37 Rolls Heroine REM Video

For those who missed last night’s Twitch Twitch Stream:

Happy Puzzling!

11 thoughts on “37 Rolls Heroine REM Video”

  1. Too many Mel’s for Fantastic. Only account without a six star. No sign of Ilmina. Now we can only wait for the buffs.

    Main: Momiji, Romia, Elgenubi, Sheena

    Alt: Navi, Navi, Sheena, Barbara


      1. My luck tends to be on the wrong end of the normal distribution curve (estimated 20-25% 6-star) and I go 1/14 on my two accounts. Everyone else made out better by comparison =(


  2. I question the 25% 6* rates. Between 3 friends and I, we were closer to 15% with about 60 rolls between us. Though I suppose that’s still a relatively small sample size.


  3. Roll results::

    Momoji, Sheena, Meri, Elg, Barbara, Romia, Meri, Momoji

    Oddly, wanted Mel for lame Red blue coverage for Ronove team.
    Wanted Kuvia too. *Was aiming very low.


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