Solo Challenge 10 with Sarasvati (7×6 Board)


Challenge Dungeons 29 is another opportunity for players to test their puzzling skills along with creativity to overcome a new set of obstacles for valuable rewards. For this Challenge 10, I decided to clear it solo to showcase how a glass-cannon leader with the proper planning and skyfall luck can succeed.

Video clear

Dungeon commentary

I do not have a fully skilled up Amon Amon and was part of the reason I entered Coop as it would allow me to have sufficient skill boosts along with saving 50 stamina. If he had been skilled up, there would have been no need to enter via coop. If you disconnect from multiplayer, you do not receive the Quest Badge bonus (which is somewhat irrelevant as you would be choosing the +5% attack).

The reason I bring Amon is to utilize his counterattack mechanic to bypass Zeus/Hera’s resolve ability as they will strike you with a 90% health cut which is immediately counterattacked to kill them. This produces a safer run as you no longer have to worry about that floor.

Aside from the counterattack ability, my subs were mostly chosen for their orb changing capabilities to ensure I have enough Water-power (not firepower) to drown each floor. It is also beneficial to use a water team as the Blue Puppeteer will produce water orbs for free.

Finally, I used Andromeda to ensure my sub attributes do not heal the various encounters due to their colour absorptions.


This Challenge 10 is easily manageable with a non-light or dark glass cannon team as all the floors have high health values along with low mechanics.

What did you use to clear Challenge 10?

Happy Puzzling!

24 thoughts on “Solo Challenge 10 with Sarasvati (7×6 Board)”

  1. Used a Dual Sephiroth team (Seph, A.Yomi, Lu Bu, A.Ra, Z8, Seph). ZeusHera can stall for a while (if needed for Z8 to be ready for last level). Sephiroth has decent xRCV to stall through the 3 absorb turns of Rev.Gran and 5 absorbs of Puppeteer.


  2. I did it with Myr! Probably not the best idea, but I did it on the first try! XD
    BMyr is probably better though, I didn’t know there would be so many light absorbs…

    Team: Myr, ADQXQ, Wukong, Saria, Venus(Wedding Akechi), Myr


  3. Would like to see an article analyzing the available “heart cross” leaders (strengths, weaknesses, suggestions for subs, etc.). It’s a new play-style for me to adapt to. I have a Myr, but just evolved my A.Izanagi. Plus, I just rolled a Paimon.


  4. Used Awoken Liu Bei for challenge 8 and Awoken Lucifer for challenge 9.

    Lost in challenge 10 using Awoken Liu Bei. I didn’t kill Gainaut in the first turn (I was saving Awoken Astaroth’s active), got a mortal poison orb skyfall then Charité killed me with the preemptive strike. In hindsight I should’ve used Astaroth against Gainut since the counter attack is for 4 turns.


  5. Thanks for this! I realized that I had a near-duplicate of your team (no Blonia, but I did have a Gabriel for light/dark orb changes), so I tried it. First time beating Challenge 10, and my Sara isn’t even fully maxed out. 😀


  6. I attempted the dungeon with Myr and A.Panda teams several times and finally beat it with my A.Panda team: A. Panda, Zuoh, D/D Akechi,D/D Haku, A.Loki, A. Panda. Everyone maxed. Awoken badge RCV +25%.

    The dark absorb actually was not a problem – I always need to stall for actives. For me, the row teams are really hard to maneuver on 7*6 board. I pretty much had to burn 1-2 actives to sweep a floor so stall for skills was a must. You just need to manage the heal orbs wisely.

    The locked orbs could be good or bad but locked heart orbs are life savers.

    Another key point is to have delay/poison/counter attack inherited to deal with Zera resolve, preferably delay because it would give you more room to stall before final floor.


    1. I completely agree that row teams on 7×6 boards are problematic as you have to manipulate so much more but do not have additional time to compensate.

      The RCV badge is incredible for RCV boosted teams like Pandora and allows you to stall where most teams could not.

      I mostly used Amon as he has synergy with the orb hungry Sarasvati, but poisons/delays are certainly viable options once you wait out 2 turns of the status void

      Congrats on your clear btw =)


      1. Myr team didn’t work for me after several tries because there are not enough heal orbs to consistently activate even if you pop actives due to the locked orb mechanism and I am not great at manipulating orbs. A. Pandora is not the ideal team for this dungeon but it’s the best I’ve got and it worked better because the team could just tank the hits and recover.

        You are certainly right on the RCV badge. Devils actually suffer from low RCV, I don’t think I would be able to beat the dungeon without the RCV badge.


        1. The RCV (or any badge) would have been so much nicer if we had it a year ago before coop was released. Would have breathed life into so many new teams due to the ability to heal quickly.

          At least with the 1-shot challenges we get to use them again XD


  7. Nice job man,was fun to watch. 😀

    I did with yy, mostly because sarasvati wasn’t max skilled or plused yet.
    But the current descended challenge was full cleared with her team.

    I’ll wait for the insect dragon dungeon to skill up her, since I have that arena karma… (I haven’t seen a blue spawn a long time).


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