Male and Female Hunter Review – Monster Hunter Collab


The Monster Hunter Collab is in full swing along with a flurry of questions as to which Male and Female Hunter you should pursue. While there will often be a best option from a general point of view, you have to take your own Monster Box into consideration as each scenario is unique. As such, you should take my recomendations with a grain of salt and pursue the path that helps you the most.

All players above rank 50 will receive a free Male Hunter and by completing the special dungeon with the smaller team size, you will also gain a free Female Hunter.

If you wish to read the full REM review, please check out my previous posting HERE.

Video commentary

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How to acquire Female Hunter

Breezing through 3-Player mode

Hunters at a glance

There are plenty of valuable resources floating around the interwebs with the Reddit community leading the charge for countless Puzzle and Dragons content. This helpful chart will essentially give you a TLDR version that was created by tb_ax:

Generally speaking, this flowchart will apply to the majority of players; however, I do want you to still exercise your own creative judgement based on your personal scenario (I personally disagree with the Female Hunter flow). Additional Male and Female Hunters can be purchased for 200,000 Monster Points.

Male Hunter
Hunter Priority
Female Hunter
Hunter Priority
1 / 2
1 / 2 /3
2 / 3

Despite the fact that all the Hunters have low weighted stats, they are actually quite well rounded due to the fact that Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus will provide you with 50% more HP/ATK/RCV. Furthermore, some of the Hunters require coop mode to optimally function through their leader skill.

Finally, all Hunters can be used as assistants via Skill Inheritance.

Male Hunters   

One Male Hunter can be acquired for free provided you are above rank 50.

Male Hunter, Mizutsune X Gear  – First Priority
  • Dragon Killer Dragon Killer
  • Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus
  • Short & synergistic base cooldown
  • Forms a top-tier end game team
  • 2.25x HP / 182.25 / 2.25x RCV
  • Purely combo based
  • Scaling multiplier
  • Can tank and heal with ease
  • Unlimited sub flexibility
  • Must be used in coop mode
  • Vulnerable to binds
  • Actually have to combo

The Blue Male Hunter is miles ahead of his colour cousins simply because he is able to form one of the strongest teams available in coop mode. Having a 2.25x HP / 182.25 / 2.25x RCV multiplier that is not restricted by colour or typing means you can use your best/favourite subs and it is mostly a matter of prioritizing cards with 7 Combo 45 awakenings and favourable active skills. An average given board will have 7-8 combos which will yield 81-110.25x ATK (which is doubled for all 7 Combo awakening cards).

This will be enough to clear the majority of content and utilizing board changers along with TPA will provide sufficient damage for essentially all currently available dungeons.

However, you actually need to play coop to take advantage of the Blue Male Hunter, but I strongly encourage you to make him from your free rank 50 Male Hunter.

I am still amazed GungHo has given all players a flexible end game for free but it is mostly to encourage coop gameplay.

Rathalos X Gear  – Second priority
  • Dragon Killer Dragon Killer
  • Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus
  • Guaranteed fire row spawn
  • Can use in lieu of Tsubaki 3260 and Laila Laila
  • Low uses as a leader
  • Mostly resigned to a fire farming sub

The Fire Male Hunter’s main appeal is his ability to replicate the role of Tsubaki 3260 and Laila Laila as a Dragon Killer Dragon Killer fire farming sub. Fire teams have risen in popularity as a fast farming option due to the ease in activation of Cao Cao A Cao Cao and Yamamoto 3357 and overwhelming presence of Dragon encounters.

However, since this is already somewhat covered by two REM cards, the actual need to make the Fire Male Hunter is somewhat diminished and has even less merit if you do not frequently farm with fire teams. Perhaps one could argue that you could use the Female Fire Hunter  but you still need the cards to back it up and you may already have a feasible Liu Bei A Liu Bei team in place.

As such, the Fire Hunter should only be made if you have already made the Blue one or if you never ever play coop.

Male Hunter, Demon X Gear  – Third Priority
  • Dragon Killer Dragon Killer
  • Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus
  • Gemstone-style active skill
  • Active scales off a rare awakening
  • Challenging to gain a large multiplier
  • Low value in most scenarios
  • Challenging to use as a sub

The Green Male Hunter is the least important Hunter to make from a general point of view. This is because their active skill requires your team to have numerous Dragon Killer Dragon Killer cards on your team to be successful. They provide 1 * (0.5 for every Dragon Killer) which requires you to have at least 4 awakenings present to have a small 3x ATK boost. Thus, it will be challenging to use on traditional teams as this does not scale off latent awakenings.

I would only make the Green Hunter if you have excessive Monster Points present or lack a burst for your Dragon Killer-heavy farming team.

Female Hunters  

All players can acquire a Female Hunter for free via the special dungeon that requires teams of 4 or less (see above).

Female Hunter, Glavenus X Gear  – First/Second Priority
  • Dragon Killer Dragon Killer
  • Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus
  • 2,050 base ATK
  • 2 turn delay + gravity active
  • Free inheritable active
  • Powerful fire farming leader (144x ATK)
  • Synergizes well with fire rows as a leader or sub
  • 2 Skill Boosts Skill Boost
  • Restricted to Dragon and Attackers
  • Vulnerable to binds
  • Orb Hungry
  • Used as a farming, not traditional leader
  • Used almost only in coop

The Fire Female Hunter is one of the strongest options to pursue as she combines numerous desirable aspects that can be applied as a leader or sub.

As a leader, she is able to form a powerful 2.25x HP / 144x ATK team that only needs to connect 8 fire orbs. This can be formed into a row pattern for massive burst damage and will help trivialize many farmable content. Furthermore, being Fire means she can capitalize on Tsubaki 3260 subs for even more Dragon Killer awakenings. In addition, the two Skill Boost Skill Boost awakenings help ensure  you have important inherits/base actives ready in time. In addition, the 2,050 base ATK combined with Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus enables her to act as a powerful base for inheriting a damaging active skill to button through certain content.

However, the fun does not stop there as Glavenus X Gear is able to function as a powerful sub or inherit. Delays are sometimes hard to come by and because she can be inherited, you are able to have one on all of your teams. This alone should be reason enough to pursue her, but the additional 10% gravity is just icing on the cake. While 10% may seem insignificant, it may be just enough to push a boss below a specific HP threshold. For example, if you use Zeus & Hera Zera in conjunction with the Fire Female Hunter, you will have pushed a boss to 49% HP and thus bypassing a 50% resolve.

As such, the Fire Female Hunter should be your first priority in the majority of cases and her main drawback is the need to use her in coop mode.

Female Hunter, Kirin X Gear  – Second/Third Priority
  • Dragon Killer Dragon Killer (rare for Light)
  • Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus
  • Dual TPA TPA
  • Beneficial active for combo teams
  • Physically attractive edging on Waifu
  • Leader Skill is not practical
    for the average player
  • Mostly a coop sub

The Female Light Hunter is an interesting cards and has the potential to be your hardest hitting monster due to the Coop Boost and two TPA awakenings. Furthermore, the Dragon Killer is a rare trait for Light teams but that has lower applications for the most part as Light farming teams are not currently popular.

Looking at her active skill, it is quite interesting and a way to help guarantee sufficient damage for combo-based teams. An everage 6×5 board will have 7-8 combos available and Anubis 3385 requires at least 8 to activate relevant damage. As such, Kirin X Gear can be used as an interesting inherit to help ensure sufficient damage for 3 turns. However, this is probably more of a luxury and not really required but interesting to think about.

Looking at her leader skill, it sounds fantastic on paper, but not really feasible to execute as you must bring light Monster Hunter cards which mostly means dupes of herself. Once again, cool in theory, but not practical in practice.

Female Hunter, Narga X Gear  – First/Second/Third Priority
  • Dragon Killer Dragon Killer
  • Coop Boost Multiplayer Bonus
  • Second best traditional leader of the Hunters
    • Easier to use than the Blue Male Hunter
  • True Damage active that generates dark orbs
  • 2.25x HP / 81x ATK / 2.25x 5o1e leader skill
  • Best art of the 6
  • Bindable
  • 81x may or may not be enough damage
  • Replaceable by Yomi Dragon 3266

The Dark Female Hunter is in my opinion a powerful card to make and may often be the best choice for your Monster Box. This is because she is able to form the second strongest leader of all the Hunter cards, but is significantly easier to use compared to the Male Blue Hunter as you do not need to hit 7+ combos every turn.

Narga X Gear forms a 2.25x HP / 81x ATK / 2.25x RCV team when playing in coop and matching 5o1e. This is the same offensive multiplier as Yomi Dragon 3266 but will have higher passive damage due to more orb enhances Dark Orb Enhance along with significantly more HP. However, her main drawback is her vulnerability to binds along with being somewhat replaceable by Yomi Dragon.

Now, I am well aware that she will not be able to form an end game team, but she will be able to clear content like Arena 3 and may be the best leader available for many players. She has a very gentle activation requirement along with flexible team building options. As such, she could be your first priority if you are lacking a strong team. You have to remember that your first Female Hunter is free and if it will help you push into new content, it is worth pursuing.

The Fire Female Hunter is generally more powerful for a well developed box, but will have lower value for someone that is newer. In addition, Monster Hunter should return in the future and you will be able to purchase another Female to round out your roster when your box is more established.

Outside of all of that, the Dark Female Hunter possesses a powerful active skill that can instantly kill high Defense-low HP spawns (PreDRAs and Zeal) along with generating 5 dark orbs that can be inherited.


The Hunter cards are all powerful in their own unique way and it is up to you to decide what is best for your box. Just because option A is the most popular does not mean it will help you advance and progress the most as option B. Furthermore, additional Hunters can be purchased for 200,000 Monster Points if you are having trouble deciding.

Let me know who you plan to pursue and the reasoning behind your decisions.

Happy Puzzling!

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39 thoughts on “Male and Female Hunter Review – Monster Hunter Collab”

  1. For the male, i think I am probably going to do the Blue hunter as I am most enjoying comboing using Anubis or Kush. So it should be an easy transition. It will also mean getting into co-op more but maybe I can find the time.

    I will say that the green hunter is interesting when with a Diablos lead and some Romias (or Zuohs if you don’t have Romias).

    For the female, I will likely do the fire.


  2. I’m thinking of getting a second male hunter to make Male Hunter, Demon X Gear for my Julie team. Im not sure if he sees Dragon killer Latents or just awoken skills, but on a team of julie, ragdra, ragdra, ragdra, Holy Ceres Armor, Ana, julie its a big boost to inherit on a pretty low cooldown compared to the x5 eggs.


    1. It is only awakenings (not latents) so there will be some limitations.

      As for your scenario, that seems to be one of the best fits for him and hopefully you find merit there =)


  3. Torn between red and dark female hunter, but definitely going for blue male hunter for coop. Not sure if I have a developed red box, but I already have a Dark Athena that I mainly use (just missing 1 more Haku with Grida/revo Yomi taking her place). I was considering buying a second female hunter to get both or to only make the red and buy YomiDra.


  4. I have to say, lately I had abandon regular Pad playing and basically just running Dathena, to get rewards..and as such the game became a bit boring as I got used to farm whatever content except by just doing 4-5 combos…I have a really good anubis team with the double dioachans, and another real good kush team..which I know are great but comboing for 8+ is a rather tedious process once you lose the practice…Im a BIG MH fan, rolled almost all monsters except Diablos…Saw ur article..Farmed the Blue Hunter (tedious process as hell, but again used to grinding already), and after playing with him I have to say he is preety dam great!!!, didnt expect a gift/easy farmable monstercard to be so much fun, best part is that he is perfect to transition from a low combo lead to my highest skilled ones, without feeling tedious at all!

    TLTR; Guys taking away our usual ”new thing is better” hype, the blue hunter is a great unit, and a good one to play coop and transition to more skill base teams.

    Thanks for the article Mantastic, who knows if I had farmed this guy without looking at ur article.


    1. The thing about the blue hunter is that he is not only free, but far more accessible than Myr (previous best farmable card)

      He has no real sub pool restrictions along with a much much easier evolution tree

      However, I feel it was also a subtle ploy by GH to keep ppl playing in coop which would hopefully encourage ppl to play longer

      Regardless, glad I could be of help and happy to hear you are enjoying yourself!


  5. I’m using my free male hunter for Demon X gear. Although you put it in 3rd priority, I never play co-op so I think that the Blue Hunter would not see much usage from me. I don’t have any viable Fire Farming Teams, and besides, don’t feel like farming for hours. All in all I think Green male Hunter is best for me, because of something you didn’t mention. Green Julie Teams. My team was Julie/RagDrag/RagDrag/MAth/OdinDra/Julie, but replacing MAth with Demon X gear gives me 5 dragon killers and 4 God killers, as well as a viable spike (Don’t have sheen unfortunately). I think it would solve my problem of not having any spikes on my team, and all in all, the hunter that would best improve my game.

    For the female hunter, I’ve decided to go Narga Hunter. The other two didn’t really appeal to me, one, because I dislike farming and two, there’s no way I’m going to be able to get a full team of Monster Hunter cards, so Kirin is kind of meh. I rolled Aizen last Bleach Collab and I was unable to use him simply because I didn’t have any really viable dark subs. Now, with Castor, Nephy, Narga, and Haku, I feel like I can finally begin to use Aizen.

    Again, great review, have a great day!


    1. That’s pretty damn silly, to say you never farm is pretty much a blatant lie. How else will you evo your cards, let alone skill them up? When you muiltple runs of any dungeon for specific material, you’re farming, hate to break it to ya.


    2. As long as you can find merit/value from your choice, that is the best path to pursue. The review is trying to take a general approach/stance that does not apply to everyone.

      While the green male hunter situation is niche, it certainly can work well for you =)


        1. Because the thing with Yomi is she is a huge TE but HP stick but comes with a lackluster active. If both aspects are needed, it can offset the active, but on Blue hunter, you do not need the HP due to the multiplier. Yomi Dragon provides decent bulk but better base active and utility =)


  6. Not sure what’s going on, but yesterday I’d always get 4 drops on Ultra G Rank when I was using Ronove leads. Today, I’m using my Myr and I’m getting many 2, sometimes 3 drops. I didn’t notice increased drop rates yesterday?…


  7. I made a blue male hunter and am also thinking of making a red female hunter. I have a strong red box already having formed Shiva dragon and Krishna teams. Wondering if I should make a light female and inherit her into my blue male hunter. Any thoughts?


    1. The light female hunter active is really not needed and you will usually be better served with a board changer etc

      Red is for specific farming applications (such as SDR)


  8. I still am not sure what to do… my box is filled with great leaders, while my husband’s is filled with great subs/support. We have powerful fire/light teams as well as DA teams, but rounding out our Kush (I use Diablos now) team is awkward and I’ve been working on a good Julie team as I think she’s decent. So I am thinking blue make hunter (since we are always playing together) but I’m torn with the female as we do use fire/light team (but I have a Tsubaki and he has 2 and we have tons of fire and light subs), dark team, and the +1 combo is appealing for Kush/Diablos team.

    Argh decision decisions


    1. For sure go blue male hunter!

      As for female, how competent can the dark team be? The fire one is mostly for niche situations that usually don’t apply to most people


  9. There is a small mistake in this. All players, regardless of rank, gets male hunter. This has been confirmed by me myself.


  10. Is there anyone out there that can help me get female hunter? I am really new to the game (4 days), so i am not strong enough to complete the 4 or less mission, but would really like to get my hands of the female hunter. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you


  11. I am thinking of making a Red Female hunter for my main account since I have decent fire subs but lack a strong leader. But I am not sure if I want the Red Female for my Alt. At 2k+ RCV, I am not sure I can survive to farm. Does Red Female Hunter pair up nicely with Re-Freyr? Any ideas on Red Female leader pair ups?

    I rarely play fire teams and I want to change up my game. On my Alt I am thinking Kirin as I rolled Astalos and I have a strong light cards on both my Main and Alt.

    I think I have thought about these evos more than actually playing this week. 🙂


  12. i made the mistake of making the dark female hunter… and kinda already hypermaxed it hehe. I don’t have enough to buy another. I realized I shouldn’t have done it since i have dmeta and yomidra. Should I devolve and go for the red female?


  13. I was going to wait until the end of the event and then make a final decision on which female as i realized i was indifferent to the fire form. I had no plans to use her and could think of small niche areas for each of them.

    I farmed and farmed…and in spite of having dozens of evo materials and skill ups….i never got the evo mats for anything BUT the fire form. So i made her.

    I also chose the water male…and have used him quite a bit for 3p. I really wish there were more dungeons for 3p as i like the matchmaking in 3p far more then trying to get a partner in 2p.

    I realized i had the mats for the green demon male armour. So for kicks, i bought another male and evoed him. He is quite fun with a Diablos…but I have learned i am rubbish at matching crosses and getting 8 combos. But when my skills for crosses are on and i get to those 8 combos…it is glorious to see that much damage.


    1. Yeah I agree that 3p match making is amazing and idk why we can’t have something like that for 2p.

      As for female evo, all are relatively niche but at least the fire one can have benefits as a inherit

      In regards to male green hunter, 8c and crosses isn’t that easy xd but I’m glad you are enjoying him!


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