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11 Million Downloads Celebration Godfest Review and Analysis

Godfest basics

When making the decision to roll or save your magic stones, you need to determine if the featured pantheons can benefit or compliment your teams. Chasing for one specific monster is unwise as you will most likely be disappointed and should ideally have Godfests that overlap with many target cards. Remember all monsters that come out of the REM will qualify for Skill Inheritance so do not be too hasty when selling dupes. For a more detailed team building help, please refer to my full list Popular Leader’s and their Full Sub List Post. Lastly, to find more information about a specific pantheon or monster, refer to my Master List to better refine your search. If you are considering to purchase a Four Gentlemen card, please read my Review and Comparison HERE.


To mark the 11 million downloads in North America, GungHo is throwing a modestly more special Godfest to mark this occasion. We have been experiencing 4x GFE for quite some time now and with only a smattering of 5x to try and entice us. However, these increased rates do not appear to be any more special than Godfests of old due to the significantly larger REM pool. It is my understanding (I could be wrong) that with each new pantheon (or GFE) added, the rates to roll a particular card go down. Thus, the increased rates are merely there to keep abreast with this “inflation.”

Regardless, this Godfest features a reasonable line up along with +33 to each roll (+11 to each stat).

2916 Gala of Flame Silk

Day 1
Heroes Egyptian 2
Bankai Yamato Bankai Andro Bankai Perseus Wukong bankai Awoken Pandora Set Nut Osiris Hathor Nephthys
 Kali Dark Kali Red Sonia Blue Sonia Green Sonia Eschamali Scheat Australis
 Ult Tsubaki Ult Sumire Ult Kaede Fenrir Viz Fenrir Kanna 3268 Baby Satsuki
 Gremory Ronove 2991 2993 2997 Sherias Roots Sherias Balboa

Day 2
Norse Sengoku
Freyr I&I Awoken Freyja Thor Awoken Loki 3101 3103 3105 3107 d-d-akechi
Urd Skuld ult evo Verd Metatron dtron Ryune Saria Sylvie
Ult Zuoh Ilm Sherias Roots Sherias Baldin Balboa Ronove 2991
2993 2997 Gremory Gadius Typhon rodin Blodin Green Odin

Video commentary

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Day 1

Day 1 features both the powerful Heroes pantheon and poorly aging Egyptian 2. Continue reading 11 Million Downloads Celebration Godfest Review and Analysis

+80 Box Space, I mean Version 9.4.2 Update Review


Upon waking up today, thousands of Puzzle and Dragoners were greeted with an additional 80 box space and team cost that came with the 9.4.2 update. In this article, I wish to highlight all the noteworthy changes along with how I feel they will impact our PAD life.

You should always refer to the official patch notes as I may gloss over certain updates etc. This can be found HERE.

Video Commentary

New evolutions

9.4.2 comes with new split evolutions for Spica, Mitsunari, and Akechi that better defines them as either leaders or subs.


3058 3057

Unless you love the art work or in desperate need for the sub colour, the Wood/Water Spica 3058 is the strongest option as she comes with a wonderful God Killer God Killer and dual Skill Boost Skill Boost awakenings. Spica may have new found usage (despite the Heart Cross meta) as a sub for Machine Athena 3074 due to her Machine typing. She is also phenomenally pretty.


3105 mitsuaria-evo

Mitsunari is an often forgotten card as he struggled to find a team to call home. Even his leader form of Wood/Dark is lackluster due to the active skill clause. Thus, we lose the mask and bring 4 wood row Wood Row awakenings with an active that converts the whole board to wood, dark, and heart orbs along with 2 turns of haste on a 13 turn cooldown. This can be useful as either an inherit for mono wood or dark teams or as a stellar sub on wood teams that are row based.

One interesting option for using Mitsunari is on Awoken Liu Bei A Liu Bei teams if you are struggling to farm up numerous Dios Ult Zeus Dios as a Mitsunari + Liu Bei active results in a full board of wood orbs. However, this does take more time due to pressing an additional button and going through the haste animation. Conversely, you can also use Mitsunari as a means to help overcome combo shields with his tri-colour board active.


d-d-akechi 3110

Akechi is regarded as one of the strongest dark cards in the game due to his overwhelming active that forms dark and heart orbs along with enhancing all dark orbs. This combines two mechanics into one and allowed for spectacular burst damage when used in conjunction with Haku Haku. In addition, it also means you can save a sub slot as you combine an enhance and orb change. Unfortunately, Akechi’s own base stats and awakenings were lackluster until his new ultimate evolution!

Most players will have already evolved him into his D/D d-d-akechi as he now brings a spectacular 4 dark row Dark row awakenings and 750 base stats. Amusingly, the other Akechi evolution allows him to achieve 64x ATK with a 5o1e and dark+light match. However, this is impractical as your choices of board refreshes are limited and you are almost always better of going with the D/D evolution. Continue reading +80 Box Space, I mean Version 9.4.2 Update Review

March 31st & April 1st Godfest Breakdown and Analysis

If we continue to receive very early warnings about upcoming godfests from PuzzledragonX, it may be feasible to do my own breakdown of the featured pantheons. I guess that if I start doing these regularly, I would already have the templates already made. Regardless, I am going to try something new with these posts and let me know what you think in the comments below.

For a more detailed team building help, refer to my full list HERE.

Fire Gala of Flame Fire
Day 1
Chinese Celestial Sengoku
Awoken Leilan Awoken Karin MeiMei Sakuya Haku Sanada Mori Motanari Ishida Keiji Akechi
Day 2
Mechanical 1 Mechanical 2
 Antares Alrescha Spica Pollux Castor Denebola Acubens Algedi Alcyone Hamal

Day 1:

Day 1 features some of the most coveted monsters in Puzzle and Dragons. The Chinese Celestial have always been a powerhouse pantheon and has undergone numerous buffs and evolutions to stay relevant. Perhaps this is because all 5 are pretty girls or because they are one of the oldest sets of gods, but regardless, they are fantastic to own and make some of the best subs for their respective mono-colour teams. On the other hand, the Sengoku series are much newer and do not posses an ultimate evolution. This is beneficial as their significant power will dramatically increase with augmented stats and awakenings.

Chinese Celestial
jjjjjjjjMonsterjjjjjjjjj  Notes
 Awoken Leilan
Awoken Leilan
Enhnaced Fire Orb Enhnaced Fire Orb Skill Lock Resist
Fire Row Skill Boost Fire Row
Skill Boost Time Extend
All  Arrow Fire Green Light + haste
9 turn CD
Leilan has legs to die for along with being a mono red powerhouse with a healthy mixture of offensive and utility based awakenings. She can also be effectively combo-ed with other orb changers to create fire heavy boards. Unfortunately, the 2 top fire teams, Awoken Shiva Shiva and Shiva Dragon Shiva D seldom use  Awoken Leilan due to no two prong attack TPA awakenings or god typing. Hopefully with a release of more Fire Row based teams she will see a resurgence in popularity. Lastly, Awoken Leilan can form a system on Ilm Ilm teams.

As a leader, Awoken Leilan forms a 12.25x ATK team with 51% damage reduction from Fire, Wood, and Light enemies. Has situational uses, but is usually used as a sub.

 Awoken Karin
Awoken Karin
blue + orb Poison resist Skill Lock Resist
Water Row Water Row Skill Boost
Skill Boost Time Extend
All  Arrow Water Green Dark + haste
9 turn CD
I have a borderline irrational love for Karin and probably stems from my favourite colour being blue, dragons, and a pretty girl all rolled into amazing one monster. Fanboying aside, Awoken Karin is most at home on the various mono-blue powerhouse leads such as Blue Sonia Blue Sonia and Awoken I&I I&I / Ryune Ryune . Karin’s active, while powerful, is somewhat overshadowed by other water full board changers as she does not generate hearts and most likely needs to be used in conjunction with another orb changer to ensure sufficient water rows.

As a leader, Awoken Karin forms a 12.25x ATK team with 51% damage reduction from Water, Wood, and Dark enemies. Has situational uses, but she is mostly used as a sub.

 Awoken Meimei
Enhanced Wood Orb Enhanced Wood Orb TPA
Skill Lock Resist TPA Skill Boost
Skill Boost Time Extend
All  Arrow Green Light Dark + haste
9 turn CD
Meimei was once the primary wood board changer and she still reigns strong today. Her awakenings are more powerful than Verdandi Verd and Sylvie Sylvie and only loses ground due to not manufacturing heart orbs. MeiMei can be used to great success on Sylvie Sylvie / Freyja Awoken Freyja , Awoken Bastet Bastet , and Spica Spica teams. Furthermore, multiple MeiMei ‘s can be used to form a “Meimei System” with Zuoh Ult Zuoh as a lead.

As a leader, MeiMei forms a 12.25x ATK team with 51% damage reduction from Wood, Light, and Dark enemies. Has situational uses, but she is mostly used as a sub.

 Awoken Sakuya
Bind Clear awakening Blind Resist Jammer Resist
Skill Lock Resist TPA Time Extend
Bind Immune Bind Immune Skill Boost
20% Gravity + 3 turn bind clear
10 turn CD
Sakuya has gone through a roller coaster ride of ups and downs over the course of her PAD career. She is still currently one of the strongest leaders (and now subs) in her awoken form as she can scale up to 100x damage at 10 combos. The main pitfalls of using Sakuya are a high skill cap, damage inconsistency/orb troll (as it is a scaling and high skill multiplier), and dependency on Light Kalis Kali or other board refreshers. It is still possible to play Sakuya effectively without board changers, but it is becoming harder in today’s meta. Lastly, without any HP/RCV multiplier, it may be challenging to recover after attacks or when stalling. All that negativity aside, Sakuya is still an amazing leader and has been my go to team for over 2 years and have used her to clear numerous Challenge 10s.

Sakuya ‘s uses as a sub are now wide and varied as she combines both a gravity and 3-turn bind clear while being bind immune. Furthermore, Sakuya essentially outclasses Light Metatron Metatron in nearly every aspect as a sub.

   Awoken Haku
Dark Orb Enhance Dark Orb Enhance blue + orb
TPA Skill Lock Resist TPA
Skill Boost Time Extend
All  Arrow Fire Water Dark + haste
9 turn CD
Awoken Haku was once a critical dark sub to own due to her utility and active. Thankfully, other options have opened up, but should not diminish her value. Furthermore, her exceptionally high base recovery dramatically increases your healing potential on many dark teams. Even without any Dark row awakenings, Haku can still warrant a slot on your Awoken Archdemon Lucifer team due to her utility and explosive combo potential with Akechi Akechi . Haku can also find a home on Yomi Dragon Yomi Dragon , Awoken Yomi Awoken Yomi , and Awoken Anubis Awoken Anubis teams. Lastly, her D/D evolution DD Haku has the devil typing and can be successfully used on Awoken Pandora Awoken Pandora teams.

As a leader, Haku forms a 12.25x ATK team with 51% damage reduction from Fire, Water, and Dark enemies. Has situational uses, but is usually used as a sub.

Continue reading March 31st & April 1st Godfest Breakdown and Analysis