Monster Hunter Collab – Which Hunters to Make – January 2018


The Monster Hunter Collab is in full swing and many players have been happily farming the materials to evolve their new Male and Female Hunters.

Each Hunter has 5 distinct evolutions that attempt to provide diversity for your Monster Box. However, there are a few options that are far superior and should be pursued the vast majority of the time.

This article will outline the strengths, weaknesses, and applications for each Hunter to help you make a more informed decision.

This article will sometimes refer to each Hunter by their primary colour. For example, the Male Hunter with the Blue primary attribute () will often be called Blue (Male) Hunter.

Video commentary

–video coming soon–

Where to get Hunters

If you were fortunate enough to have been playing when the first inception of the Monster Hunter Collab came around, you would have already acquired one of each Hunter for free. Thankfully, new players are able to acquire their Hunters in the same fashion and older players will be able to acquire another one for free as well.

One Male Hunter will be given out to all players if they log in at any time during the event. On the other hand, one Female Hunter will be rewarded for clearing the 4-or-less challenge (you can still receive another one if you played during the first event). Thus, new players will have 1 of each and older players will have 2 of each Hunter.

Additional Hunters may also be purchased for 200,000 MP each but that may or may not be the best use of your Monster Points.

Evolutions are reversible

All Hunter Evolutions are reversible and it may be advantageous to acquire the materials for a variety of colours and switch over if your current choice feels lackluster.

This is mostly applicable to newer players finding more value in certain evolutions, but outgrowing them as they progress over time.


All of the Hunters can be used as an assist through Skill Inheritance. This means you are able to utilize their active skill across a wide variety of teams since you can inherit them around. This is important if you are lacking a particular active skill that you need to progress through challenging content.

 Male Hunter 

The Male Hunter has the most straight-forward path to pursue: you should be making a Blue Hunter  99/100 times despite knowing nothing about your Monster Box.

It does not matter if you never play coop or combo leaders because you will one day and when you do, you will have one of the strongest leaders available. Blue Hunter provides amazing durability, damage, and team building options that is hard to replicate with other leaders.

As a result, you will be able to field a competent team comprising of cards to counter the dungeon mechanics as he has no colour or typing restrictions.

Once Blue Hunter has been made and you have either MP or another to spare, you can begin exploring other options.

 Rathalos/Red Male Hunter

Rathalos Hunter possesses an interesting active skill as you are able to reduce damage by 35% along with changing the second from the bottom row into fire orbs.

This orb generating active skill can be powerful if you use a fire farming leader who can trigger respectable damage via 6 connected orbs but can also help other colours achieve a higher combo count and damage.

If you were to use a Zeus Dios Ult Zeus Dios to spawn a full board of wood orbs, you could use a Rathalos Hunter active afterwards. This will yield a board with 4 combos, but you are easily able to manipulate the orbs into position to grant 2 row matches. This can actually act as a damage boost if you have enough row awakenings.

Red is a somewhat contested colour for Dragon Killers Dragon Killer due to Tsubaki 3260, but with the REM Renewal, Tsubaki’s availability may be lower. As such, you can utilize latent Dragon Killers on Rathalos to pseudo make a Tsubaki.

 Demon X Gear/Green Male Hunter

The Green Male Hunter failed to make a lasting impression during the first debut of Monster Hunter and is still awkward today. Their active skill acts like a Gemstone Princess as the damage boost increases with each Dragon Killer awakening on the team (+0.5x per awakening).

This is quite a large restriction overall and despite the fact that we have a greater access to Dragon Killer awakenings, you will need to build a fairly specific team to achieve higher damage. With a total of 4 Dragon Killers on the team, you will be achieving 3x damage which is only slightly better than an average burst. Thus, you will need to be hitting 6+ to truly make it worthwhile but even with cards like Kiri  available, it is going to be challenging.

 Male Hunter, Brachy X Gear (New)

Brachy X Gear has some cool artwork but unfortunately has a lackluster kit. Despite the fact that he possess triple TPA TPA and Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus, it will probably not be utilized well. This is because the current meta heavily favours 7 Combo 45 awakenings. Furthermore, combo play styles often does not wish to incorporate TPAs as it can break up matching patterns along with potentially losing a combo. Furthermore, all members benefit from an extra combo while only those with a TPA can capitalize on the bonus damage.

In addition to this, Brachy X Gear has an unreliable active skill. They are able to deal 20x ATK to a single enemy (reduced by defense) and heals for 50% of the damage dealt. This is tiny and will completely whiff against high defense spawns. There is a 35% damage reduction component but that tends to be too small for most attacks. Finally, there is a potential for 81x damage if running a team of only Monster Hunter cards but it is still lackluster overall.

 Male Hunter, Nergigante α Gear (New)

Nergiagante Hunter offers an interesting active skill as they are able to deal 40x of your entire team’s Wood and Dark ATK to all enemies along with changing the whole board into Fire, Water, Wood, and Dark orbs.. This has the potential to deal a massive amount of damage, but suffers from a few drawbacks.

Firstly, Nergiagante has a lengthy 20 turn cooldown which can make it challenging to charge up along with forcing you to use Dark and Wood cards. Granted there is no HP condition like Grimmjow 3363, the damage can be less consistent as you require all of your cards to contribute. In addition, the board changer component can force you to use a subsequent active to “fix” the newly spawned board.

Overall, it will probably not help you farm more content, but has the potential to be faster than a Grimmjow set up due to no HP-reset required and if you are able to field a full team of Coop Boosting Wood and Dark cards, you can unlock more button damage.

On the other hand, Nergiagante offers an interesting leader skill as they are a no Skyfall leader who wants you to match Dark crosses and leave 8 or less orbs on the board afterwards. This can spike to 1,350.56x ATK but you will have no defensive multipliers and a mostly wasted active since you will not be button farming with that kind of set up.

Female Hunters

The Female Hunter also offers 5 distinct evolutions and while each has their own strengths/niches, some are stronger than others. However, none are as dominating as the Blue Male Hunter.

 Glavenus Hunter

In most scenarios, you would wish to make the Glavenus Hunter as your first choice for the Female branch as it offers both a powerful active and leader skill.

Glavenus Hunter is able to provide 2 turns of delay along with 10% Gravity on a reasonable 11 turn cooldown. Furthermore, this skill can be inherited to provide an interesting layer of added utility.

However, it is her Leader Skill that will help you with efficient farming. Glavneus Hunter is able to provide 2.25x HP / 144x ATK for Dragon and Attacker types when matching 8 connected orbs. Despite having a type restriction, non-Dragon and Attacker types will still enjoy 64x damage.

Depending on your team composition and number of Fire Row Fire Row awakenings, you should be able to produce sufficient damage to sweep most content due to the availability of powerful Fire cards.

Despite the fact that Liu Bei/Pixel Brachy/Zeus Dios teams exist, the Red Female Hunter is able to produce stronger teams for specific dungeons.

 Kirin X Gear

Kirin or the Yellow Female Hunter is like your Grandmother’s heirloom tea set: pretty to look at but has no real purpose as it would never be used under normal circumstances.

The +1 Combo count for 3 turns is an interesting mechanic but is generally lackluster. Furthermore, you tend to only want a boost in combos for a particular floor and would be better off with an active that provides +2.

As a leader, Kirin has a reasonable multiplier on paper, but the subs being restricted to Monster Hunter cards is limiting along with being outclassed by top tier options.

 Narga X Gear

The Purple Female Hunter has two main purposes: an inheritable Laser/True Damage and a gentle introduction to 5 orbs 1 enhance (5o1e) teams. Having True Damage is less valuable now compared to the first inception of Monster Hunter along with her Leader Skill not keeping abreast with current trends. However, she can still work wonders for a newer account/less developed box.

Narga X Gear has no typing restriction for team building and is able to produce 2.25x HP / 81x ATK / 2.25x RCV in coop when matching 5o1e. This is more than enough damage for early game content and even Arena 1. Thus, it can open many doors for many players and is worth pursuing if she can greatly accelerate your progression.

Compared to Glavenus Hunter, a newer player will find more value in Narga X Gear as your goal is not to speed farming everything as you are still trying to clear older content.

With that being said, you also need to try to guesstimate your own personal progression and whether or not Narga X Gear is too short term of an investment. Remember, Monster Hunter may not return for a prolonged time. Thus, if you foresee yourself progressing swiftly, you may be best with farming the parts for both Narga and Glavenus Hunter and switching over when the time is right.

 Legiana α Gear (New)

Legiana is one of the two new Female Hunters and possesses an interesting active skill. She is able to reduce incoming damage by 75% along with dealing 100,000 True Damage to a single enemy three times. This amounts to a total of 300,000 damage (not reduced by defense) and is more able to slide under absorption shields.

For example, Sopdet will absorb any hit of 200,000 or more and by having Legiana’s damage split into three parts ensures you still deal the damage. However, this amount is far from enough to kill Sopdet and something like Fujin 3414 tends to be easier. Regardless, it is still a True Damage button that combines the benefit of a shield on a 12 turn cooldown.

As a leader, they combine a heart cross and wood or water 6+ match to deal 81x ATK which is far from amazing in this day and age. Furthermore, you have to match both the heart cross and 6+ connected orbs to trigger the full multiplier. This lowers her overall consistency along with having their damage mitigation component subject to having 5 hearts on the board and RCV for 6+ water/wood orbs.

 Barioth X Gear (New)

Barioth is an interesting Hunter as she has favourable damage awakenings along with a situational active skill and a respectable leader skill.

Barioth is able to recover 30% of your maximum HP along with 1 turn of delay. This naturally has wonderful applications on HP-sensitive teams as you can both heal and gain an extra turn to tidy up your board. However, the main appeal is her Leader Skill.

Dual Barioth teams are able to provide 2.25x HP / 144x ATK when matching all elements (5 colours + hearts) when used in multiplayer. Sadly, Blue Hunter eclipses Barioth in terms of consistency, maximum damage, and defensive multipliers.

Being able to provide 2.25x HP is meaningful for surviving large attacks, but one may struggle to heal back up to full health and relying on the active skill is not a feasibly solution. Furthermore, Barioth’s maximum multiplier only triggers when you have all 6 elements on the board (will scale accordingly with each missing element). Comparing this to Blue Hunter, this is less consistent as it is not uncommon for a given board to be missing an element or two.

As a result, Barioth may feel like a lesser Blue Hunter but is still a viable option to make if you have no intentions of fire row farming or using 5o1e teams.

Should I buy more Hunters?

We do not know how long it will take for the Monster Hunter Collab to return to Puzzle and Dragons. Thus, some players may be wanting to “stock up” on the Hunters as they are only available for a limited amount of time.

While their price of 200,000 is lower than other MP options (Princess Soprano is a meme), having more may or may not actually help your box.

You need to ask yourself what you plan on doing with each new Hunter and whether or not that will be advancing your own level of progression. Furthermore, we should be receiving a new set of Hunters the next time the Collab comes back. As a result, will the 200,000 MP you spend now help you more than Odin 3264 or Ragnarok  Dragon?

Some players enjoy having more box diversity or even having an extra set of a key Hunter to enable new latents/inheritance set ups but that borders on luxury.

Taking all of this into consideration, the average player will probably not need an extra Hunter in most scenarios.


The Monster Hunter Collab is an exciting event as it offers powerful cards to pursue; however, it is the return of the Hunters that may have many players most excited about. Gaining access to powerful leaders that can transform your end game experience is meaningful along with being able to acquire them for free.

While the decision as to which evolution to pursue is dependant on your own Monster Box, it is almost essential to make at least 1 Male Hunter into Blue form  as he will catapult your end game potential more than anyone else.

Let me know which Hunters you plan to make in the comments below along with your own through process behind it.

Happy Puzzling!

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35 thoughts on “Monster Hunter Collab – Which Hunters to Make – January 2018”

  1. Have blue male hunter and red female hunter from the prior event.

    For the second female, I went with Legiana (B/G). With two blue rows and being unbindable, she can be a coop sub on a Kiri cheese team.

    Still on the fence for 2nd Male. Red is mostly for farming and I have farm teams so not that interesting. I have Carat and dragon eggs of various ccolors for bursts. I like the active skill on Nergigante for a anubis/diablos team since my subs are mostly dark and green.


    1. Yeah the pool of Male Hunters (excluding Blue) feels lackluster overall. What I may end up doing is holding materials for several evos n choosing later if something opens up


  2. I made all the hunters because the power of memes was too strong. Kirin hunter can actually clear a1 pretty handily if you can field a team.


  3. I am eyeing the black male hunter as a sub for my kami team. Pretty nice coop sub. Cool down isn’t good, but you can’t have everything in a free card.

    BTW, already have blue.


  4. I already had a male and female hunter from begore, and went with the standard choices: blue male and red female. I’ll evolve the dark female for my second one, but the choices for my second male hunter seem lacklustre. I guess I might go for the red male, but I already have Laila, who makes a red bottom row on a shorter cooldown.


    1. If no option is screaming out for you to make it, you can either wait or go with the Male Red Hunter and save materials for another evolution should you change your mind in the future


      1. I actually had the materials for the dark female hunter saved from last time! It’s worth doing even if you don’t think you might change your mind, because it just makes things so much faster when the Hunter collab comes around next time. And it’s not like you lose the storage room for ever.


  5. I can’t evolve male hunter to blue hunter, the mizutsune purplefur never drop. I don’t know which dungeon gives it.


  6. I currently use blue hunter team with ideal. I’m fortunate that my bff in the game has her and is consistent on. I’m definitely going to make female hunter to barion evo. Not sure about the 2nd male hunter.


    1. The second Male Hunter is mostly a situational choice as none of the options are particularity amazing. You can always hold onto the mats and decide later and it is reversible


  7. Having the standard Blue Male and Red female like the posters above, I have decided to go with the Legiana female as that AS seems really fun. Do you know if it moves over to another enemy if the original one dies? If so she could smash the 3 pys at the end of A3.
    As far as the male hunter goes… I am leaning towards Nergigante gear as the other 3 remaining seem decently useless.
    Thanks for all your posts!!!


  8. Painfully obvious that you’ve never made crossed for x2048 with the male wood/dark Hunter. I completely disagree with the review on him being useless and have been happy enough with him as a second Hunter choice for a glass cannon mega-damage option. You can pair him 6×7, literally not invoke the friend 6×7 leader skill at all, and still but for x256 or x2048 just off the internet lead for 4 or 5 crosses, and self coop you can easily be pushing tricolor/quadcolor board changes 5-6 floors in a row. If you actually also hit 6×7 leaders activation by skill or skyfall, you deal x10000+.

    Barioth is built for split leading. Like barioth with roots, for 55k hp, X12 * x15 = x400 damage, roots RCV boost to balance out barioths x1.5hp boost. 50-60k team hp with decent recovery, roots active for board fixing, barioths for heal/delay as an actives diversity pair. It’s not worse than BHunter, it’s just tradeoffs. Like processing for x400 off six combos through a board with a banned movement strip or rotating orbs. Whatever.

    Review was fine but echoed conventional lazy wisdom without really getting into where some of the leads shine. Though the red Hunter farming review was insightful/fair.

    Blue/green female Hunter is a blue kushi impersonator role player sub for some teams. I made barioth first, her second, beacuse why make red when BHunter and LHeradra are already free and better, another things faster at straight purist speed farm, and blue kushi impersonator is not a pressing need but fills a unique niche.

    Anyway, be well. Wish you the best.


  9. Let’s say that I’ve made BH and glav armor last time. Let’s also say I’m a f2p who does not really know which female armor I want. (none of this is true I’m absolutely not an indecisive person)
    I have R.Yomi, but I feel like I still want narga hunter. I have an equal interest in the legiana armor as well, mostly both for the interesting lasers. Which should I get?

    Should I be rolling MH too? No 7* bases yet, but Diablos could give me another leader option for my R.Anubis team (and possibly Nergigante as a FUA? idk). Amatsu could also significantly better my Meri team, and Barioth as an assist as well(idk, am really bad at team/theorybuilding).


    1. If you are f2p, your stone availability is lower so rolling in MH is quite expensive and if you are only chasing a small amount of rolls, it may be disappointing.

      As for your Hunter question, what stage of the game are you in?


      1. I can clear A1 normally, but have not touched A2 at all, thought I am quite confident that I could.

        I do not co-op too much, and when I do, it’s only for stamina saving.
        That being said, I think my BH team works well as my “normal” co-op team whenever I co-op. Would this lower the value of Narga?


        1. Blue Hunter outclasses Narga in the vast majority of coop situations. As such, her main appeal may be as an inheritable laser.

          As always, you can save/hoard materials and use them at a later time


  10. I’m starting to get very annoyed at the lack of Blue Hunter Evo materials. All i need is enough for 1 blue hunter for my secondary account, but i am getting everything but that. Dozens of times farming and I still need a purple fur and a mizutsune scale. Every other hunter i could have made twice over. Quite ridiculous.


    1. What i would suggest for you is ask for the trade on your main (because it can request the material since they already made it) and then trade to your alt

      May save some headache


      1. Weird day. I tried the trade and had no luck. Then i did as you mentioned in an earlier response and did the 3P dungeon. I ran it once and that is all it took. The fur dropped.

        Then this morning i happened to check my trade and it went through too! So i had plenty of fur. Feels great to finally have the blue hunter on both my accounts.


  11. I have a full team from the first event and I don’t understand why everyone isn’t running a full team? Two male red hunters gives 100,000 or more health as their HP bonuses stack, and their attack bonuses stack as well. With two red leaders each monster you have does 300,000 or more damage EACH TURN.


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