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Halloween REM Review and Analysis


Some people love ghosts and goblins, others prefer fiends and ghouls; however, for all of you Puzzle and Dragons lovers, you probably love Puzzle and Waifus the most. This year’s Halloween Rare Egg Machine features returning favourites as well as new characters festively dressed up for the occasion. Let’s just hope that the only scary thing you encounter is a mischievously dressed up child and not next month’s Visa statement.

Many of the featured cards are coloured-swapped characters who have received various buffs and like the Beach or Wedding REM, which grants them new uses and viability.

Video Commentary

Pancaaake rolling!

Rolls overview

 Halloween Rare Egg Machine Overview
8 star rolls 3222 3223 HKali
7 star rolls 2406
6 star rolls 3224 3225 2409 H Vampire Halloween Alraune
5 star rolls 3226 3227
4 star rolls Halloween Izanami 3230 3228 2412 3229

8 star rolls

Xiang Mei
2,812 HP / 1,903 ATK / 1,001 RCV
995 Total
Skill Boost Skill Boost Time Extend Skill Lock Resist Dark row 37

Active Skill:
Question Orb Arrow  Heart
1 turn haste
7 turn Cooldown

Leader Skill:
1.5x HP / 2x ATK Devils. 3x ATK with 3 heal combos, 4.5x with 3+
2.25x HP / 81x ATK


When the fire Xiang Mei Xiang Mei was released, she completely shook up the meta as she was the next level of powercreep as she was able to form a system, deal spectacular damage, and was tanky by those standards. However, the level of powercreep has also evolved at a nearly unprecedented pace and a 2.25x HP leader is no longer durable in today’s meta. If you look at the JP tier lists, fire Xiang Mei has almost been completely removed. This can be misleading as she is by no means weak, but instead, is not as strong as the other options currently available (the tier list also assumes perfect teams). Xiang Mei can still clear plenty of content, but she is faltering when compared to the heart-cross leaders. Continue reading Halloween REM Review and Analysis

All I Want for Christmas is…a Snow Globe?

I can’t believe this will be my third Puzzle and Dragons Christmas and every year it gets bigger and better! Gung-Ho has consistently been stepping up their game in terms of the number events, content being released, and magic stone/tamadras/pii give-aways. Tomorrow, we get the revamped Christmas Dungeon with the top difficulty being amusingly named SuperBlessed. I dearly hope the dungeon features festive music (I still do not understand people who play with the sound off) as that helped me get into the Christmas spirit and combined my favourite time of year with my love for PAD. Continue reading All I Want for Christmas is…a Snow Globe?