Batman Collab REM Review and Analysis


What is that sound? Na Na Na Na Na Na BatREM! BatREM! The Batman Collab returns to Puzzle and Dragons along with various buffs to some of your favourite characters. In addition, the BatREM introduces the Tamazo X Batman character!

Batlog Batman Collab REM Rolls Batlog
jjjjjjjjj5-star base formjjjjjjjjj 4-star base form
D.W Batman D.L Batman 678 2136 674 672 3164

Video Commentary

Five star rolls

Batman + S. Gloves Act FB
D.L Batman
Physical / Devil
4,103 HP / 1,398 ATK / 52 RCV
Dark Orb Enhance +light orb Dark row Bind Immune Light Row Skill Boost Skill Boost Bind Immune

Active Skill:
2 turns delay
2 turn bind clear
9 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
Light Attribute 3.5x ATK when HP is over 80%


Batman + S Gloves has been upgraded by gaining full bind immunity as well as gaining 2 turns of bind clear alongside his two turns of delay. This provides an interesting combination as it adds an unique dimension to bind clearing options as you now have the potential to delay the boss at the same time. The Devil typing allows  Batman + S Gloves to be used on all the top tier dark teams as a valuable utility sub.

One other aspect to keep in mind with Batman + S Gloves is his ability to be used as an assistant via Skill Inheritance. This means you can gain his unique and powerful active on any card you desire. However, one major downside I could foresee with Batman + S Gloves is not having enough turns on his bind removal as many bosses possess stronger binding moves.

His other split evolution causes Batman to become a 1.69x HP / 27x ATK Machine and Physical types when your health is either full or below 50%. However, this is somewhat outdated in today’s meta.

Overall, Batman + S Gloves is an interesting, albeit niche roll to gain from the Batman Collab. He may not be a gamebreaking card, but he at least provides a unique option for your various teams.

Batman + BW Stealth
D.W Batman
Balance / Devil
3,248 HP / 1,345 ATK / 343 RCV
Dark Orb Enhance blue + orb Dark row TPA Water Row Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost TPA

Active Skill:
2x damage for dark cards for 1 turn
999 True damage to a single enemy
11 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
Dark Attribute 3.5x ATK when HP is over 80%


Batman + BW Stealth feels like an inferior Awoken I&I I&I or Loki Awoken Loki as he possesses inferior awakenings, base stats, and active. A single turn of damage enhance is modest at best when compared to the other enhancing cards available. Furthermore, the ability to execute a high defense enemy is useful, but does not solve the problem of dual PreDRA Fire PreDRA floors in Arena.

I want to be able to write more about Batman + BW Stealth, but there is simply not much to say as he is a disappointing gold Collab roll as his split evolution is an impractical leader as you have to remain above 80% HP.

Four star rolls

Four star rolls that are able to be evolved qualify as assistants for Skill Inheritance as they become at least 5-star rarity.

Batman + Remote Claw
Balance / Devil
3,248 HP / 1,345 ATK / 343 RCV
Dark Orb Enhance Blind Resist Dark row Blind Resist Blind Resist Blind Resist Blind Resist Skill Boost

Active Skill:
1 turn delay
Jammer Arrow Dark
8 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
Dark Attribute 2x HP / 2x ATK


Batman + Remote Claw is the only card to sport a walloping 5 sunglasses, I mean Resistance-Dark awakenings. This means he can single handedly prevent all blind attacks which could be situationally useful. However, blind attacks are normally not fatal and you can either reveal the board very quickly and match or use a tri-colour board changer who makes hearts and then convert one of the two remaining elements to the other. Eg. Using Saria then Chiyome for a 2/3 fire, 1/3 heart board.

Outside of the niche blind resistance, Batman + Remote Claw may have some uses as a jammer removal or single turn delay as the era of low cost teams has long since passed.

However, the real question remains: since Batman is the Night and he clearly wears numerous sunglasses, does that means he wears his sunglasses as Night?

Robin + E. Stick
2,745 HP / 1,365 ATK / 307 RCV
Enhanced Wood Orb TPA Time Extend

Active Skill:
99 True damage to a single enemy
1.2x Balance ATK balance cards for 6 turns
3 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
4x ATK at 8 combos. Up to 8x at 10


Robin was once heralded as a challenging to use low cost leader who could achieve an incredible 64x ATK multiplier at 10 combos. However, the time and place for low cost leaders has come and gone and there is no real need to actually use Robin as a leader. Thus, his active will become a determining feature of whether or not he is useful. Unfortunately, Birdarangs is rather lackluster as it does not do anything very well. The 1.2x ATK bonus for 6 turns is tiny and would mostly be used to bait out status void attacks while the 99 true damage could be used to execute a single high defense enemy, but will not be efficient against multiple floor spawns. Perhaps players will find value when facing Zeal in various machine dungeons or helping Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios gain an additional 20% damage.

Final Nightmare Harley Quinn
2,008 HP / 1,653 ATK / 353 RCV
Enhnaced Fire Orb blue + orb TPA TPA Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb blue + orb blue + orb Skill Boost

Active Skill:
Dark Arrow Fire
Light Arrow Water
7 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
3x ATK when matching fire and water orbs


Harley Quinn received a tremendous buff to her awakenings as she now boasts 9 along with dual TPA. However, most teams would be hard pressed to make use of both enhanced fire and water orbs and it is mainly Awoken Sun Quan A Sun Quan who can take full advantage of her active skill. Regardless, Harley Quinn makes a respectable mono-fire sub as she is still an orb changer who does condense your board to 4 elements which can ease in comboing.

Catwoman + C. Claw
1,635 HP / 1,398 ATK / 647 RCV
Fire Row Auto heal Skill Boost

Active Skill:
Mass fire attack with random damage
Question Orb Arrow Fire
10 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
1.5x coins gained after a battle


Catwoman does not have me saying Mee-Wow as she is rather meh even upon her release years ago. GungHo has been updating her active skill, but a 10-turn cooldown for only 8 fire orbs is lackluster as it is not ideal for button farming and has a somewhat cooldown for a standalone orb generator. Cards like Ares are much more efficient by comparison, but the advantage Catwoman may have is the ability to combo with any board changer to help correct bad luck. Regardless, the additional coins gained is trivial at best as in game coins have little value outside of the very beginning stages.

Tamazo X Batman
Dragon / Balanced
2,657 HP / 1,313 ATK / 347 RCV
Dark row Dark row Dark row +heart +heart Bind Clear awakening Skill Boost Bind Immune Bind Immune

Active Skill:
3 turns increased heart skyfalls
1 turn haste
7 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
All attributes 5x ATK with two heart combos


TamaTamaTamaTamaTamaTama….BATMAN! Tamazo X Batman is two parts cuteness, two parts value, and one part Ebil (that is Evil, but cuter) and somewhat steals the show with his relevant awakenings, artwork, and active skill. Tamazo has similarities to the popular Navi  B Navi as both grant a heart skyfall. However, Tamazo has a more impactful active as he also provides a single turn of haste. In regards to their awakenings, Navi has the wonderful coop bonus Multiplayer Bonus while Tamazo has recover bind Bind Clear awakening which pairs beautifully with his bind immunity.

Tamazo’s balance typing means he can be successfully used on Xin Hua Xin Hua, Gremory Gremory, and Anaphon Cross Typhon teams. He may not be the greatest sub, but at least helps fill in the holes created by the balance typing restriction.

Despite all of the pros listed above, I am still not a fan of pure heart makers on heart-cross teams. Being able to form your heart-cross is great; however, if you are lacking your primary damaging element, you are still not going to kill the floor.


The Batman Collab REM has been updated since the initial release many years ago. Unfortunately, most of the cards are rather lackluster and do not even have that amazing artwork outside of Tamazo. None of these cards are pivitol the success of most popular teams and it may be wise to simply hoard stones for a more optimal event/REM.

Let me know how you feel about the Batman Collab and if you are planning on rolling.

Happy Puzzling!

2 thoughts on “Batman Collab REM Review and Analysis”

  1. I rolled just because i’m a batman fan and didn’t have any of these cards since i’m a new player, got batman + batarang and harley and i’m planning to get all the monsters from the dungeon and having them sit in my box, i’ll wait for the Halloween REM analysis because my team consist of DMeta, DKali, Hanzo and 2 sub filling the space of persephone and haku which i’m yet to roll, i’ll maybe try to get dark karin.


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