[Video] One Shot Challenge 5 – Krishna vs Noah & Gaia Dragon, Izanagi/Myr vs Gaia Dragon


As a follow up to my One Shot Challenge 4 Guide, here are my clear videos for Mantastic, Fantastic. and MOMtastic accounts. I also included their full team set up, latents, and inheritance choices to help give a better understanding to my thought process.

Video commentary

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Mantastic Noah Dragon clear (no 99 turn stall)

Mantastic team

I used nearly the same team  as I do for Arena 3 except for dropping my second Sanada 3101 for Gadius Gadius due to the no duplicates restriction. This actually proved to be helpful as Gadius’s high base recovery combined with bind immunity and bind recover Bind Clear awakening allow for more flexibility/utility than I normally have.

My Krishna team is far less invested in compared to my Myr as I have fewer latents and inherits.

Mantastic’s Team
Card Inherit Latents Comments
3068 A Cao Cao Delay to overcome resolve floors
Urd Auto heal Auto heal Auto heal
Auto heal Auto heal
Autoheal was all I had
3101 Green Odin Green Odin clears binds

Using as SDR protection


Gadius Awoken Leilan  

Using as a strong base for Leilan

Bankai Yamato Combos with Leilan for Noah
3068 Awoken Ares Fire resist Water Red Wood resist
Light reduction Dark Reduction
Upgraded active

When facing Noah Dragon, you can liberally use active skills as you will be forced to stall on the boss to some degree. I built my team around killing Noah Dragon without stalling for 99 turns. In order to do this, I had to use the +15% HP badge to tank the <75% hit. I also did my best to chip Noah Dragon down as close to 50% as possible, then unbind with the Green Odin inherit, Leilan + Yamato to kill. Due to fire dealing 50% less damage to water, you can hit up to 10 million without having it being voided.

It is safer to stall out the 99 turns and then do a giant burst at the end.

Fantastic’s Gaia Dragon clear

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Fantastic team

I had to use Hino Awoken Hino as my last slot due to the no duplicates restriction. This placed severe constraints on my ability to heal as I only have 1 heart generator. This is further complicated by the fact I rely on Yamato’s active to combo with Leilan as it is challenging to have the inherit charge up to combo with someone else.

Due to the higher HP of the team, I was able to run the +25% RCV badge.

Fantastic’s Team
Card Inherit Latents Comments
3068 Awoken Ares Fire resist Water Red Wood resist
Light reduction Dark Reduction
Upgraded active
Ares Autoheal was all I had
Bankai Yamato Bankai Yamato Fire resist Water Red Wood resist
Light reduction Dark Reduction
Combos with Leilan

Using as SDR protection

Awoken Hino Other +297 lying around
Awoken Leilan Verd Imp HP Imp HP Imp HP Combos with Yamato

Upgrades her active

3068 A Cao Cao Delay to overcome resolve floors

MOMtastic’s Izanagi/Myr clear


My mom braved the snow in Vancouver to give her favourite (and only son) a visit. I was able to clear the One Shot Challenge using her account by pairing her Awoken Izanagi with Fantastic’s Myr.

This run pretty much showcases everything that could go wrong and still manage to come out on top.

MOMtastic team

My mom has a less invested team from an inheritance and latent set up. Aside from being vulnerable to binds, Izanagi also struggles with due to having a lackluster base active. Being able to generate 7 hearts is largely superior to a 2x ATK burst that does not help half of the team.

Her team is much less ideal compared to my regular Myr teams and I was extra paranoid about binds so I chose to run the Leader Bind Immune badge. The passive 2x RCV to God types provided a massive burst of healing as half of the cards were the correct typing.

In addition, the lower number of light rows, orb enhances and slightly smaller multiplier did result in lower overall damage than what I am used to.

MOMtastic’s Team
Card Inherit Latents Comments
Awoken Izanagi Thor Upgraded active
Awoken DQXQ RCV Latent RCV Latent RCV Latent
Auto heal Auto heal
Combos with Apocalypse
Uevo Apoc Combos with DQXQ
Venus Saria RCV Latent RCV Latent RCV Latent Venus has a better body
Saria Saria boards
Miru W Akechi Skill delay resist Skill delay resist Skill delay resist
RCV Latent
 RCV Latent
Combos with Saria


I decided to stream all of my One Shot Challenges on my Twitch Stream which hopefully gave another layer of engagement for my viewers as well as being able to see the running chat box (at about a 15 second delay). One Shot Challenges do not always have to be gloriously done as you only require a single clear and do not have the luxury of farming them repeatedly to gain a better understanding of the spawns.

Let me know who you used to clear this with and what strategies you utilized.

Happy Puzzling!

8 thoughts on “[Video] One Shot Challenge 5 – Krishna vs Noah & Gaia Dragon, Izanagi/Myr vs Gaia Dragon”

  1. Nice clears!!!!

    I never would have used Gadius as base for Leilan…youre only doing it for the extra rcv! Clever use of tans… I’m going to try it, I have a spare leilan lying around.

    Since I don’t have Urd, I’m thinking maybe I should experiment with swapping my Cao for Antares.
    I have Krishna (force)/yamato/sanada for core and then leilan, gadius(now with leilan!) rrh, Antares.

    You were right, lmeta on Cao sucks… I find I’m never able to access the delay when I need it and half the time I can’t even waste the lmeta active to get rid of it.


    1. The RCV from Gadius is pretty amazing and allowed me to easily use the +15% HP badge =)

      Cao Cao is needed in some way for his delay as it bypasses resolve floors and gives you a turn to recover, but if you use Force, that works too

      If you are confident about dodging binds, you can get away with Gadius as a sub, but you may need the bind clear for Noah Dragon if you go for the early kill


  2. Finally cleared it.

    Krishna (Saria)
    Leilan (A. Sakuya)
    Gadius (Kanna)
    Yamato (A. Kushinadahime)
    Krishna (Red Sonia)

    I needed a shield because I didn’t have 60K HP. Sakuya’s skill was there mostly for the gravity in order to guarantee I could break the 75% threshold on the turn I used my shield.

    Earlier this week I stalled for 99 turns, but failed to do enough damage which is why Gadius had Kanna’s skill. I didn’t want to take any chances this time, but when I had noah dragon down to about 55% I decided I might as well use Sakuya;’s skill again. I watched your video last night, so I knew that I only needed a couple of rows.

    Feels great to finally clear it. Last year I was having trouble with Divine Queen of Darkness because having to face Venus, Ceres, Minerva, Neptune, Hades, and Hera back to back was too much for me.


    1. Congrats on your clear! And well done using unique inherits to counter all the mechanics you faced =D

      Krishna is very much a patience leader and you will eventually have 60k+ HP in solo (maybe sooner if you get the +15% badge)


  3. Nice clears!

    I have the easiest one (ZeusDra) and surprisingly I only needed 4 attempts. Unfortunately, my MP dragon is NepDra, but I was unable to get Noah Dragon in the first rotation. My team was quite a straight forward Krishna team.

    Krishna (Balboa): Mainly for farming PeDras, but useful against Extreme king metal dragon
    Awoken Cao Cao
    RGY: Binds and poison clearer
    Kirshna (Ronia): First attack on Zeus Dra


    1. Congrats on your clear and in regards to acquiring Noah Dragon, he is obtainable in A3 and is probably the easiest spawn. Granted the chances of it dropping are 1/5*1/3, but it is still a chance! (1/5 for spawns and 1/3 for drop)


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