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Khepri Descended Snowglobe Challenge with Awoken Persephone


Khepri Descended is the newest dungeon to be released in Puzzle and Dragons and comes with the wonderful Snowglobe challenge component. In order to successfully clear the challenge, you will have to beat the dungeon in solo mode with no continues and have the Snowglobe as a sub on any difficulty. This can be a daunting task as you are essentially losing a sub slot. Thankfully, you are able to inherit a skill onto your Snowglobe as there are quite a few new mechanics you will need to overcome.

There will not be any indication you successfully cleared the challenge component and I do not know when you will have the additional Snowglobes distributed. It will probably happen a week or so after the challenge finishes.

Video clear

Dungeon overview

Khepri Descended imposes the unique restriction of 4 seconds to move orbs. This means all of your time extend awakenings, leader skills that add time, and time extension badge are all worthless. As such, players will have to be able to carefully plan their moves and be prepared for less combos as  you are not able to casually match orbs. Continue reading Khepri Descended Snowglobe Challenge with Awoken Persephone

PAD X, Ana Descended Snowglobe Challenge with Awoken Sakuya and Super Gravities


The Light Snowglobe that mysteriously appeared in your mailbox is meant to be used on your team for a solo clear of Ana Descended over the course of the weekend. There are many different ways to approach this challenge and thankfully, it was significantly eaiser than Liberty Geist so newer players should have more wiggle room for error. Just note you must complete the dungeon with a Blanc Snowglobe on your team before Sunday on any difficulty in solo mode.

Video clear

Strategy used

Ana Descended is a relatively easy dungeon and has many different avenues for a successful completion. I could have easily used a tank or heart cross leader (which I did on Fantastic), but instead, I decided to use a more old-school strategy that focused on using gravities to bypass the 50% resolve.

Outside of the 50% resolve, Ana Descended has no dangerous mechanics and offers numerous floors for stalling. This meant my Awoken Sakuya team could easily stall for actives with the recovery badge in order to have everything ready in time for the final boss.

Heart cross/tank teams may feel more safe due to the inherit durability, but it can be cumbersome to deal with the resolve and I actually took less time with my gravity team.



Do not fuse away your Light Snowglobe as you may lose out on your chance to earn an additional 3 if you are able to successfully clear Ana Descended with one on your team.

I used both the heart-cross and gravity team and  were equally effective. What did you use to overcome this challenge?

Happy Puzzling!