One Shot Challenge 4 Guide and How to deal with Gaia, Zeus, or Noah Dragon

Important change

You will not face the same Radar Dragon as you did the first time through as these challenges rotate so everyone will eventually face all three.


This set of One Shot Challenges will allow players to acquire a Radar Dragon outside of Arena 3. This is Fantastic for the general population as these dragons are required for the new evolutions for the original 5 Monster Point cards (Shiva, Neptune, Odin, Ra, and Yomi Dragon) as Arena 3 is out of reach for most teams. In addition, you have to encounter the correct dragon AND have it drop which can prove a frustrating experience. Conversely, this set of Challenges provides a fixed spawn and a guaranteed drop. However, you do not get to choose your encounter and are instead assigned one based on your starter dragon choice. This can be easily found as the coloured orb beside your in-game name. Finally, this challenge must be completed in solo mode, but you are able to stone to continue.

Just be aware that this is meant to be an end game challenge and many players will be unable to successfully clear it. With that being said, a wide variety of teams are capable of clearing this dungeon, but it is vital to be fully plussed, latented, and inherited where required.

If you wish to see my clears on Fantastic and Mantastic for Gaia and Zeus Dragon, check out my next post HERE to see the full team set up/latents/inherits.

For this set, I will be using Krishna on both accounts and will upload the videos when completed.

Video commentary

Which Radar Dragon do I fight?

Players are assigned a specific Radar Dragon to fight on floor 20 based on their starter dragon choice. This choice is indicated by the coloured icon beside your in-game name.

  • Fire fights Noah Dragon
  • Water fights Gaia Dragon
  • Wood fights Zeus Dragon

For example, Mantastic started with fire and will fight Noah (Fantastic has Gaia):

Crown rank feature

Hurdles of solo mode and no duplicates

This Challenge must be completed in solo mode along with imposing a no duplicate cards restriction. This means that many system teams will be made unusable as they can no longer loop their skills and be forced to bring less ideal subs. This means that Kaede Ult Kaede and Sumire Ult Sumire will have to find new subs as they can no longer bring multiples of themselves (you can still use a friend’s leader). You can also try and uses high-stat, low cooldown cards as bases to inherit various actives or use a less evolved form of a key card if it can provide the similar benefits.

In solo mode, players will have to rely on themselves and their 6 actives for success. As such, you are left vulnerable to skill delays as you cannot use your partner as a pseudo shield. Thus, it becomes wise to either use Skill Delay Latents Skill delay resist or Skill Inheritance to protect yourself.

On the positive side, cards with haste will have more impact as every card will benefit from it along with being able to choose a solo mode badge. What badge you choose to use will be based on your individual team, but you will generally want to improve your durability.

Dungeon overview

The Challenge dungeon draws similarities to Endless Corridors as there are 20 floors with each containing various spawns. Some floors will always have the same encounter while others will draw from a pool of bosses. Either way, the dungeon is designed to try and counter as many teams as possible and it is crucial you do your research prior to attempting. You are able to stone for a continue but I strongly advise against it unless you are near the end and certain for victory as it may be better to simply restart in most cases. Just remember that the Radar Dragon at the end is a guaranteed drop.

Apparently they changed the floors leading up to the Radar Dragon and I haven’t had time to take a close enough look to update this part yet. Always refer to Puzzledragonx for more information.

Radar Dragons

First off, congrats on making it this far! This dungeon is not easy to manage and you are finally on the home stretch. Who will spawn is based on your starter dragon’s colour, so please make sure you know check (can refer to the top of this article is unsure).

Unlike Arena 3, you do not have to worry about Kali at the end and should use every active you have available. My videos are all of coop Arena 3, but they still showcase how to play through each encounter along with having me not use all my actives as I still need to save them for the Kali after. One nice thing about this Challenge is that all the Radar Dragons are weaker than their Arena 3 counterparts and you know who will spawn instead of it being random.

Gaia Dragon2718

Voids over 6M damage
33,500,000 HP
75% damage reduction for 7 turns
Will do two 58,843k hits during this time
Makes Jammers/skips turn otherwise
7th turn causes board to go dark and 75% reduction drops off
If above 50% HP, absorbs 2 colours for three turns (each colour has 40% chance)
When above 50% HP, 25k hit and 3-5 turn skill delay, repeatedly
Under 50% will result in a -500% gravity. Used once
31-50% causes blind or orb lock
20-30% cause 5 turn sub bind or 10% boss heal
Execution under 20%

Gaia Dragon is a nightmare for many different teams. The first 7 turns are trivial for heart-cross leaders (or teams with over 58,843 HP) and allows you to somewhat stall for actives during their 75% damage reduction phase. However, they become the worst possible monster if your team does not have full 5 SDR Skill delay resist latents on each card. There is a certain amount of gambling involved with Gaia Dragon as they have a 40% chance to absorb your primary colour and then have you stuck in the permanent skill delay cycle. It is possible, albeit very difficult to push them below 50% during their damage reduction phase, but that means dealing 80 million damage. However you will receive a -500% Gravity if below 50%.

All of this makes Gaia seem impossible unless you feel lucky with the colour absorb and are able to kill right away in one go. Thus, I have found the most effective strategy is to actually kill during the 75% damage reduction phase or leave it at low health during the blind attack to solve in the dark and kill as you will be dealing full damage.

In order to successfully implement this strategy, you will need bring heavy orb changers and burst active abilities. You do not have to one shot or even kill within 7 turns, but instead try and push it as much as possible and kill in the dark after the 75% wears off. Gaia Dragon will always do the same 7 skill for the first 7 turns so you know exactly what will occur. That means there will not be any Grand Ray attack or any other ability during this time.

Remember, Gaia Dragon voids all damage above 6 million, but with the 75% reduction shield, you have to hit 24 million to be absorbed. The 500% Gravity will kill any team, even a heart cross leader as they can only survive a 399% gravity with a 75% damage reduction shield. You could in theory bring a shielding sub on a heart cross team, but you are better off with more orb changers.

Gaia Rotation

Gaia Dragon follows a specific rotation for her first seven turns:

  • Turn 1: make 3 jammers
  • Turn 2: charges up (no damage)
  • Turn 3: hits you for 58,843
  • Turn 4: make 3 jammers
  • Turn 5: charges up (no damage)
  • Turn 6: hits you for 58,843
  • Turn 7: board goes dark BUT 75% shield drops off at same time

Sample video of Gaia Dragon kill (this was done in coop in Arena 3, but the principle is the same if you bring enhance active as this Gaia Dragon has less HP (I do not run an enhance on my team as I rely on the double Saria + Wedding Akechi for damage):

Zeus Dragon

Voids over 20M damage
67,000,000 HP
Execution at >90% and <20%
Abilities vary according to boss HP percentage (new ability every 10%)
Relatively easy to stall between 30-40% as he only spawns Poison and Hearts

Zeus Dragon is all around, the easiest Radar Dragon spawn for the average team. This is because he does not have any crazy mechanics and his main hurdle is a large amount of HP (with a 20M+ void). His abilities are dangerous, but you can somewhat control which one he does by modifying your damage and knocking him into a favourable zone. Which zone is best for you depends on your team and how much you need to stall. For a heart cross team or those with exceptionally high RCV, his poison + heart generation from 30-40% is the safest to stall on. Just match your cross and as many other heart orbs as possible. However, you have to be careful as he will become very dangerous at 20-30% and his execution is <20%.

Stalling in the poison zone is dangerous if you do not play a heart cross leader or a team with defensive multipliers.

The key to defeating Zeus Dragon is understanding your damage output and pushing him into a “safe zone.” It is possible to one shot Zeus Dragon, albeit unlikely as you have to come close to the 20M damage per card without going under 20% if you cannot make 8 combos afterwards. Naturally, you want to avoid the heart breaking ability between 50-60% as he will constantly remove your heart orbs.

This was my second ever Arena 3 clear where I was quite lost on what to do so it may be helpful to watch as it is a lot more stressful and shows many of the damage zones. Zeus Dragon starts at 25:59

A cleaner kill but has issues with sound as it was lifted from my stream.

Noah Dragon

Voids over 5M damage for 99 turns
27,300,000 HP
Absorbs 2 random colours every turn
Binds 1 sub for 1 turn
Hits for 13,087 when above 50%
Deals one attack of dangerous damage when under 90%, 75%, and 50% (once at each threshold)
Dangerous when <50% HP as mechanics change
5 turn skill delay when <50%
Execution under 30%

Noah Dragon is the easiest Dragon to stall on and allows you to easily recharge any active as they only hit for 17,013 damage per turn. If you are playing a heart-cross leader, you can form your damage reduction cross every other turn and easily survive. The damage absorption can be frustrating and when combined with a 5M+ void and the safest strategy is to simply wait out the 99 turn 5M void and then giant burst when your colours are not being absorbed and a favourable card is not bound. If this is your first time, I would strongly recommend you do this strategy as if is safer, albeit somewhat boring.

However, many players are impatient and wish to find ways to avoid stalling for a small eternity. I have done both avenues, and going for a premature kill is only wise if you are very well aware of your damage output and trust your ability to hit under 5 million per card. The gist is knocking Noah Dragon to as close, but above 50% to avoid the delay. Then you wait for a favourable colour absorb and non-important sub bound. You still have to be careful, but it is better to deal too much damage than not enough as overkill results in a void and no movement of the boss’s HP. Knocking below 50% is possibly, but it will trigger a 5 turn active skill delay and cause them to switch to a 17k hit, 1 sub bind (+5,671 hit), and then a 99% cut every turn. Very unpleasant, but doable with a heart cross team or those who can heal tremendous amounts of HP. At this point, you wish to kill them as soon as possible. At 30% HP, Noah Dragon has around 10.3 million HP and gives you plenty of room to hit under 5 million per monster.

You also have to keep in mind the additional damage from the various Judgement attacks that occur at <90%, <75%, <50%, <30% as these hit significantly harder, but only occur once when passing each threshold. This also means you can have the <90% and <75% back to back so use damage mitigation accordingly.

Killing Noah Dragon before the damage absorb wears off.
Choose the video that has sound for yourself =) live video from on

Noah Dragon post 99 turns of stalling:


This set of One-Shot Challenges provides players with another opportunity to test their puzzling skills along a more reliable way to acquire a Radar Dragon. However, this is perhaps the toughest challenge to date and it will take careful planning and execution to be successful. Just be aware that not everyone will be able to complete this dungeon, but if you are close, you can stone for a continue.

Let me know what team you plan on using and if you are excited about the the chance at a Radar Dragon.

I will be recording my clears and will upload them to YouTube.

Happy Puzzling!

46 thoughts on “One Shot Challenge 4 Guide and How to deal with Gaia, Zeus, or Noah Dragon”

  1. A Noahdra that I don’t have to slam my head against Arena 3 to get? I might have to finally ult evo my Brachy just to show my appreciation for the little guy. Anyway, I’ll be running BMyr with subs probably being Andro/Andro/Gab/BUrd. Looks really easy from the vids I’ve seen. I kind of feel sorry for an IRL friend of mine who’ll be missing out on Grodin Tamazo. She really needed Krishna to be released in order to take on a dungeon like this solo. Lastly, haha, no Hephdra because even Gungho isn’t that twisted.


    1. Your team sounds solid. Are you going to be stalling out the 99 turns or killing prematurely?

      I hope you are successful on your first try and make sure to restall whenever possible =)


      1. I stalled it ou and cleared first try. Had to trade Andro out for my SS Isis w/Y’shtola inherit due to the no dupes condition. Her base active ended up completely trivializing the stalling on Noahdra as it gave me enough healing to survive two hits in a row if I got no hearts and kept the binds off my other cards. I did have to do a lot of extra stalling though as I got the worst Urd boards ever. My first one gave me only six hearts and my second only five. My actual kill combo ended up being Gabriel+Myr on a Light-heavy board.


        1. Well congrats on your clear and glad to hear you didn’t falter while stalling! It defninately helps if you can survive two consecutive hits in a row without heart orbs as RNG can be unkind

          Enjoy your Noah Dragon!


  2. Haha I was watching your third gaia dragon video and then you mentioned me on stream(ROFLpwn01). With your help, maybe I can kill sopdet without using all my actives(and gaiadra ofc).


  3. My main is Bmyr and Gaia Dra is my challenge. I had no issue clearing noah dra on my bmyr alt account (lucky first shot yay!) but green resistance to blue scares me.
    I like to run Bmyr(orichi), ASQ(-), urd(urd), andromeda(-), gabriel(urd), Bmyr(Raphael)

    1- can i burst throughthe 75% shield 50% resist in 6 turns?
    2- would it be wiser to poke but save actives during shield, endure skill delays (ni latentsbut inherits) and ASQ + urd+andro and hope it is enough?
    3- carry the blue puppet master, if i make it throughthedungeon,switchgaia to red and blue it up during 75%shield?
    Note: im not against spending a stone or twosince this is probably the toughest for my blue team.

    Thank you for your guides, always so useful and relevant!,


    1. Looking at your team, you have an almost excess of delays and shields. You do not need Orochi for this dungeon and I would swap it to another orb changer. Your friend with Raphael could be used to tank the 500% gravity, but again it is better to be offensive

      Your idea of using the puppeteer is the easiest way to deal with Gaia and will yield the most stable result. You can drop your least important sub and inherit that active onto Bmyr. This could be dropping Sun Quan and inheriting him onto Myr and using a friend with a useful orb changer. I suggest dropping SQ because his active is probably used the least

      I do not run a delay or extra shield for either of my clears (had gaia and zeus for my Myr teams) and you should be fine as well


  4. I used Ronove for GaiaDra. I pinged him under 50% while his 75% reducton shield (Dragon and Machine Killer Awakenings OP). I inherited Raphael onto a sub to tank the 500% grav and then killed him after his 75% absorb shield was gone. First try clear and first encounter of GaiaDra ever


  5. New strategy;

    Ping thebdragon during 75% shield but stay sbove 50% (think i’ll ha hard time to drop below during that time. Save skills. When shield drops , SQ, urd and andro for the kill. Id inherit all characters to endure the 3-5 skill delay and still have my skills to burst.

    Question though: does the skill delay occur on seventh turn or after? Id there a time when the shield is down and i can burst before he hits?


    1. After the board goes dark, the 75% shield will drop off and that is the best time to burst.If you fail to kill him then you are probably dead unless you leave him above 50% and then one shot after.

      Skill delay occurs on turn 9 if above 50%. Turn 8 is colour absorbs


  6. It honestly feels like they didn’t include Hippo dragon to this list so that people don’t have to suffer through that nonsense xD
    Also, this is a great way for some people to get Zeus dragon without doing A3 for those who want to ultimate evolve PAD’s giant chicken when the evo comes out.


    1. Hippo is nearly impossible solo and requires insanely developed teams to clear (eg. SDR latents, fully inherited, etc) so it makes sense

      As for easy Zeus Dragons, it makes sense form the company’s POV as people will stone like crazy and gives people something to work towards, but makes me feel kinda meh considering I farm A3 and it is now less “special”


  7. First, let me say that I love your blog! I’m an EU player, so this particular post doesn’t really apply to me (yet), but it’s interesting to read anyway. I use Myr for almost all high-end dungeons, which makes your blogs extra useful!

    Now you said that, for tackling GaiaDra, you could in theory take a shield to tank the 500% damage, but that it’s better to bring another orb changer. Now I would like to point out Wedding Izanami, who is one of my main subs on my Myr team. She has Orochi inherited, so she is my utility sub for all occasions (Myr has Thumbelina for bind clears)

    Since I don’t think I’ve ever really seen you mention WIza before, I just like to point out that she’s an amazing sub. Her 5 light OE add a ton of damage, her 3 dark resist awakenings are extremely useful (though moreso in Arena (3) than it is here), and best of all her active gives you just that extra shield when you need it. Dark Izanami wasn’t a top tier sub for the longest time for no reason after all.

    I have solo’d A3 multiple times with my Myr team and have managed to get all of the radar dragons to drop (HephDra dropped during coop, though I have beaten him solo with Myr), where WIza’s shield has helped me so often, e.g. on Ilsix, HeraDra, GaiaDra (500% gravity) and Kali, to simply tank her >65% hit to get rid of her shield in order to one-shot her, or at least get her under 65% more easily.

    While you can probably tank most of these hits (except the 500% gravity), this is because you often play with yourself, giving you more HP. Not all people have that luxury so I feel like WIza is the best utility sub for Myr, and in this case would make GaiaDra quite a bit easier (as well as the rest of the dungeon).

    Welp, sorry for the long message. I didn’t mean for it to be this long when I started writing it haha. Here’s hoping it will help anyone out there ^^


  8. Kaede a.parv micheal Verdandi Perseus Kaede^gemstone, on GaiaDra, and killed over 6 turns while 75 was still up, with the pending blind a safety fallback attempt. Friend Kaede had the gemstone inherit, you can triple TPA under gemstone boost and still be under damage absorb with the 75 in effect. Sophdet requires a heartcross and one wood TPA for multiple turns of chip, and is arguably the riskier floor, as wood skyfall can mess you up there. The rest of the floors were standard cruise, you can be somewhat liberal with actives and stall back on the couple of late floors just before gaiaDra fairly easily.

    Took 3 attempts because improbable skyfalls on Sophdet killed me twice mid-chip. Literally no nearby wood…3 wood orbs fall. Classic. GaiaDra itself when down fairly smooth, first try.

    Doing the lords work putting the turn order / attacks in a clear form here, by the way. I came here rather than padx to sanity check the attack/turn order as vastly more readable and clean. Appreciated.


  9. Could you use one of those teams, eg. Minerva that has 100% red damage resistance and that MP sub (charlite?!), that turns all creatures to red?


  10. Hey man, huge fan of your blog, and your videos too. Just a quick heads up, according to padx, these one-shots are completely different than the last ones.


  11. Round 2-Zeusdra

    “You know, let’s have fun and take YY. A few things are a pain but, I can do this.”
    -Makes it to Zeusdra-
    -Skuld puts out a board with no enhanced orbs-
    -Sigh- “BMyr it is then.”


  12. Thanks to your streams, and especially this guide, I finally cleared a One Shot Challenge and obtained my first Radar Dragon. Thank you, Mantastic.


      1. Also, if I accidentally knock him down to 10% or below, does he go for his kill move set right away or will he cycle through his 90%, 70%, etc skill set before killing me?


  13. if you use a fire team against gaia dragon, does that mean damage above 12 million will be absorbed? or is it still 24 million?


  14. would a team Myr – Tifa with subs as gadius, Vaan, Saria and apocalypse could make sense for gaia drake challenge ?
    or is it a too weak one ?


    1. You would be having a lower multiplier but maybe it could be offset by the bigger board. It is possible, but you should have a board combo active. Eg. using Apocalypse and then DQXQ/Elia to form 2/3 light, 1/3 heart board


  15. Thanks for this! 🙂 First time, I died on Athena…silly, trying to conserve actives. Second time, got to Gaia. Took three turns to kill. Krishna is awesome. Team: A.Krishna (Urd), Sanada, Urd, A.Yamato, ACC, A.Krishna (forgot…made bi-color board: red/blue)


    1. Krishna makes short work of Gaia Dragon =D Provided you control your damage, you can easily kill her before even the first hit and being given so many turns is amazingi

      Also, congrats on your clear!


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