Halloween REM Review and Analysis


Some people love ghosts and goblins, others prefer fiends and ghouls; however, for all of you Puzzle and Dragons lovers, you probably love Puzzle and Waifus the most. This year’s Halloween Rare Egg Machine features returning favourites as well as new characters festively dressed up for the occasion. Let’s just hope that the only scary thing you encounter is a mischievously dressed up child and not next month’s Visa statement.

Many of the featured cards are coloured-swapped characters who have received various buffs and like the Beach or Wedding REM, which grants them new uses and viability.

Video Commentary

Pancaaake rolling!

Rolls overview

 Halloween Rare Egg Machine Overview
8 star rolls 3222 3223 HKali
7 star rolls 2406
6 star rolls 3224 3225 2409 H Vampire Halloween Alraune
5 star rolls 3226 3227
4 star rolls Halloween Izanami 3230 3228 2412 3229

8 star rolls

Xiang Mei
2,812 HP / 1,903 ATK / 1,001 RCV
995 Total
Skill Boost Skill Boost Time Extend Skill Lock Resist Dark row 37

Active Skill:
Question Orb Arrow  Heart
1 turn haste
7 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
1.5x HP / 2x ATK Devils. 3x ATK with 3 heal combos, 4.5x with 3+
2.25x HP / 81x ATK


When the fire Xiang Mei Xiang Mei was released, she completely shook up the meta as she was the next level of powercreep as she was able to form a system, deal spectacular damage, and was tanky by those standards. However, the level of powercreep has also evolved at a nearly unprecedented pace and a 2.25x HP leader is no longer durable in today’s meta. If you look at the JP tier lists, fire Xiang Mei has almost been completely removed. This can be misleading as she is by no means weak, but instead, is not as strong as the other options currently available (the tier list also assumes perfect teams). Xiang Mei can still clear plenty of content, but she is faltering when compared to the heart-cross leaders.

With all that aside, Halloween Xiang Mei is a prettier, stronger, and easier to team build alternative to her fire cousin. Halloween Xiang Mei is essentially identical, except she uses devils instead of healers and this is where she truly shines. Fire Xiang Mei has been criticized for a lack of viable subs and was somewhat dependent on using duplicates of herself or Uriel Uriel and a single Gadius Gadius. This is not the case for Halloween who does not solely rely on duplicates of herself to shine as the pool of dark devils is deeper than GungHo’s pockets after the Wedding Collab.

Players who are fortunate enough to pull a Halloween Xiang Mei will be actually able to use her as they should have a modest number of devils in their monster box and will not feel as constrained or frustrated. Right off the bat, you have access to Pandora Awoken Pandora, Gremory Gremory, and Akechi d-d-akechi who are phenomenal heart/dark orb changers with special consideration going out to Akechi who can also double as a damage enhancer. However, there is no dark devil equivalent to Gadius which may impose some limits as you do not have access to any natural full board changer who produces heart orbs outside of Cecil Cecil and Armoured Batman Armoured Batman.

In essence, Halloween Xiang Mei is stronger than her fire counterpart due to the dark typing advantage along with a strong sub pool to draw from and lower dependency on Skill Inheritance. I will be doing a full write up on Halloween Xiang Mei soon and I will analyze and discuss the pros and cons more thoroughly there.

Keep in mind you are able to purchase Halloween Xiang Mei for 500,000  Monster Points.

Sonia Gran
3,778 HP / 1,658 ATK / 271 RCV
800 Total
Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Time Extend Time Extend TPA God Killer

Active Skill:
2x time to move orbs for 2 turns
2x ATK Dragon types for 2 turns
15 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
2x ATK when 4 elements. Max 7x with all 6 elements. 1.5x HP / ATK for Dragons
2.25x HP / 110.25x ATK


Halloween Sonia Gran may seem unusual at a first glace; however, her true power comes from pairing with Sherias Roots Sherias Roots to form a 1.5x HP / 110.25x ATK / 1.5x RCV rainbow dragon team. Both leaders share the same powerful awakenings and by using Sonia Gran instead of dual Sherias Roots improves your health pool (which is more valuable in solo) along with sacrificing a full board changer for a damage enhance that essentially guarantees a fully optimized board match due to the additional time.

Sherias Roots teams often bring a damage enhancer to help deal with Annihilation level content, but that usually comes in the form of the Gemstone Princesses who provide a significantly larger burst. Thus, players who have access to those types of enhance will probably elect to not pair with a Sonia Gran friend as the board refresh is more important in most cases along with the HP multiplier having diminishing returns in coop.

It may feel frustrating that an 8-star collab gold that was meant to be paired with a 6-star GFE is inferior, but it can also be a blessing in disguise as you do not need to exhaust your magic stones chasing Sonia Gran. Don’t get me wrong, Halloween Sonia Gran is still a powerful card and can form a team that is capable of tackling end game content, but it is not as strong as dual Sherias Roots.

You can read my Sherias Roots review for more ideas on team building as they they share the same subs.

Mistress of the Old Castle, Kali
God / Devil
3,015 HP / 1,411 ATK / 633 RCV
795 Total
TPA Skill Boost Time Extend TPA Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost

Active Skill:
Question Orb Arrow Fire Water Green Light Dark
7 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
5x ATK when matching Fire, Water, Light, and Dark. 1.3x HP / ATK / RCV for God and Devils
1.69x HP / 42.25x ATK / 1.69x RCV


Mistress of the Old Castle, Kali was last year’s top prize in the Halloween REM and was very powerful at the time. Unfortunately, a 42x ATK rainbow leader is simply too weak in today’s meta along with a non-heart generating board change. The top rainbow leaders are dependent on using hearts for full activation and a Light Kali-style active cannot be utilized which means Halloween Kali has even less value and will leave players feeling cheated out of an 8-star Collab roll.

From an art perspective, Halloween Kali would be stunning if they hadn’t made her so top heavy as the dress and mirror reflection of Light Kali are simply Myraculous.

7 star rolls

Old Castle Blue Dragon Caller, Sonia
Dragon / Physical
5,180 HP / 1,409 ATK / 0 RCV
800 Total
Dark row Dark Orb Enhance Water Row Bind Clear awakening Skill Boost Skill Boost

Active Skill:
Question Orb Arrow Water Dark
2 turns haste
14 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
2x HP / 2.5x ATK Dragon and Physical. 1.5x ATK with 6+ combos
4x HP / 14.06x ATK


I love my Blue Sonia Blue Sonia and used her for quite an extensive time to clear all the current content at the time. What makes her a great leader is the naturally high HP of dragon and physical types along with the massive 6.25x RCV to compensate for the lopsided stat distribution. Unfortunately, Halloween Sonia shares the same lopsided stats, but instead of augmenting your recovery, she boosts your already formidable health value. Thus, Old Castle Sonia makes a poor leader and will instead be regulated to either a sub or skill inheritance assistant role.

The lack of a devil typing means she is excluded from many top tier teams along with an active that fails to produce heart orbs. Thus, her uses will be mostly limited to an inheritance role, but that may be troublesome with her 14 turn cooldown.

Overall, I feel Halloween Sonia is dated and has not kept abreast with the current rate of powercreep.

Six star rolls

God / Dragon
3,345 HP / 1,631 ATK / 284 RCV
755 Total
blue + orb Enhanced Wood Orb Dark Orb Enhance blue + orb blue + orb blue + orb blue + orb Skill Boost Time Extend

Active Skill:
Question Orb Arrow Water Green Dark
8 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
3.5x ATK when matching any 3/4 Water, Wood, Dark, or Heal orbs. 2x ATK for 5o1e
49x ATK


Thriller! Thriller night! Halloween Karin has the most spectacular art of anyone in the Halloween REM as she is striking the iconic Thriller pose alongside the other Chinese Celestials. This will certainly bring a smile to anyone’s face and have you busting out your dance moves if she were to pop out of the REM for you. Artwork aside, Halloween Karin is an interesting roll as she has both a water and dark form (simply invert all the awakenings) to better serve your teams along with a respectable 5 enhanced orb awakenings.

5 enhanced orb awakenings guarantee that every orb that spawns will come enhanced and will add considerable passive and skyfall damage. Unfortunately, Halloween Karin’s active fails to produce heart orbs and her lack of Devil typing means she  will be excluded from many high end teams.

Perhaps the best place you could use Dark Karin on is a Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon team as she craves orb enhances and may become more viable with her future ultimate evolution.

Devil / Attacker
3,720 HP / 1,613 ATK / 90 RCV
725 Total
Skill Boost Bind Immune Bind Immune Bind Clear awakening TPA TPA TPA

Active Skill:
Light Arrow Heart
5 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
1.35x ATK / RCV Devil and Attackers. 3x ATK with Dark/Dark or Dark/Fire combo
16.4x ATK / 1.82x RCV


Halloween Rozuel is as cute as she is deadly. Sporting both triple Two Prong attacks along with Bind Immunity + Bind recovery means she can help fulfill both an offensive and defensive role on your team. Her fire cousin Rozuel has been brought into the spotlight as the ideal Fire/Water sub for Ronove Ronove teams. This is because it is quite challenging to cover both elements without sacrificing your Kaedes Ult Kaede and Ragnarok Dragon Ragnarok. Thus, Halloween Rozuel will not be as ideal due to the lack of water typing. However, you are still able to cover fire and if you run a utility card like Orochi Awoken Oorochi, you could get by.

Outside of Ronove, Halloween Rozuel could make a potential sub on Halloween Xiang Mei as a bind immune base for skill inheritance. The ability to generate heart orbs is figurative icing on the cake, but I personally dislike pure heart makers on heart/primary colour teams. In addition, the two prong attacks have less value on mono colour teams due to them mostly stacking rows.

Mysterious Guest, Laila
Devil / Attacker
2,325 HP / 1,606 ATK / 511 RCV
724 Total
TPA Dark row Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost Dark row Dark row

Active Skill:
Bottom row  Arrow Dark
6 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
1.5x HP Attackers and Devil. 3x ATK when skill used
2.25x HP / 9x ATK


Halloween Laila was part of last year’s event and has been granted an additional two dark row awakenings. This makes her a respectable sub from an awakenings point of view, but her active could have been so much stronger if it changed the top row. This is because when saving orbs, you tent to pool them at the bottom as it is less likely to have them erased via skyfall. Thus, converting your bottom row into dark has diminishing value as you will most likely not have enough dark orbs to form two unique rows. Of course you can always use Laila to help correct a poor full board changer, but there are much better combo options.

Moonlit Prowler, Vampire Lord
H Vampire
Devil / Balance
2,325 HP / 1,606 ATK / 511 RCV
724 Total
Dark row TPA Skill Lock Resist Skill Boost TPA God Killer

Active Skill:
Heart Arrow Dark
5 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
2x HP / 2.5x ATK Dark cards
4x HP / 6.25x ATK


Halloween Vampire has been updated to include an additional Two Prong Attack and a delicious God Killer awakening. Once upon a time, Vampire was sometimes paired with Awoken Loki Awoken Loki as a pseudo Norse/Dragonbound pairing, but this has become less ideal due to the various Leader Skill buffs the Dragonbounds have received. Furthermore, a heart breaker in a heart cross meta has even less value no matter how powerful their awakenings are.

Once again, Vampire will feel like a lackluster gold roll from the Halloween REM.

Spirit of the Masquerade, Alraune
Halloween Alraune
Devil / Healer
2,824 HP / 1,019 ATK / 717 RCV
725 Total
Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Lock Resist Skill Lock Resist Bind Clear awakening Time Extend Time Extend

Active Skill:
4 turn bind clear
1 turn haste
7 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
3x ATK for Healer and Devil. Heal 5x RCV with any orb match
9x ATK


Halloween Alraune is still a powerful bind clearing option as both a sub and now as an inheritance. One large problem that has existed with bind clearing actives has been no collateral benefit as most are strictly defensive. However, Halloween Alraune provides a single turn of haste to help compensate for what is normally a defensive active. In addition, her cooldown is quite low at only 7 turns and makes her a desirable option to inherit away.

Perhaps the best home for Alraune is the Halloween Xiang Mei as she is both a devil and bind immune while possessing the recover bind awakening. This means you are able to either conserve Alraune’s active or inherit something else on top or even use the haste to help cycle your skills. Finally, the two time extend awakenings will be greatly appreciated as may require the additional time to move orbs.

Five star rolls

Balance / Devil
3,328 HP / 1,490 ATK / 383 RCV
749 Total
TPA Dark row Skill Boost Skill Boost Dragon Killer Skill Lock Resist

Active Skill:
Green Arrow Dark
5 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
2x HP / 2.5x ATK Balance type
4x HP / 6.25x ATK


Halloween Chiyome is a five star roll from the Halloween REM and feels somewhat inferior to her normal REM Chiyome as she has less powerful awakenings and a less unique active. Halloween Chiyome’s active is not unique as she competes with the popular Pandora Awoken Pandora for dark orb generation and I am not quite sure when you would actually elect to run Chiyome over Pandora. Unlike the other equivalent rolls in previous Collab REMs, Chiyome does not have a unique active that would warrant them a spot on a team.

On the bright side, the artwork is Fantastic and the Dragon Killer awakening adds significant power to dragon type bosses.

Balance / Devil
3,543 HP / 1,226 ATK / 483 RCV
761 Total
Poison resist Poison resist Poison resist TPA Devil killer Dragon Killer

Active Skill:
Water Arrow Heart
5 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
3x ATK Wood attribute
9x ATK


Halloween Parvati shares the same skill as the non-awoken form and feels lackluster outside of the artwork. Parvati was rarely used as a sub prior to the various buffs to her awoken form’s active skill as a pure heart maker is okay at best. As such, Halloween Parvati will only see niche uses as a base for skill inheritance due to her low cooldown and double Killer awakenings. These Killer awakenings can allow her to deal 9x damage to a dragon/devil boss and may have situational uses.

Four star rolls

Four star rolls from Collab machines can qualify as an assistant through skill inheritance if they are able to be evolved into at least a 5-star form.

Halloween Izanami
God / Balance
3,287 HP / 1,239 ATK / 409 RCV
713 Total
Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance Light reduction Light reduction Light reduction Skill Boost

Active Skill:
35% damage reduction for 1 turn
4 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
4x ATK God and Balance. Total RCV is halved
16x ATK / 0.25x RCV


Halloween Izanami is quite a powerful four star roll as she comes with 5 enhanced orb awakenings and a passive 15% damage reduction from light bosses. Unfortunately, she does not have as clear of a role as Wedding Izanami W Iza nor as strong of an active. Halloween Izanami only reduces damage for a single turn (which may be all you need) compared to the three from her wedding counterpart. Thankfully, you also have 2 less turns of cooldown which makes her a more appealing base for skill inheritance.

In addition, outside of the aging Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon (who is receiving a new evolution soon), most dark teams do not require a shielding sub as they are predominantly devil/tank based. You should still not sell Halloween Izanami as Yomi Dragon may resurface as a powerful leader along with potential shifts in the meta,

Devil / Machine
3,018 HP / 1,850 ATK / 32 RCV
682 Total
TPA Skill Boost Auto heal Auto heal Auto heal Auto heal Auto heal Auto heal Auto heal

Active Skill:
Top row Arrow Poison
Reduce damage by 50% for 1 turn
5 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
2x ATK / RCV when 4+ combos. 3.5x ATK when clearing 6+ connected poison orbs
49x ATK / 4x RCV


Would you be miserably if you rolled Misery? Maybe if you rolled 4 in a row, but regardless, Misery is an interesting card from the Halloween REM. The poison meta never took off with Hel Awoken Hel, who had a powerful array of subs to back her up (Zaerog Infinity Z8 and Awoken Haku Haku). As such, I have mixed feelings about Misery as her activation and damage potential are harder by comparison. Forming 6 combos with a grouped 6 without any time extend can be challenging along with only a single TPA awakening from your leaders. As such, I do not foresee her being used to the extent Hel was.

Looking at Misery from a sub perspective, she may have uses on a budget Ronove Ronove team as a psuedo wood orb changer and damage reduction. You will have to use Ronove in conjunction, but may have some uses. Maybe.

Dragon / Balance
3,172 HP / 1,300 ATK / 340 RCV
691 Total
Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost Skill Boost Skill Boost

Active Skill:
10x dark attack to all enemies
3 turn bind clear
7 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
2x HP / ATK for Dragon & Balance
4x HP / 4x ATK


Halloween Mulan cannot evolve into a 5 star form and will not qualify as an assistant for skill inheritance. Furthermore. a lack of Devil and God typing means she will be excluded from a variety of teams and Gremory Gremory does not require the bind clear. Thus, Mulan will be seldom seen and I hope you do not roll numerous duplicates of her.

God / Balance
2,405 HP / 1,343 ATK / 469 RCV
665 Total
Skill Boost +heart +heart +heart blue + orb blue + orb blue + orb blue + orb blue + orb

Active Skill:
Void fire damage for 3 turns
Water Arrow blue + orb
10 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
2x HP for Water attribute. 2.5x ATK for 5o1e
4x ATK / 6.25x RCV


Halloween Undine has superior awakenings compared to her REM counterpart Undine, but does not change the fact she is still Undine. Currently, there are few uses for a full fire void and by not being able to evolve into a 5 star form, you cannot inherit Halloween Undine and would be forced to bring her as a sub to benefit from the very niche active.

Perhaps you could simply user Undine as a budget enhancer as her awakenings are quite powerful and if you are fortunate enough to max skill her, maybe inherit a stronger active on top.

Thoth and Sopdet
God / Devil
3,350 HP / 1,566 ATK / 205 RCV
665 Total
TPA Skill Boost Skill Lock Resist Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance Dark Reduction Dark Reduction Dark Reduction Dark Reduction

Active Skill:
Mass attack 1 turn
Water Arrow Heart
6 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
Match 2/3 of Light, Dark, or Heal for 2x ATK. 3.5x ATK when all 3 are matched. +5 seconds to move orbs
12.25x ATK / +10s to move orbs


Halloween Thoth and Sopdet was once a prized roll as their leader skill allowed you to easily move orbs when playing no awakenings dungeons. However, the game has changed with the introduction of Myr Miru who also passively grants orb movement time, but with significantly stronger multiplier. You can still use Thoth and Sopdet for no awakenings or even when attempting to S-Rank dungeons for the free Tamadra, but their uses are diminished as their active skill is lackluster at best.

Also, no one likes Sopdet.


The Halloween REM features a wide array of festively dressed up waifus with a distressingly low number of husbandos. However, when rolling for value in terms of viability on your various teams, the silver eggs as powerful compared to the Wedding or Beach Collab. The golden eggs are strong and will grant players access to cards that are somewhat unique along with granting two end game leaders in the 8-star region.

I would say there is some value in tentatively rolling as many of the cards can benefit your teams and who doesn’t love Thriller Karin?

Let me know who you hope to roll and how many stones you have saved up.

Happy Puzzling!

63 thoughts on “Halloween REM Review and Analysis”

  1. I’m currently in need of some good dark subs for my DMeta team, I only have hanzo and DKali, i wonder if i should roll this REM or wait ofr a chinese god godfest to try to get haku.


    1. If you are wanting the Haku/Hanzo combo, you would have to wait for the appropriate godfest as none of the halloween cards work with Hanzo.

      However, due to dark metatron’s ability to use any dark sub, you may find some value rolling a bit here


  2. Just want to throw a plug out for Sephiroth who didn’t get a mention in your analysis. This collab is incredible for him. Hkali, HVamp, and especially HAlraune are all basically best in slot for Sephiroth. Add DB Okuni or DMeta and you’re ready to rock everything without a dark absorb.

    Appreciate your analysis!


    1. That is a good point NoSoup4U!

      The additional dark/sub colour devils do add diversification to Sephiroth, but he is still a niche leader for most players and his main advantage was farming Machine Zeus.

      Still, it is good to keep in mind if you own him =)


  3. Should I be going for anything on Halloween REM? I’m about a year behind on everything and haven’t caught up to all the new bells and whistles. I’m working towards Liu Bei teams, but would like any and all advice about team building for end game…i still haven’t cleared Arena =(. (NIAP player)
    Main – https://www.padherder.com/user/grundi/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,4294967295_63,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0
    Alt – https://www.padherder.com/user/solomongrundy/monsters/#31,0,31,8191,4294967295_63,0,,0,0,0,eq,0,0,0,0,;default,0


  4. I know reviews of PAD things tend to focus on end game players, those top-tier players who min-max teams and choose only the best leads, but a lot of these rolls are actually pretty interesting and unique subs. I think people with top-tier leads (Myr/Ronove/Kaede) can do the math on what’s possibly useful for their box or not. And it feels like a bit of a downer to read everything is dated, not meta, or whatnot. Obviously most pulls from last year aren’t really going to be that good. And you seem to assume somebody can use X over Y (e.g. Pandora over Chiyome) when not everyone has rolled X.

    It might be interesting to hear some theorycrafting on how certain pulls might be useful for non-top tier leads.

    Situationally, I still use Halloween Sopdet to clear most solo descends, sometimes KoG if I need to rank up, mostly because it’s easy puzzling and fun to combo out the whole board. Against dark enemies, two means 40% damage reduction as well.

    Still, maybe most of the audience is end game focused and has most the REM pulls?


  5. I do wish they had given this Sonia Gran a new active, she had such potential. She even has lower weighted stats than Sherias, and at 8 stars! And while Devil Xiang Mei is very powerful (I demand a light/dark new years yomi dragon), I am disheartened to see them continue the trend of 500,000mp cards. Blue Myr is so powerful I can get behind the inflated cost, but DeviMei isn’t on that level. Also, I have seen several people point to Gremory as a sub for DeviMei, but is it not better to use Gremory as the leader and DeviMei as the sub?

    At the end of the day, I think Player’s Choice is too close to be tempted by witchy waifus. Good analysis as always Mantastic!


    1. I completely agree with Sonia Gran, just a few tweaks here or there or even just a Norse style active and no time extend to lower the base CD could have significantly improved her viability

      As for Dark Xiang Mei, I am not a fan of using her as a sub on Gremory as she is a pure heart maker and offers no offensive orbs.

      I would say Gremory makes a stronger lead overall due to both a higher multiplier AND survivability and is mostly gatekeeped by the active clause.

      I will review Dark Xiang Mei soon =)


  6. I was very excited to read your review/analysis on the Halloween REM and you didn’t disappoint (as per usual). Awesome, I know I will be pulling and this makes sifting through the more garbage easier haha. Thank you!


      1. I really do want the Halloween Xiang Mei. Which will be a rough pull but I was lucky with BMyr so I can hope the RNG gods are on my side!! Don’t want to drop any MP…Are you going to pull on this for anyone?


  7. (jp version player here)
    Saved up 20 rolls just for karin, got xiangmei, kali and sonia, still no sign of karin
    Seems that I will have to buy some magic stones
    Karin plz come to me ( ¡︵¡)


      1. Well I am trying to build a team for her,
        But sadly I dont have much useful devil subs, I only have akechi and no pandoras.
        (for a 1300+days player that is quite awkward)
        At least I managed to get halloween alraune and rozuel that maybe able to become a sub, still I wont be able to build a good devilMei team Q.Q


  8. disappointed that Sonia didn’t get more awakenings like the other “holiday” versions got

    also, never understood the hype of devil typing


  9. Hey Mantastic. Right now I’m running an almost decent Hathor team and a super janky Ronove team. Outside of those two, the only other notable REM monsters I have are GrOdin, Satsuki, Castor, Michael and Balboa. Do you think that there’s any value in the Halloween Collab for me?


    1. As a player with a relatively shallow monster box, I would abstain from rolling Collabs as you are much better off using your stones in favourable godfests. Furthermore, the Halloween REM has less value at the silver level compared to Beach and Wedding



    Excellent review as always, and congratulations on the feature from GungHo North America’s Facebook page! What an honor 😀

    I might roll once just for the YOLO….


  11. Good review! However, I don’t understand why everyone keeps forgetting that Armored Batman is a devil with a full board changer that includes hearts and comes with 2 rows. You can also chain him with Pandora to make a really dark heavy board given enough heart spawns. This makes him one of the best subs for Halloween XM! Obviously only if you were lucky to pull him but the same can be said of Cecil.


  12. My biggest problem with Sonia Gran is the fact, that dragons already have very high HP but low RCV…

    Also chyome is easily the best Haku sub in the game!!


  13. Fun fact!: it is easy to mistake the pose of Karin as the “thriller pose” but actually asian zombies are depicted to be holding their arms straight up and out! The garments they are shown to be wearing in her splash art are all part of the Asian zombie tradition as well


  14. Surprise surprise. Dark XM is basically worthless because she isn’t myr

    Sonia gran isn’t myr

    Hkali isn’t myr and we even add a myraculous in her description, further displaying the authors obsession.

    Sopdet is also worthless now when she could have been used before in no awakenings dungeons, guess why? While completely negating her use as a sub.

    Sonia also seems to be ignored as a sub because her LS isn’t myr. Despite her not being a devil makes her relevant on other teams. While others are ignored for being excellent subs as well.

    It’s great that you only use one lead and one team now, but maybe that’s not so good for the game. Other people like variety


    1. It is a shame you feel this way, but I will concede I do love Myr, but this obsession you speak of is not apparent in my analysis.

      I compared XM to heart-cross leaders which is the main reason she is faltering and Sonia Gran is an inferior version of Sherias Roots in most cases and is not a strong sub.

      As for my Myraculous pun, that is part of my charm and I use that and Fantastic throughout my work.

      A quick search only shows Myr coming up in Myraculous and when I state Sopdet is dated as Myr is a stronger option. Sopdet is not a strong sub in most cases as a 6-turn heart generating active is not very good value and low base stats.

      As for Sonia, no devil, god, or heart generating active heavily excludes her.

      Thus, Myr was mentioned once in an over 3,000 word analysis.

      Furthermore, I try to use a variety of leaders and showcase less common strategies for +297 dungeons, challenge 10s, etc. such as Dark Metatron, Sarasvati, DQXQ, and gravities to bypass resolve.


      1. Sopdet is a strong sub because of her dark resist. 20% along with a couple of latents allow lots of worthwhile dark teams to tank dq hera for arena without needing a shield. That is valuable to lots of people. Her AS is irrelevant as you can inherit something onto it and at 6 turns it adds much less wait time then other less than stellar options.

        As someone who uses or at least used to use Venus as a staple on myr I think you would be able to ascertain this. Venus’ active is mostly useless too, especially after light Akechi made his way in the scene but that is irrelevant because of inheritance. Making Venus viable. Obviously sopdet isn’t the absolute greatest but nor should she be anything more than what she is as a 4 star.

        All of these same points are viable for lots of these 4 star monsters and their great situational awakenings, for a large group of players that aren’t farming myr yet but can potentially start to fight arena or other content.

        As for Sonia she is absolutely amazing on machine hera. Even a dark machine Zeus team. Another demographic that isn’t you, I get that, but you used to look at things from multiple perspectives and I don’t see that anymore. Sopdet is still amazing for lower tier and personally helped me clear arena for the first time after I pulled her last year.

        I get that myr is your girl but not everyone sees things from the single pov, and if you don’t see how she has made you jaded then…. I dunno what to say. I can see it in everything you write despite you not mentioning her by name. Most of the people who actually need to use your blog for advice are newer and may not realize how great sopdet is despite what you wrote. Sonia people who know realize what she can or cannot do so her snubbing is less relevant. For those of us who still speed farm arena with machine hera since not all of our friends have mathena yet, she is amazing.


        1. Not entirely sure what you were trying to prove with this last post. Sure, if your only paradigm for measuring the worth of a card is how well it fits on a machine hera arena farming coop team, then you got it – myr is awful at that, thoth and sopdet are fine, and blonia is incredible! He also touched on their other uses (S-ranking, no awaken dungeons…), so this aggression is completely unwarranted. If you aren’t a fan of his work (which covers a huge array of leaders and strategies), then go somewhere else for free material.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Dude, relax. Guides and reviews by their very nature will have an element of YMMV (and yours is heavy on the V, which is cool). Mantastic’s posts are great, and just because he uses certain puns as part of a theme (like his Myracle stone rewards on his twitch feed) doesn’t mean he’s got some sort of prejudice; it’s just an artifact of the heart cross meta the game is currently in. Most of the Halloween cards are usable, but not for top tier leads. But that is true of hundreds of the cards in the game that don’t need to be called out specially.

          It’s cool to disagree with one of these posts, but there’s no need to take affront to it. Just call out some advantages to cards, that you see were maybe missed, in the comments and people will catch your feedback when they read below the guide.

          Liked by 1 person

  15. I am Mid game with my main lead being gadius on my main account. my dark side of the box is kind of limited. I have zuoh on my main and Lu bu on my other account for leaders. worth rolling? Thanks for all you do!


    1. If your monster box has numerous REM holes in it, rolling collabs is generally a bad idea as you can gain more value from a strong godfest.

      Unless you are really GungHo about the silvers (as that is most common with a few rolls), you should abstain from the Halloween REM


  16. Got 40 stones saved, but IDK how many I’ll actually roll. I definitely want a Misery, gotta keep that poison meta alive lol. To be honest, I feel like it’d be kinda fun to have a 2nd or maybe 3rd with some hastes on the team for a fast farming style lol. That said her lack of SBR really kills any odds that she can do the things Hel does.

    There’s a few other things I’d be happy to get, including Thopdet for fun. I don’t expect to get anything actually strong or very useful, but I decided I don’t mind tossing some stones at stuff that would be fun instead this time. And hey, maybe Gran Reverse will pop out. I got my RKali trying to roll for the healer girls in xmas REM after all lol.


    1. As long as you are happy go for it =)

      The prob with Misery and trying to make a system-ish team for fast farming is the need to actually match combos for multiplier instead of true button/swipe farming

      I hope you do get lucky on Sonia Gran =P


  17. Not sure if it was mentioned yet or not, on the fb page there is a note under Sonia Gran that says her active will be changed in the near future, still unsure how that will change her value but hopefully it’s for the better.


  18. Woke up this morning and said, why not roll once just so I have a monster from all the seasonal events …. Mulan.

    Well, I can sell Mulan. Let’s roll again…. Mulan.

    Urgh. Can’t be a fluke, might as well roll one more time… Mulan.

    You know, There’s no way I can get another …. Mulan.

    Oh well. 9,000 MPs I guess and will keep one in the box as a reminder.that Halloween really is scary.

    On another note, love the site, keep up the graet work.


  19. I rolled a FA Lucifer last Godfest and was happy for my dark box finally being viable (having no use for Eschamali broke my heart), but his weakness to binds wasn’t something I could easily solve. There’s Aamir and the badge, sure, but having no Yomi Dragon made building his team dubious. Then the Halloween gatcha comes around, I make my obligatory roll, and lo and behold, Alraune comes out.

    Would you say that Alraune / Eschamali / Pandora / Loki is a good Luci team? I also got two Hakus (DB and DR), but using them along with Escha feels redundant.


    1. I would drop Loki for Awoken Haku to bolster your RCV. From there you should inherit Loki onto Lucifer as you are only using the burst once and may be using Haku’s board refresh multiple times by comparison.


  20. I saved up 79 stones across the last few months for this REM for the sole reason of Sephiroth. My ideal team would be Sephiroth, Beach Valkyrie (which I purchased for 300K MP during the summer event), Halloween Alraune, Halloween Vampire, and Halloween Kali, and I was missing the latter three.

    I rolled all my stones and I’ve gotten the following:
    4 Undine
    3 Thoth and Sopdet
    2 Parvati
    1 Chiyome
    1 Mulan
    1 Misery
    1 Alraune

    Of the three Alraune, HVamp, and HKali, Alraune was the most desired because I also run A.Pandora and A.Luci, and she is a great bind-clear option for both. (Yay that I got her!)

    If I don’t roll HKali by the end of the event I’ll sell monsters until I can buy her for MP as well. I’m not planning on spending for this REM, so hopefully I can scrounge up a few stones to get HVamp. Otherwise my Dark Valk or normal dark Izanami will do to cover Red, but unlike HVamp both of these don’t have the crucial last skill bind awakening needed for the 100% skill bind resist. Chiyome is another option but Sephiroth needs all 5 colors to hit his max multiplier, and Chiyome changes Green -> Dark.

    Good luck to everyone pulling!


    1. And of course my wife goes and pulls a HVamp. I’m not salty, and I’ll just keep telling myself that.

      BTW awesome reviews Mantastic!


      1. Well congrats to your wife =P

        As for your pulls, I am glad you were able to acquire Alraune! She is one of the best utility options available for most dark teams =D

        As for your last sub for that crucial fire slot, you could use Pandora to cover fire, provide SBR, generate hearts, and works better than Chiyome imo. Of course you are not able to hit max multiplier, but neither were you with Chiyome but it may be a viable option in your case.


  21. I rolled Chiyome on my alt that runs a Vritra rows team so she’s quite nice there as she is dark/fire and generates dark orbs from something that’s not fire — going to put her where I had been using Voice as her awakenings and coloring are purely better for a Vritra team.

    However, I realize that’s really niche. Just wanted to point out that there is like, a valid case where she is better than her normal version 🙂


    1. Well I am glad you were able to find a usage for your Halloween Chiyome! It was moreso a generalization statement that the regular Chiyome was superior due to more killer awakenings and a more unique active =0


  22. I did a roll just for fun: Undine… ehr, bye Halloween REM, see you next year and hope you’ll bring some really useful cards like Wedding and PAD Island machines 🙂


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