearing it and by following the guide listed above, your chances of success will improve.

Let me know what you used to clear the Snowglobe Challenge.

Happy Puzzling!

32 thoughts on “Khepri Descended Snowglobe Challenge with Awoken Persephone”

  1. Went in with Myr my first time, completely forgetting about the time restriction. Crashed hard. Switched to YY after that. Pretty easy clear with him. Shield inherits are useful in case you need to stall and get heart-trolled and Khepri can just be blown up once her damage shield drops.


  2. I completed both challenges with B.Myr, then went on to do several runs in order to try and skill Khepri up…not fun.

    I had the briliant idea to use Yomidra earlier today and I haven’t looked back. Reasonably high health (for this dungeon, at least) and a rcv multiplier makes for consistent clears.


  3. Whaaat? :O
    I like the way you’re always changing teams.
    I thought, of course will be Saras, and when I get here you did with perse.

    Btw: i got 1mi in the snowG. (I didn’t even know this was possible) 😀


  4. I used ALuci, APandora, Akechi, blue, Oda Nobunaga. I tried only the easier dungeon and had no Problems except with Khepri. Mostly I brought her to the instant kill zone. Way to less practice with him. A delay or something like ALoki could have been useful for a save clear.


      1. On my globe? Nothing. I have no special SI for my ALuci team. ALuci goes with a Hanzo (just for the 5 turn CD), APandora goes with Akechi and thats all. I have 3 Satsuki and 1 ALoki as possible SI, but not sure what will work best.


  5. I did it with ADQXQ, and it was completely terrifying, but successful! Next up I’m seeing this one shot challenge on PADX featuring 20 grueling floors ending in Gaia Dragon (solo only, yikes!!!). I don’t see it announced on facebook yet, but I’d appreciate any insights you have on if it’s possible to beat this (gaia dragon) without using specifically Myr (I need to finish evolving her still. only like 50,000 stamina worth of mats away!)


  6. I posted on the FB Help Group, but want to take a second to also thank you here. I was giving up on this dungeon, failing to even get close to it on mythical.

    Your review helped make me do a mental reset and rethink my approach. I am using a Luci team to farm Khepri Skill Ups now. (I am hoping to make a Khepri – Nut system). Thanks for continuously putting out top notch content. It’s Fantastically Mantastic!


  7. Hi, first time poster, long time lurker. Thanks for the example of an A. Perse team. Used A. Pandora, Uuevo pandora, A. Lucifer, Snow Globe, and A. Lucifer friend. Snow globe had the only SI from Grodin. Mythical was a breeze but Legend+ not so much. Did it tho. Again, thx alot.


  8. Hi, first time poster, long time lurker. Thx for the example of an A. Perse team. Used A. Pandora, Uuevo pandora, A. Lucifer, Snow Globe, and A. Lucifer friend. Snow globe had the only SI from Grodin. Mythical was a breeze but Legend+ not so much. Did it tho. Again, thx alot.


  9. I used your advice to beat the dungeon with a LuBu/Pandora team – I really appreciated your breakdown of the dungeon, as I was failing miserably on my own. I got her to drop the first time I won, thanks to you!


  10. Always enjoy watching you mix it up. I went with my tried and true A Hermes team w/ Contemplative Mori, Awoken Orochi, Urd, Snow Globe and I&I. On the boss I popped I&I, had Mori ready as backup but managed to get enough damage from Urd + Hermes (with awaken bind active!)


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