PAD X, Ana Descended Snowglobe Challenge with Awoken Sakuya and Super Gravities


The Light Snowglobe that mysteriously appeared in your mailbox is meant to be used on your team for a solo clear of Ana Descended over the course of the weekend. There are many different ways to approach this challenge and thankfully, it was significantly eaiser than Liberty Geist so newer players should have more wiggle room for error. Just note you must complete the dungeon with a Blanc Snowglobe on your team before Sunday on any difficulty in solo mode.

Video clear

Strategy used

Ana Descended is a relatively easy dungeon and has many different avenues for a successful completion. I could have easily used a tank or heart cross leader (which I did on Fantastic), but instead, I decided to use a more old-school strategy that focused on using gravities to bypass the 50% resolve.

Outside of the 50% resolve, Ana Descended has no dangerous mechanics and offers numerous floors for stalling. This meant my Awoken Sakuya team could easily stall for actives with the recovery badge in order to have everything ready in time for the final boss.

Heart cross/tank teams may feel more safe due to the inherit durability, but it can be cumbersome to deal with the resolve and I actually took less time with my gravity team.



Do not fuse away your Light Snowglobe as you may lose out on your chance to earn an additional 3 if you are able to successfully clear Ana Descended with one on your team.

I used both the heart-cross and gravity team and  were equally effective. What did you use to overcome this challenge?

Happy Puzzling!


10 thoughts on “PAD X, Ana Descended Snowglobe Challenge with Awoken Sakuya and Super Gravities”

  1. Hi Mantastic, nice interesting video. It will give some food for though with my dusty Sakuya. Now I was wondering when you clear Ana dungeon with the Snowglobe do you see anything special that tell you the mission was successful and you will get the special reward. I did clear both stages, with no continue. It only tell me I clear the stage, the same way I would clear any floor for the first time
    BTW I use Myraculous team, not perfect but still fun.

    Keep the articles and videos coming I love the format


    1. I mostly chose Sakuya for the ease of leader skill, but you can also use two 30% gravities to achieve the same effect

      There is no notification for when you successfully clear the challenge and simply have to wait until after it concludes


  2. If we already cleared both levels without the snowglobe dragon and then tried it again with the snowglobe on your team, do you still get them? Or should I not waste my time/stamina?


  3. Hi mantastic,

    As always, I just want to say that I really enjoy your blogs. Please keep it up!

    I used my staple team to beat this dungeon. I played with You Yu and Skuld.

    Question for you: Do you get bored playing with your staple teams? I did today. Do you ever try to spice it up (no pun intended with “spice of life” theme) by trying to create a team that is JUST strong enough for a clear?




    1. Hey Mike! Glad you enjoy my content =D

      As for spicing things up, there is a certain amount of repetition in pad, but I do change things up and have a variety of teams and play styles that can tackle end game content. In addition, I also try to be creative with the various challenges (instead of using the default easy team) to not only inspire other, but keep things interesting for me

      You can also play arena which has a certain degree of randomness and that forces you to adjust on the go


  4. I beat the challenge with my a. Ra team. I believe my line up was: a. Ra, ichigo, a. Isis, l. Kali, snowglobe, and a. Ra. I had to brute force my way through Ana however since I kept getting too many skyfall combos.


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