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10-Stone GFE Machine: Thoughts and Stats


As part of the 4 year Puzzle and Dragons Anniversary event, GungHo is giving their North American and European servers the magical 10-stone Godfest Exclusive Rare Egg Machine. This machine was released to great fanfare in Japan some time ago as it guarantees a GFE on every single roll for double the magic stones. This means you will be acquiring 15,000 Monster Points from the troll Light Metatrons Metatron instead of 3,000 from sad Silvers. Naturally, this presents the question: to roll or not to roll?

Video commentary

A sample video of an IAP-Friendly JP player:

Rare Egg Machine background

The Rare Egg Machine (REM) is one of the more frustrating and exhilarating aspects of Puzzle and Dragons as it is essentially a form of gambling. To use the REM, you have to pay 5 Magic Stones and then you will be allowed to shake the golden dragon’s hand. After doing a little foreplay of either tummy rubbing or head patting, you will be awarded a special monster that can range in value/rarity from pointless to awe-inspiring. Sadly, what you get is completely random with the stronger rolls being far more elusive than the mundane.

How the 10-stone GFE REM varies

By comparison, the 10-stone GFE REM has double the price tag, but will never produce a silver or pantheon gold egg and will instead only awarded with a Godfest Exclusive monster. Godfest Exclusive monsters are only available during Godfests and are harder to acquire than the regular REM cards. Continue reading 10-Stone GFE Machine: Thoughts and Stats