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Male & Female Hunter Review


The Monster Hunter Collab is in full swing and one of the more exciting features is the inclusion of the Male and Female Hunters. These cards are able to be evolved into a total of 12 distinct evolutions while also having the option of exchanging either 3 Evolved Male/Female Hunters for a special new Hunter.

This article will provide a brief summary of what each Hunter does and where how they can be used along with advice on whether the 3:1 Hunters are worthwhile.

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Acquiring Hunters

During the current Monster Hunter event, players will receive one base Male Hunter in the mail and an earn an additional Male and one Female from clearing the Monster Hunter dungeons. As such, some players will be in possession of several Hunters. In addition to these free Hunters, each base form can be purchased for 200,000 Monster Points. Continue reading Male & Female Hunter Review


Monster Hunter Collab – Which Hunters to Make – January 2018


The Monster Hunter Collab is in full swing and many players have been happily farming the materials to evolve their new Male and Female Hunters.

Each Hunter has 5 distinct evolutions that attempt to provide diversity for your Monster Box. However, there are a few options that are far superior and should be pursued the vast majority of the time.

This article will outline the strengths, weaknesses, and applications for each Hunter to help you make a more informed decision.

This article will sometimes refer to each Hunter by their primary colour. For example, the Male Hunter with the Blue primary attribute () will often be called Blue (Male) Hunter.

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Where to get Hunters

If you were fortunate enough to have been playing when the first inception of the Monster Hunter Collab came around, you would have already acquired one of each Hunter for free. Thankfully, new players are able to acquire their Hunters in the same fashion and older players will be able to acquire another one for free as well.

One Male Hunter will be given out to all players if they log in at any time during the event. On the other hand, one Female Hunter will be rewarded for clearing the 4-or-less challenge (you can still receive another one if you played during the first event). Thus, new players will have 1 of each and older players will have 2 of each Hunter.

Additional Hunters may also be purchased for 200,000 MP each but that may or may not be the best use of your Monster Points.

Evolutions are reversible

All Hunter Evolutions are reversible and it may be advantageous to acquire the materials for a variety of colours and switch over if your current choice feels lackluster. Continue reading Monster Hunter Collab – Which Hunters to Make – January 2018

Male and Female Hunter Review – Monster Hunter Collab


The Monster Hunter Collab is in full swing along with a flurry of questions as to which Male and Female Hunter you should pursue. While there will often be a best option from a general point of view, you have to take your own Monster Box into consideration as each scenario is unique. As such, you should take my recomendations with a grain of salt and pursue the path that helps you the most.

All players above rank 50 will receive a free Male Hunter and by completing the special dungeon with the smaller team size, you will also gain a free Female Hunter.

If you wish to read the full REM review, please check out my previous posting HERE.

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How to acquire Female Hunter

Breezing through 3-Player mode

Hunters at a glance

There are plenty of valuable resources floating around the interwebs with the Reddit community leading the charge for countless Puzzle and Dragons content. This helpful chart will essentially give you a TLDR version that was created by tb_ax:

Generally speaking, this flowchart will apply to the majority of players; however, I do want you to still exercise your own creative judgement based on your personal scenario (I personally disagree with the Female Hunter flow). Additional Male and Female Hunters can be purchased for 200,000 Monster Points.

Male Hunter
Hunter Priority
Female Hunter
Hunter Priority
1 / 2
1 / 2 /3
2 / 3

Despite the fact that all the Hunters have low weighted stats, they are actually quite well rounded due to the fact that Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus will provide you with 50% more HP/ATK/RCV. Furthermore, some of the Hunters require coop mode to optimally function through their leader skill.

Finally, all Hunters can be used as assistants via Skill Inheritance. Continue reading Male and Female Hunter Review – Monster Hunter Collab